1. bajisima

    Democrats answer to Trump in the Midwest, old, white and boring

    It just might work..I like the term "meat and potatoes democrat" lol. Democrats are opting for a conventional cast of technocrats and long-time public officials in the party's first response to Donald Trump’s 2016 victories — a rebuttal of sorts to the party's lunge leftward in the run-up to...
  2. BDBoop

    And how are you today? Answer in musical form

    Different than "What are you listening to," this is like a random thread for what you're dealing with, feeling, etc.
  3. Devil505

    Right Wingers answer to children's obesity in this country

    The real obesity problem in this country is due to to much gravity, not overeating with little exercise. President Trump will be signing an executive order reducing the law of gravity and firing Bob Mueller.
  4. Eve1

    To all Trump supporters supporting release of his memo please answer me a riddle?

    To all Trump supporters supporting release of the Nunes memo please answer me a riddle? Tell me why the new FBI Director Wray is pushing the WH not to release this memo and so is Deputy Director Rosenstein? Neither one of them was in charge at the time the FISA document mentioned in NUNES memo...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    BANNON ATTY. relayed ?'s from the CMTE room to ask TRUMP/ATTY WHAT HE COULD ANSWER!!!

    So who the fuck let that happen? NUNES? The recused congressman? And these real time contacts were made AFTER the committee slapped a subpoena on BANNON! THIS IS TOTAL in your face 'fuck you' to the Congressional INTEL committee. Obstruction? Bannon lawyer relayed questions to Trump White...
  6. Madeline

    U.S. Ambassador To The Netherlands Refuses To Answer Dutch Reporters' Questions

    [/B] HITF did this racist shithead become the US Ambassador to The Netherlands? Trump can only nominate such people; the Senate must conform them. Jesus Fucking Christ. There is so much airborne shit with this administration, it is literally possible to send a Nazi to Holland as the US...
  7. DemoWhip

    Trump's district court nominee withdraws after struggling to answer basic legal quest

    Trump's district court nominee withdraws after struggling to answer basic legal questions - ABC News ​By Jordyn Phelps ==================================================== There was obviously no other option left for him but to withdraw his name after his poor showing at the Senate...
  8. jacobfitcher

    Trump judicial nominee can’t answer basic questions

    It's almost painful to watch. The nominee should step down.
  9. DemoWhip

    So painful: Watch a Trump U.S. District Judge nominee fail to answer a single basic q

    So painful: Watch a Trump U.S. District Judge nominee fail to answer a single basic question of law By Jen Hayden ==================================================== D'Trump really should think things out more carefully before sending someone for confirmation who cannot even answer...
  10. C

    Atheist answer to the 10 Commandments: 10 Rational positions.

    Be open minded and willing to alter your beliefs with new evidence. Strive to understand what is most likely to be true, not believe what you want to be true. The scientific method is the most reliable way of understanding the natural world. Every person has the right to control their own...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    Trump heir exerted atty/client privilege for Tower meet'g when asked he told daddy

    Trump heir exerted atty/client privilege for Tower meet'g when asked if he told daddy Total bullshit unless Trump or Jr. got a law degree this week. He's a dumbass! Anyone think after he shopped for Hillary dirt from Russia and he didn't go up 2 floors to tell daddy what they DIDN'T get? He...
  12. RNG

    A liberal answer to RW talk radio

    I had not heard of this. Apparently it is relatively new, started with the run-up to the last election and is growing rapidly. A left leaning podcast series...
  13. Djinn

    Republican Tax Reform - The Answer to ... What?

    By far, the most massive loss of revenue in the Republican tax plan is the cut to the corporate tax rate. The last time it was cut was under Ronald Reagan, and at the time, capital was scarce, inflation was high, and unemployment had recently spiked at over 10% - and was still at around 8%...
  14. the watchman

    White House Won't Answer If Trump Thinks Russia Is An Ally Or Adversary right. Well, if Trump is having difficult answering that simple question maybe Mueller can answer it for him.
  15. C

    Hypothetical that I guarantee no anti-abortionist will answer honestly.

    Hypothetical: You are are at a fertility clinic - it doesn't matter why - and a fire breaks out. You run for the exit. As you are running down the hall, you hear a child screaming behind a door. As you throw open the door, you see a five-year-old boy crying for help in the corner. In the...
  16. GordonGecko

    You think you know? But it's the question Trump & Co. won't answer today-

    "Does Donald Trump believe climate change is real?" What does Trump believe about climate change? - WTPHRTTAWA
  17. GordonGecko

    Could I just get a straight answer from our local Fundamentalist/Evang Christians?

    According to your understand of the Bible? Do righteous Jews go to Heaven or Hell?
  18. libertariat720

    Why Did Trump Win? New Research by Democrats Offer a Worrisome Answer

    They're all just stupid. They don't know what's good for them. No, that's the Republicans. I don't see this...
  19. cpicturetaker12

    The answer is---YES!!!

    The Republican Party where truth goes to die. As long as they WIN, fuck truth! As a result, we have TRUMP! A President who peddles falsehoods and dabbles in conspiracy confronts the challenge of governing in reality
  20. GordonGecko

    Questions RWers won't give a straight answer to-- #17- "School choice/vouchers"

    ((Before we begin, let me go ahead and say I would LOVE to be proven wrong and we NOT see dodges, deflections, subject change attempts, or talking about me from the Rightwingers....but I seriously doubt it. :) )) Okay, they want "school vouchers". Families would get a "voucher" they...