1. Friday13

    'Ready, fire, aim' - critics see pattern to Trump's approach

    Competence? We have yet to see any from tRump...just one fuck up after another. 'Ready, fire, aim' - critics see pattern to Trump's approach
  2. Davocrat

    The Darwin approach to gun control

    Maybe we just have to wait for the species to suffer some more deaths? We analyzed data for 50 states over 19 years to investigate the relationship between gun prevalence and accidental gun deaths across different age groups. For every age group, where there are more guns, there are more...
  3. TennesseeRain

    North Korea State Media Warns Of Nuclear Strike If Provoked As U.S. Warships Approach

    North Korean state media warned on Tuesday of a nuclear attack on the United States at any sign of American aggression as a U.S. Navy strike group steamed toward the western Pacific. U.S. President Donald Trump, who has urged China to do more to rein in its impoverished neighbor, said in a...
  4. GordonGecko

    Paul Ryan applies a Putin-like approach to handling Donald Trump

    The Brilliance of Paul Ryan's Putinesque Approach to Trump | RedState Rather predictable flatter him. Tell Trump how great he is...and that YOUR idea was "his idea"....and Trump will support it and happily take credit for it. Tip of the hat to Ryan....he's figured it...
  5. Amelia

    If the GOP keeps the House, how will Clinton approach them?

    If the GOP keeps the House, how will Clinton approach them? That will be interesting to watch.
  6. Djinn

    Voter ID - A new approach

    Can't be as detailed as I'd like; still on mobile until mid-August, but thanks to a new law in Oregon, an unusual compromise has been reached. Voter-ID is required at the polls. However "voter registration" has been eliminated. Everyone who applies for any license, or changes an address, is...
  7. Different guy

    U.S. Embracing a New Approach on Battling ISIS in Iraq

    In a major shift of focus in the battle against the Islamic State, the Obama administration is planning to establish a new military base in Anbar Province, Iraq, and to send up to 450 more American military trainers to help Iraqi forces retake the city of Ramadi. The White House on Wednesday is...
  8. meridian5455

    The paradox in Obama’s approach to avoiding ‘endless war’

    President Obama spoke about his request to Congress for war authorization against ISIS, and he added this: “I do not believe America’s interests are served by endless war.” This is a self-defeating statement. By failing to wage ideological war against Islamist terror, the president is forcing...
  9. meridian5455

    John Boehner Just Summed Up His Approach To Barack Obama In 2 Incredible Sentences

    "The more the president talks about his ideas, the more unpopular he becomes. Why would I want to deprive him of that opportunity?" Barack Obama's biggest enemy is Barack Obama.
  10. The Man

    Russian warships approach Australia

    BBC News - Canberra monitoring Russian warships 'nearing Australia'
  11. H

    Title of Project: ALTERNATIVE TRACKS - integrated approach to minor offenders

    HP-MOS and its 5 European partners from Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal and Greece are engaged in a European partnership project: ALTERNATIVE TRACKS - integrated approach to minor offenders and their families. The project “ALTERNATIVE TRACKS - integrated approach to minors offenders and...
  12. A

    The liberal approach has failed

    The liberal approach to solving this nations problems has failed. What are they offering us other than more spending, more government control of our daily lives, more wars and more spending? All the while incomes for the average American have not changed appreciably since the seventies while the...
  13. meridian5455

    Democrats Are Split Over How to Shape Approach to Gun Bills As Congressional Democrats shape their strategy for considering President Obama’s proposals to curb gun violence, sharp divisions are forming between lawmakers who believe the best path...
  14. jackalope

    Interview with Ahmed Rashid The West Should 'Change Its Approach to Failing States'

    This is a pretty interesting read. I read the interview before I read the blip at the top that explained that Rashid was a Pakistani journalist. I gotta say, as I was reading, I was thinking this guy sounds like the Pakistani UN delegation people. Reminded me of a few articles I read on...
  15. Cicero

    The Romney approach on taxes: Leading by ducking

    NOW WE GET IT: Mitt Romney’s refusal to specify what tax breaks he proposes eliminating is not a matter of dangling tantalizing goodies in front of voters now, before the election, and postponing the painful part until later. No, Mr. Romney’s dodging is, he claimed in an interview broadcast...
  16. C

    So what IS the right approach?

    Okay, I have a question, and it requires that everyone be on the same age, and accept the premise: 1) Global Change is occurring. 2) We are having an effect. It is important that we all accept those two givens, to keep us from digressing into yet again arguing a valid scientific finding that...
  17. S

    Argentina's New Approach To Central Banking

    The Shots Heard Round the World: Argentina's Radical Banking Reforms Argentina is going to try a new way to run their central bank. I'm not sure about taking away the independence of central banks from the populist shifts of legislative and executive political office holders is best, but the...
  18. sparty

    Losses at Oprah's OWN approach a staggering $330m as industry insiders predict it wil

    I've never been a fan or follower of any "talk shows". But I am shocked/surprised that OWN is failing. I wonder why viewers didn't tune in? FYI: I have direct TV so I get it for "free", not sure if other people have to pay extra for it. Oprah's OWN network: Losses approach $330m amid...
  19. Divine Wind

    Gang of Six offers balanced approach

    This appears to be our best shot at a compromise. The next question, is there enough time to enact it before the deadline? An alternative is, if it is in the works, for the President to relent and allow a short extension while the bill is passed through Congress. Our view: Gang of Six...
  20. JayGatz

    Western approach to Iran fails; costs US allies

    Brazil, a once standout ally of the US in South America, seems to have shifted its positions; However, Brazil's softer stance has proved to be a step-forward: Obama doesn't quite live up to expectations: What does this mean for you/the economy? and finally, a more honest...