1. L

    U.S. Handled Puerto Rico Hurricane Aftermath Badly, Says Refugee Group

    December 18, 20176:14 PM ET An international human rights group, Refugees International, has issued a scathing report on the U.S. response in Puerto Rico to Hurricane Maria. The group says "poor coordination and logistics on the ground" by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the...
  2. R

    So in the aftermath, turns out ANTIFA was likely responsible for Heather Heyer death

    Now that the outrage has boiled down, and we've been able to look at the facts - it turns out (unsurprisingly) that the entire incident was likely the fault of an ANTIFA terrorist who hit the car with a baseball bat, spooking the driver and causing him to hit the gas and crash into the...
  3. Saladin3

    Hurricane Aftermath: Can trump act like a President????

    trump is all about his "base" and himself....Now with the disaster in Houston many affected are not part of his "base"...Will he reach out to them?...Will he act like a leader for all the people?...Or will he preen and strut...Blame President Obama and Liberals....Blame the media?...Try to sell...
  4. fenrir

    Clinton's 'deplorables' pull together in Hurricane Harvey aftermath

    Christie Blatchford: Clinton's 'deplorables' pull together in Hurricane Harvey aftermath This from a Canadian publication.
  5. D

    The Note: The aftermath of the failed health care push

    It was a big mistake to not have taken tax reform on BEFORE tackling healthcare. But now that Trump has lost with his healthcare plan he is moving on to tax reform. But he's going to be very unpleasantly surprised that the many lobbyists who want to protect their stuff are going to swarm to...
  6. PACE

    Aftermath of the RNC blood bath, Ayotte versus Hassan

    Again, a sitting senator, against a popular former governor of Maine, Lead should be bigger, it's not expect that Ayotte goes home come November RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - New Hampshire Senate - Ayotte vs. Hassan
  7. PACE

    Aftermath of the RNC blood bath, Rubio versus Murphy

    A sitting senator,,, (ahem) is in a fight for his seat, Rubio who hates the senate is claiming a 40% vote cut (women) in Florida, I would argue his slight advantage over Murphy, (the real challenger) is not going to hold much longer. RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - Florida Senate - Rubio...
  8. C

    cop gets fired for sickening online attack in aftermath of Dalla

    emotions can over spill into outspoke rage We'll see how much her life matters soon': Kansas cop gets fired for sickening and random online attack against black woman's child in aftermath of Dallas shootings Rodney Wilson, a cop from Kansas, has been fired after abusing a woman...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    I ran Iraq in 2003! (Paul Bremer) "WASHINGTON" didn't prepare for the aftermath...

    So we haven't heard his name come up in a while, huh?? This was SUPPOSEDLY the guy who disbanded the Iraqi Army along with other dire and tragic decisions (Bush and Cheney had 'nothing' to do with it, you believe that don't you) making chaos inevitable. Guess he agrees with what the CHILICOT...
  10. TennesseeRain

    Traffic-stop-to-jail aftermath leaves Memphis doctor ‘completely undone’

    “I love America; I love being an American. But what is happening in our country we’ve got to address!” Dr. Marcia Bowden and her husband, Ira Marche, are to be in court on Sept. 16 to answer charges related to a Southaven, Miss. traffic stop that degenerated into an experience – including jail...
  11. Snikitz

    Police reaction to the aftermath of Martin and Brown cases.

    I called to check on on of my half-brother's wife and kids in New Orleans tonight. She said that they had pushed the couch in front of the door because there was a black guy storming up and down the street screaming incoherently waving a shotgun around. She said she had called the police...
  12. wingrider

    clunker program : the aftermath so now that the taxpayer funded clunker program is over dealers are saying it might be as much as 90 days before sales will resume like most government BS this one didn't work either
  13. D

    Norman Finkelstein On Gaza Aftermath

    YouTube - The bloody Israeli sojourn in Gaza FIr4lEIqTkM
  14. M

    Aftermath Of Tragedy: GOA Defending Freedom

    Gun Owners of America 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102 Springfield, VA 22151 (703)321-8585 Tuesday, April 17, 2007 Our hearts and prayers truly go out to all of those affected by Cho Seung-Hui's evil actions. But not even senseless, brutal murder justifies taking away the God-given rights of...