1. Dr.Knuckles

    We are not alone! or ARE we? Or AREN'T we?

    Area 51, alien autopsies, strange visits from anally-fixated perverts with probes shaped like Jodie Foster's knuckles (you're welcome Six)... Have our governments made contact with extra-terrestrial life? If so why the secret? What are they protecting us from? Why do Idaho farmers get all...
  2. Vortex

    Oh, the GOP congress critters don't use extortion - aren't obstructionists

    Come on conservatives what say you?
  3. conservative

    Elitest Leftist: Parents aren't smart enough to raise them (their children) very effectively

    Harwood: Opponents of Obama's School Invasion 'Not Smart Enough' To Raise Their Children A new high-tech Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Racism. And parents too dumb to raise their children. That was how NBC sought to explain away opposition to Pres. Obama's planned speech to...