1. L

    Emotional Support Animals Reined In

    Glad to see this abuse of service animals getting reined in.
  2. Puzzling Evidence

    Extinct Animals That Can Be Brought Back With Science

    These Are the Extinct Animals We Can, and Should, Resurrect. Resurrecting extinct animals is both “exhilarating and terrifying,” says Beth Shapiro, an expert in ancient DNA and a biologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Exhilarating because of the unprecedented opportunities to...
  3. The Man

    LGBTs compared to animals... the Russian senate: Russian Senator Compares Animal Cruelty Law to Gay Rights Notice, the senator asked his colleague not to compare dogs to sexual minorities. Not the other way around. I'd like to think he still meant that human beings should not be equalized to animals simply...
  4. Minotaur

    Merry Christmas To All You Animals!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and this gift should bring you joy! Hope you appreciate my gift to you:
  5. Madeline

    Philly Mayor To Police Union Chief BLM Are Not "Animals" What I wouldn't give if Cleveland's Mayor had ever, once, stood up the hideous Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association President Steve Loomis we are...
  6. DebateDrone

    Animals that KILLED their Son in a 12 hour Beating, in the name of God, get Prison

    Parents Sentenced in Beating Death of Son at Word of Life Church
  7. C

    A great victory for animals

    'A great victory for animals': bestiality may finally be outlawed in Ohio A bill banning sexual abuse of animals passed the state legislature as a result of a campaign by an animal welfare charity is aiming to prohibit bestiality nationwide...
  8. Spookycolt


    I went to an animal shelter today, I have been many times, but today I saw things that absolutely disgusted me. These are just googled pics but you get the point of the harm and suffering some of these animals go through. I left out the more disgusting pics because you can look...
  9. Spookycolt

    Are animals racist?

    I have seen dogs go after only black people, I have been camping with white guys in the woods and they come back covered in ticks and I have none, I have seen doves target whites while they leave the rest of the crowd alone. Is it possible for animals to have racist tendencies?
  10. The Man

    Children turning into fucking animals...

    Russian kids are being raised as savages, no other word for it... Seriously. Video was posted today from a school in the city of Kirov Girl fucking pammeling and stomping another girl, to the point the victim is lying on the ground, I am not sure if...
  11. L

    Humpback whales around the globe are mysteriously rescuing animals from orcas

    Scientists are baffled at this seemingly altruistic behavior, which seems to be a concerted global effort to foil killer whale hunts. BRYAN NELSON July 30, 2016, 11:42 p.m. Humans might not be the only creatures that care about the welfare of other animals. Scientists are beginning to...
  12. meridian5455

    Sound delicious? DNA from humans, rats and other animals found in some veggie burgers

    A new report from Clear Labs — the same food analysts who found that at least 10 percent of vegetarian hot dogs contain meat — suggests some troubling things about the making of veggie burgers. In a sample of 89 veggie burgers collected from a range of brands, Clear Labs identified several...
  13. The Man

    40 dead animals

    29 dogs and 12 cats. That's how many bodies authorities apparently found at an animal shelter outside Moscow. The shelter administration claims the corpses were somehow placed in their building by enemies who want to see them shut down; meanwhile animal rights advocates say the animals were...
  14. Sassy

    'Animals' on HBO

    I didn't think I'd like a cartoon, but episode 3 is titled 'cats' so I had to check it out and it's hilarious! Two rich cats have an adventure letting an ally cat in to use the litter box, lol.
  15. Detective Mike Logan

    are animals today far more intelligent than there were in dinosaur times?

    is the animal population alive today more or less intelligent than equivalent animals alive hundreds of millions of years ago. I am of course including dinosaurs in this and even all the animal species that existed before the dinosaur period?? #FYI i'm basically to referring the everything that...
  16. Use Caution

    Palin teaches Trig, How to abuse animals in home, before trig starts shooting them.

    Gee... An 8 pound baby on top of the dog would be cute. This is not cute.
  17. Use Caution

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Real Animals, Fake Paws Footage of SCOTUS!

    'Hahahahahaha.. Nice review. ***** This is who we need control over, nothing esle truly matter here.
  18. The Man

    When men turn into animals...

    Irina Dovgan, right, a resident of Donetsk oblast She had no troubles with the separatists, but also covertly brought food to Ukrainian troops not far from Yasinovatya, her town. Her mistake: took a photo with the soldiers on her tablet. Forgot the tablet in the car of a friend who had been...
  19. Peaceful Tree

    Poor treatment of Animals

    I am aware of the poor treatment of animals, primarily through documentaries. There are Companies that treat animals in-humanely. Why do they do this? Is it more cost effective? Do animals have rights? I wonder, if animals could speak any of the human languages, what they would say about...
  20. Madeline

    Is Saving A Neighbor's Neglected Dog "Stealing"?

    Avery County woman rescues dog, charged with theft | Charlotte There is no animal control in this county, and the local humane society not only would not act but would have refused the "stolen dog" as they fear receiving stolen property charges. The sheriff is claiming she could have...