1. Singularity

    Russian with ties to NRA arrested, charged with conspiracy

    More important is, from the indictment: This is the first official confirmation that Mueller believes at least one American knowingly established ties in late fall 2016 with Russia on the GOP's behalf, and that they know who this person is.
  2. Southern Dad

    Rise & Resist Idiot Climbs Statue of Liberty before Arrest

    Yesterday, on Facebook Live some were able to watch live as a leftist idiot climbed the Statue of Liberty. She was part of a group that unfurled a banner that said, "Abolish I.C.E." before she started her short climb. For three plus hours she stayed up there until subdued by law enforcement...
  3. excalibur

    ‘I Will Find And Kill Your Children’: Feds Arrest Man Who Threatened FCC Chairman Aj

    Thanks no doubt to the unhinged MSM coverage of net neutrality, another leftist lie. ‘I Will Find And Kill Your Children’: Feds Arrest Man Who Threatened FCC Chairman Ajit Pai ?I Will Find And Kill Your Children?: Feds Arrest Man Who Threatened FCC Chairman Ajit Pai | The Daily Caller
  4. Devil505

    Mueller needs to get a grand jury indictment of Trump and arrest him immediately

    Plenty of crimes to chose from for the arrest warrant Keep this out of the political world controlled by corrupt Republicans. End the Nazification of ICE. Thoughts?
  5. The Man

    Russians arrest Assad forces

    National Defense Forces (NDF, Syrian pro-Assad paramilitary) troops arrested by Russian military police in recently cleared southern districts of Damascus, which used to be controlled by ISIS and very other jihadis; the NDF members were looting the homes and businesses of local civilians, which...
  6. bajisima

    Arrest of Golden State Killer opens Pandora's Box

    This is unbelievable... For more than 40 years, the Golden State Killer eluded authorities. As police scrambled to solve the cold case, Joseph James DeAngelo — now suspected to be the serial burglar, rapist and murderer who terrorized the state in the 1970s and ’80s — lived a quiet life in a...
  7. R

    Why don't Congress ARREST Obama for Sedition and Treason? He's a traitor, and worked with our enemies to enrich them in many ways. As a traitor to the highest standard (being an X President), he should be hung publicly to show the world what America does with her traitors! he...
  8. R

    Why don't liberals accept the fact that Obama is a traitor? Why don't Congress ARREST

    Why don't liberals accept the fact that Obama is a traitor? Why don't Congress ARREST Obama for Sedition and Treason? I’d rather see Obama charged formally with sedition and treason, then put on trial. Charge him...
  9. The Man

    How to arrest a man with knife

    City of Rostov, Southern Russia, today Love the civilian bashing the dude with the piece of lumber :D That's Russia for ya, civilians do help police, in right situation ;) Dare say that dude probably would have got shot in the US...
  10. PACE

    Gorka has an outstanding arrest warrant in Hungary

    while he was in the White House,,,
  11. C

    School Board Pres. on teacher arrest: Everyone wants to side with the "little woman"'

    Louisiana school board president on teacher arrest: Everyone wants to side with the 'poor little woman' | Fox News Full Video of Event: This woman was exercising her 1st Amendment Rights and the local government decided that they are above the...
  12. John T Ford

    DOJ Files Arrest for Illegal Who Murdered Kate Steinle

    The Department of Justice unsealed an arrest warrant Friday for Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, the illegal immigrant acquitted Thursday in Kate Steinle’s murder trial. Zarate was found not guilty of murdering Steinle on a pier in San Francisco in July 2015. Steinle was walking with her father and a...
  13. Blues63

    Mugabe Under House Arrest

    Robert Mugabe has finally been deposed! The military has seized the government run media and despite claims of this 'not being a military takeover' it clearly appears to be so. Zimbabwe's Mugabe 'under house arrest' after army takeover - BBC News Hopefully Zimbabwe can rebuild after...
  14. the watchman

    Arrest Warrant Issued for Man Brutally Beaten at Charlottesville Rally strange wording in the article. If you're not paying attention you'll get the impression that the victim was arrested. Or, could just be me. These are some of Trump "very nice people".
  15. Eve1

    Arrest made in London Subway Attack

    A young man has been arrested in relation to the London Subway attack. It appears the 18 year old was trying to get to France at the time of his arrest. It is being called a significant arrest but no further details are being made public by the UK police...
  16. PACE

    Pharma Bro headed to jail, house arrest revoked

    Should have kept his mouth shut. Social media can ruin your life.
  17. Friday13

    Updates on violent arrest of nurse in Utah

    Those who jumped to defend the cop without knowing the facts may be surprised. Fallout continues for detective who assaulted a nurse...and why there may be a lot more to this story
  18. R

    Should Trump give an executive order to arrest traitor Maria Chappelle?

    I'm starting to think Trump should just start using his executive powers to arrest traitors like Sen. Chappelle (D) who hope for his assassination, heck maybe he should even just get the CIA or the KGB to have them disappear in some 'unfortunate accident', maybe then the ANTIFA terrorists and...
  19. KnotaFrayed

    Nurse Arrest

    What the hell???? ".............arrests her for doing her job" I don't care what your politics are, is this...
  20. Saladin3

    Nazi Loser crys like a liitle girl hearing of his arrest warrant

    This white trash ass hole talked tough...But hearing he might get arrested and get his beat daily has made him "stressed"...He cried like a little girl...LOL White Supremacist Cries After Realizing He Could Be Arrested ? Mother Jones