1. cpicturetaker12

    Hillary in INDIA in MAR, N. Zealand in MAY-a hobbled 'old lady' sure gets around alot

    You know for a hobbled OLD LADY with a brace and a brain disorder, she sure does do a lot of traveling giving speeches and interviews. A speech and 2 interviews in the past 2 days in NEW ZEALAND along with a little shopping. She was in India 6 weeks ago. She was at some event in NYC 2 weeks...
  2. G

    Anybody else noticing alot of people with heafty tax returns?

    In my current job i deal alot with the public. I have noticed that alot of people sporting some hefty tax returns and are out spending it pumping up our economy. Who and what is responsible for this? How much as President Obama played a role in making this happen?
  3. the watchman

    Thanks alot Rachel Maddows.

    We almost pulled it off. But, then Rachel had to go and let the world know. Now everyone that tuned in to get election results concerning Scot Walker last night ,knows that California politics is crazier than Wisconsin. About 4 mins and 30 second in she does Cali in. LOL. Rachel Maddow Show
  4. S

    Iran has alot of nerve

    "Iran said today the Bush administration must "pay the price" for what it called "lies" concerning Tehran's nuclear program. On its Web site, Iran's official Islamic Republic News Agency called an updated U.S. intelligence estimate a positive step, but not sufficient." for christsake... can't...
  5. D

    The War In Iraq Could've Gone Alot Worse You Know...

    A common belief seems to be that "even if invading Iraq was the right think to do, the Bush Admin. has handled the war very badly". That seems to be a common opinion even among conservatives. But is it accurate? Most seem to say that the U.S. used too few troops in occupying Iraq...
  6. P

    PARENTAL ADVISORY: I say fuck alot

    I found this interesting and decided to put it under U.S. politics since it deals with the politics of the u.s. music industry. The above image is just to explain the title of this thread(i thought it was funny). My own thought? -> Why do they bother if its voluntary and have so many...