1. the watchman

    Conway: Trump White House requires nondisclosure agreements.

    Kellyanne Conway responded to claims from former White House official Omarosa Manigault Newman that she was offered “hush money” by saying Sunday that everyone in the West Wing has signed nondisclosure agreements, which she described as a completely normal practice. Manigault Newman, who...
  2. Friday13

    Russian embassy says Trump & Putin reached global security agreements

    WTF? How in the hell was Droomp, the giant orange fool, allowed by our government to meet in secret with Putin unrecorded? Did You Know Trump Putin 'Reached Agreements In The Area Of Global Security'? Russian Embassy Does Facebook: Russian Embassy
  3. the watchman

    non disclosure agreements for white house aides?

    Donald John Trump required senior White House staffers to sign nondisclosure agreements that extend past his presidency, according to a reported column in The Washington Post. The Post’s Ruth Marcus reported on Sunday that the staffers were required to sign the agreements during the early...
  4. T

    Ted Cruz and trade agreements. Quick history on trade agreements.

  5. S

    “Fast-track” international agreements.

    “Fast-track” international agreements. The most critical factor of the proposed "fast-track" international trade procedures is original drafts of international agreements or treaties must be must be voted upon with no modifications, additions. USA’s treaties, agreements, laws, regulations or...
  6. 1

    Tenn.'s child 'protection agreements' challenged

    What are your thoughts? As a parent, I'm conflicted about Child Protective Services. Of course I want children protected from abuse and neglect. But there's just something not-quite-right about the way these people operate. How can they take children away from their parents for months or years...
  7. michaelr

    ‘NAFTA on Steroids’: secret agreements to censor the Internet

    ‘NAFTA on Steroids’: secret agreements to censor the Internet Heir Obama is bypassing congress again. You Obamatrons, you know who you are, you hate the fact the repubs want more deregulation. Well you people are in for a shock. The TPP trashes all regulations for foreign and multinational...
  8. R

    Homeland Security suspends immigration agreements with Arizona police

    more arrogance from this administration. the hell with enforcing the law. ------- The Obama administration said Monday it is suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws, and said it has issued a directive telling federal authorities to...
  9. michaelr

    Leaked trade agreements and hidden dangers of S 510: Corporations plan to end normal

    Leaked trade agreements and hidden dangers of S 510: Corporations plan to end normal farming This bill needs to be defeated. It wasn't good for India, Iraq, or the EU, and it damn sure is not good for American farmers, or you.
  10. michaelr

    Obama to submit three trade agreements to Congress

    Obama to submit three trade agreements to Congress Export those jobs Obama, you traitor.
  11. RonPrice

    The Bretton Woods Agreements: July 1944

    STILL IN THE WOMB While watching Stephen Fry in America,1 episode #1, I was reminded of an international agreement that was signed in July 1944, the very month and year I was born. It was known as the Bretton Woods system of monetary management. It established the rules for commercial and...
  12. T

    Agreements with Russia cannot be trusted, period

    Russian convoy heads into Georgia, violating truce - Yahoo! News excerpts: So lets see....a ceasefire gets put in place...and Russia keeps going for Georgia. And we're supposed to expect Russia to hold up its end of the bargain against Iran? How else are we supposed to interpret a...
  13. M

    Congressional-Executive Agreements

    Hi, I'm new here, but I really need some help! My AP Government class is doing a debate, and I just so happened to get stuck with the subject of NAFTA (I have to argue against it). Now don't get me wrong, I've done all my research and even read an entire book on the subject, so don't think I'm...