1. PACE

    Tillerson in Afganistan; doctors photo

    Tillerson and his team wanted to give the impression that Kabul is "safe" by claiming he met with the president in Kabul; no such luck Rex,,, the meeting was at Bagram Air Force base, and why? Because Kabul is not safe Tillerson in Afghanistan: Photo of meeting apparently doctored - BBC...
  2. PACE

    Women of Afganistan attack the Taliban, Afgan government and Pakistan

    over the beheading of a nine year old girl. Now........., You see a change, the moral compass has shifted, no longer are women "compliant" in the harsher attributes of "junk religion". They rise up. Will they make the change necessary? The men, have failed so far. I would put my...
  3. Lysander Spooner

    the last two days in Afganistan

    * 31 05 10 Three Americans killed as US tank blown up in Wardag * 31 05 10 Mujahideen attack destroy two logistical vehicles in Ghazni * 31 05 10 NATO military base comes under attack in Farah * 31 05 10 Massive blast in Helmand blows apart British tank * 31 05 10 7 soldiers killed in...
  4. W

    Afganistan iPhone photos

    link Pretty cool pics snapped by a photographer carrying his iPhone in his flac jacket
  5. justoneman

    Time to pull out of Afganistan?

    I have been saying for years now that we need to pull out of Afganistan. It has turned into our Vietnam. What say you?
  6. N

    What do you think about America's role in Afganistan?

    I just want to see where everyone stands.
  7. J

    Out of Afganistan now.

    How many years will Obama have us in Afganistan? It is a lost cause. The country is too remote and areas too innaccessable. iit will never be a success like Iraq. Obama OKs about 17,000 more troops for Afghanistan Email this Story Feb 17, 4:52 PM (ET) By ANNE GEARAN p {margin:12px...
  8. J

    Leaving Afganistan

    So tell me. We invaded Afganistan a couple of years before we invaded Iraq. So we have been there a lot longer. We were successful in over throwing the Taliban. We killed or captured the majority of the high ups in the Taliban and AQ. There is a viable government there. Mission...
  9. J

    France leaves Afganistan

    France is removing it's elite special forces entirely from Afganistan. There is your major proponent of the UN! Why? I do not know. Other to say that they talk a big game in France but that is it. Do they want to fight terrorism? Here is their opportunity. Are they bowing down as cowards...
  10. K

    Sad Story from Afganistan 12/8/06

    Afghan jihadists gun down five, including two female teachers. Because female teachers offend Allah. "Militants gundown five including two Afghan female teachers," Afghanistan Taliban militants barged into a house in a troubled eastern Afghan province and shot dead five members of the same...