1. Amelia

    My apologies, Mr. Ryan

    I guess $1.50 is worth something after all. Ryan challenger fundraises off deleted tweet on $1.50 pay hike | TheHill
  2. Madeline

    US Police Chiefs Ass'n Apologies, Admits Minorities "systemically Oppressed"

    Read more here: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/police-organization-apologizes-mistreatment-minorities-n667886 Murder has no statute of limitations. Those cops and ex-cops still alive who have committed any unlawful killing while in uniform must be investigated and prosecuted, convicted...
  3. Madeline

    My Apologies

    I'm sorry I have been such a Dramatic Chipmunk of late. I have had bedbugs, and the misery is not to be believed. I had to dispose of all my soft furniture, clothing, linen, etc., get the house exterminated over and over and see the dermatologist. And I am still getting bitten! I have...
  4. Spookycolt

    Skills needed to run as a republican, learn to humbly accept apologies from the left.

    Since you are bound to be attacked by the left for something or other, it is definitely a skill that all people on the right should learn and practice because it will eventually come in handy. As we saw with Palin recently, and now Romney, being gracious in the face of liberal hate is a...
  5. G

    With apologies to Emily Litella... What’s this I hear about repairing the capital?

    A lighthearted look at upcoming repairs to the Capitol Dome: The capital is in desperate need of repair
  6. T

    MY APOLOGIES -- Mystery priest comes forward

    Mystery priest in Missouri rescue comes forward :: Catholic News Agency (CNA) I apologize to those who were skeptical. You were right, we who were sure it was an angel were wrong. Does that shake my faith in the least? Surely not. But being wrong is not as bad as being bad (like my...
  7. USA-1

    Taking Liberal's apologies here

    We've had some days and some more information come in concerning the Tuscon shootings. We had many members of this forum outright claim political rhetoric was responsible and were clearly blaming the GOP. We had many many observers jump to conclusions regarding this tragedy.......would anyone...
  8. D

    Bush Voters Should Stop Complaining. Apologies Would Be More Aproporiate.

    I have talked to more and more folks that voted for Bush (twice in most cases) that now decry that choice. They are feeling used and betrayed. that feeling seems to deepen with the day. Some here have talked about being "blind" others about how they were "asleep". Well no shit! That is exactly...