1. D

    GOP governor cuts health care to take anti-abortion stand

    GOP governor cuts health care to take anti-abortion stand By Jeffrey Collins, Associated Press ########################################### The Republican governor has only one goal in mind and it's obviously not to help his fellow South Carolinians as his fellow Republicans have...
  2. Friday13

    Dems: Anti-abortion group helped draft HHS letter rescinding PP policy

    Is anyone surprised? Dems: Anti-abortion group helped draft HHS letter rescinding Planned Parenthood policy
  3. T

    Trump blasts Roe v. Wade in satellite address to anti-abortion rally

    The president, a man who has lived his life to he highest of moral standards. A man who can lecture others on the morality of abortion from a position of piousness and reason. A man who one can point to to show their children a paragon of virtue, honesty, and most importantly, decency...
  4. Friday13

    Anti-abortion activist head of HHS Family Planning steps down

    WTF was she doing in that position? Oh yeah...tRump appointee... Anti-abortion activist abruptly steps down as head of HHS Family Planning Division
  5. Idiocracat

    Anti-abortion Rep. Tim Murphy asked mistress to terminate pregnancy

    Another day in the life of the GOP. Anti-abortion Rep. Tim Murphy asked mistress to terminate pregnancy
  6. T

    Anti-abortion congressman urged woman get an abortion, text messages suggest

    I am staunchly agaisnt abortion, except when I am fucking someone other than my wife and get her knocked up, then I want her to have an abortion..... Indeed, that seems to be the message form one fellow in Congress who was having an affair, got the lady pregnant, and then wanted her to have na...
  7. D

    Trump names anti-abortion leader to high post at HHS

    Women who voted for Trump or who also supported him by not voting for Hillary Clinton but who nevertheless believe in a woman's right to abortion get down on your knees and give thanks to God! Don't You Just LOVE This!! It is so AWESOME!! ---------------------------------------- Trump...
  8. the watchman

    Bernie Sanders Defends Campaigning For Anti-Abortion Rights Democrat.

    Sen. Bernie Sanders is campaigning for Omaha, Neb., mayoral candidate Heath Mello Thursday night, and he's not apologizing for it. "Absolutely, and I want him to win," Sanders, I-Vt., told NPR Thursday, after a rally in Grand Prairie, Texas. The Thursday event with Mello, a Nebraska state...
  9. RNG

    Anti-abortion activists charged with 15 felonies

    I'm disappointed that the charges didn't include hammering them for having edited the video in a biased manner but it is still a good thing. Anti-abortion activists charged with 15 felonies for secretly shooting videos of Planned Parenthood | National Post
  10. MeBelle

    Planned Parenthood videos: Anti-abortion activists charged with 15 felonies

    Anti-abortion activists charged with 15 felonies for secret tapes Two anti-abortion activists who made undercover videos of themselves trying to buy fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood were charged with 15 felonies, California prosecutors announced Tuesday. State Attorney General Xavier...
  11. TennesseeRain

    These are the 11 Americans who have been murdered by anti-abortion terrorists

    Last Friday, three people were shot and killed at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. While police have not definitively released a motive, the shooter was at least somewhat influenced by recent videos about Planned Parenthood that have been popular in the pro-life movement. His killings...
  12. C

    Oklahoma passes new anti-abortion bill

    According to, Oklahoma just passed the first blanket ban on abortion since Roe v Wade. The bill would "… revoke the license of any doctor who performs an abortion…" The law hinges on it's definition of human life as beginning...
  13. PACE

    real statement on the hypocrisy of anti-abortion advocates

    Ted Cruz handling out bottled water to pregnant teens Doesn't give a shit about the kids already damaged. Why? well, they might vote for one of his "kids" when they grow up,,,, Political science folks, it's junk Cruz Campaign Uses Flint Water Crisis to Bolster Anti-Choice...
  14. G

    U.S. judge grants injunction against anti-abortion activists

    Perhaps this will stop the feeding of lies to Right Wing Gun nuts in enough time to stop the next mass murders? U.S. judge grants injunction against anti-abortion activists SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Friday granted a preliminary injunction stopping the distribution of...
  15. cpicturetaker12

    Anti-Abortion freak shoots up CO Planned Parenthood Clinic, numerous injured

    First the OBVIOUS. Another white 'guy' decides he will act out using VIOLENCE against women and their health care providers. How come someone without a uterus feels compelled to FORCE HIS WILL on women? Just curious! The ends justify the means?? I guess these clowns should kill the women...
  16. meridian5455

    Kelsey Grammer Wears Anti-Abortion T-Shirt That Likens Procedure to Gun Deaths

    A picture’s worth a thousand words. Kelsey Grammer and his wife, Kayte, showed off newly gifted, matching anti-abortion T-shirts via Instagram earlier this week, making it clear where their political beliefs lie. In a photo the couple posted on Wednesday, Oct. 7, the former Frasier star dons a...
  17. DebateDrone

    Anti-Abortion Terrorists are Back — Set Fire to Planned Parenthood Clinic.

    Fire at Planned Parenthood clinic near Los Angeles was arson, officials say Fire at Planned Parenthood clinic near Los Angeles was arson, officials say | US news | The Guardian One act of terror begats another. This is directly on the shoulders of the GOP's collusion with CMP, CMP's faked...
  18. BoiseBo

    Arizona school district puts anti-abortion stickers on science textbooks

    Got questions about abortion or birth control? Just ask your parents! I like this lady already (kinda young looking to be the Mom of a high school kid no? :~) “The public school district has taken an educational text and used it to teach morality,” Young told BuzzFeed. “It assumes that all...
  19. Friday13

    Court Stops Release of Videos by Anti-Abortion Group

    Same group, same sleazy tactics... Judge blocks release of recordings by anti-abortion group
  20. C

    Tell me again how anti-abortion laws won’t be used against women

    it's shameful how America has leaped so far to the extreme right... history repeating it's self.. It isn't justice for Purvi Patel to serve 20 years in prison for an abortion Jessica Valenti Abortion is illegal in the United States. So is having a stillbirth – not officially...