1. BDBoop

    Alan Alda has Parkinson's

    Listen to the clip, though. The diagnosis was 3.5 years ago - and so far he seems to be handling it well. Still, my heart stopped when I saw the headline.
  2. BDBoop

    Poor Alan Dershowitz. Pooooor Alan Dershowitz.

    Shock of all shocks, he's being shunned! Half the board will believe he deserved to be shunned for voting for Hillary, but I digress. I think it's up to anybody and everybody who they choose to socialize with. He's not guaranteed a seat at the table. Market Watch Trump is a pariah, full...
  3. Djinn

    RIP - Moonwalker Alan Bean

    For what it's worth, twelve men have walked on the moon. With the passing of Alan Bean, only four are surviving today. The ages of those four are 82, 82, 85, and 88, so it's safe bet that within a decade or so, there will be no one alive who has walked on an extraterrestrial body...
  4. Darkman

    Astronaut Alan Bean, member of Apollo 12 moon mission, dead at 86

    Astronaut Alan Bean, member of Apollo 12 moon mission, dead at 86 Astronaut Alan Bean, member of Apollo 12 moon mission, dead at 86 --- RIP
  5. the watchman

    guest Alan Dershowitz turns on Hannity over Cohen live on air.

    Sean Hannity-Michael Cohen saga: Something doesn't add up yeah, it's like he only had one rule to follow on Fox News and he couldn't even do that. The article points it out. It's against Fox News policy for Hannity not to have disclosed his relationship to the network.
  6. Goofball

    Hillary voter Alan Dershowitz: Mueller probe should end.

    Finally, a voice of reason from the left. Dershowitz On Special Counsel: The Investigation Should End « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
  7. Crusher

    Alan Dershowitz Issues Bulletproof Defense of Trump (VIDEO - CNN) In short, a president is allowed to tell Comey to stop the investigation. He can command it as HW Bush did. I think if Trump had better legal representation from Sessions, we would have wasted all this time. There is no "there there" and should...
  8. libertariat720

    Alan Dershowitz Destroys Trump Obstruction Accusation

    Trump could've pardoned Flynn and it wouldn't be obstruction. The Dershmeister lays the hammer down on CNN and his former student Jeffrey Toobin, who is a cheap partisan hack. Dun dun dun!
  9. TNVolunteer73

    Alan Colmes passes away today

    Fox News Channel's Alan Colmes Dies at Age 66 | Fox News Insider
  10. GordonGecko

    Alan Colmes has died

    Most remember him as the original co-host of "Hannity & Colmes"....back when Fox allowed an actual fair and balanced one-on-one debate on Hannity's show. He was a really nice guy....very smart and witty. Which of course is why, about the time Obama first one, Fox had to "move him...
  11. bajisima

    Alan Colmes dead at 66

    Surprising. BREAKING: Alan Colmes Dead at 66 | Mediaite
  12. S

    Federal Reserve and Alan Greenspan

    Sabcat, Alan Greenspan believed and continues to believe in a market driven economy where individuals seek their own their best interests and enterprises’ leading executives’ bests interests are generally similar to that of the enterprises that employ them. Alan Greenspan has written of his...
  13. C

    Alan Dershowitz: If Keith Ellison is Appointed DNC Chair, I Will Resign My Membership

    As the debate continues over the Obama administration’s handling of the U.N. resolution condemning Israeli settlements, there are signs it is causing a divide within the Democratic Party. “Electile Dysfunction” author and Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz weighs in on the political...
  14. bajisima

    Harry Reid to Rep Alan Grayson: I want you to lose

    "Rep. Alan Grayson angrily confronted Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on Wednesday, disrupting a meeting of the Congressional Progressive Caucus in front of dozens of staffers and members of Congress. Grayson (D-Fla.), whose bid for the open Florida Senate seat Reid vehemently opposes...
  15. meridian5455

    Irony alert! Sanders thanks hedge fund manager Alan Grayson for endorsement

    “America needs a revolution. And only Bernie Sanders, as President of the United States, can make one,” Grayson said. “Bernie Sanders is unbought and unbossed. So am I. That is an essential element of the political revolution.” The post also repeatedly asked for donations for both Grayson's and...
  16. BDBoop

    RIP Alan Rickman (Professor Snape)

    Sorrow. Actor Alan Rickman, Snape in Harry Potter films, dies at 69 - [/FONT]
  17. B

    Liberal Alan Colmes: Clinton Needs To Answer Questions About Quid Pro Quo oops. Guess he isn't really a lib now, huh.
  18. BDBoop

    Alan Grayson explains why the TPP is not for us

    Watch This Democrat Make The Case For Why Obama's New Free Trade Deal Would Be Awful For America Please watch the video. I am totally against Obama on TPP.
  19. Ginger

    Alan Grayson calls Tea Party KKK

    Boy, the Left is scared. Look how hard and low-down dirty they hit back. This is just more proof the libertarian/Tea Party/constitutionalist movement is getting stronger by the day. At least the battle is getting down to the nitty gritty. The Rino GOP is dying, the constitutional right is...
  20. T

    Alan Dershowitz rips prosecutor.

    Heard Dershowitz after the acquittal blast the prosecutor. He was blasting her well before the trial end. She should be removed from her position. Check out his views on YouTube. Alan Dershowitz from Harvard on the Zimmerman Trial - YouTube week before verdict...