1. Singularity

    Republicans walked right into Peter Strzok's trap

    Oh, dearie me... Some light Friday night reading... (after about six obligatory grafs trashing the guy) , The sad truth is that in the Republicans’ zeal to administer a public flogging of Strzok — and by extension the FBI — the GOP House members walked right into a trap. The hearing never had...
  2. Dangermouse

    North Carolina mother alleges racism at private pool

    He demanded ID from a black lady at the community pool near his home. He made enough fuss that she started filming his oppressive action. She actually showed the policeman he called on her her pass card. The police declared it a civil matter, despite the fact that she was the only person asked...
  3. vikingbeast

    Party of Lincoln My Ass!

    This email came from a 40 year friend who is in the newspaper business in Kansas. Let it be instructive what his girlfriend has to put up with........... The Republicans are having their Governor primary debate at the Masonic Temple that Mary is running her foundation out of. In typical...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    IVANKA headed to Nunes district to campaign as money pours in to save his ass!

    Uh oh, they're sending in the Princess to help shore up Nunes in his district. The woman doesn't have ANYTHING to do with CA but she sure is pretty. That oughta work. Nunes will get the money but WE'LL BE SURE this new kid on the block gets as much support as we can possibly muster. REPS...
  5. Devil505

    Ass Backwards ?

    This is the only industrial country on earth where owning a gun is a right but HC is a privilege.
  6. vikingbeast

    Purge My Ass!

    Got this in an email today...............fuckers! Friends Voting rights shouldn't be a partisan issue. Whether you're a Republican, Democrat, or neither, it's central to our democracy that every American can cast a ballot. But during his time as Ohio's Secretary of State, John Husted...
  7. The Man

    Showing her ass, literally...

    Milana Skorobogatova is a high-ranking official of Putin's United Russia party in the republic of Bashkortostan, on the Volga river; she is the regional Ombudswoman for the Rights and Wellbeing of Children, and also the head coordinator for family and social policies for the region She...
  8. Devil505

    Haul Trump's fat ass in front of a grand jury

    President Clinton was subpoenaed by Ken Starr in the Lewinsky matter. No one has the legal right to ignore a grand jury subpoena...... including a sitting President. Trump deserves no deference to avoid justice. Therefore: ....When/if Mueller would find it useful.....haul Trump's fat ass in...
  9. DemoWhip

    Ex-GOP lawmaker warns Trump: FBI attacks are 'gonna bite you in the ass'

    Ex-GOP lawmaker warns Trump: FBI attacks are 'gonna bite you in the ass' By Jacqueline Thomsen ==================================================== There's a smart Republican Congressman offering a good piece of advise to D'Trump. Of course we all know that Trump ultimately listens to...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    Texas pediatrician "OPENS CAN OF WHOOP ASS' ON GOP LAWMAKERS over CHIP

    Texas doctor opens can of whoop-ass on GOP lawmakers for treating needy kids like ‘health care freeloaders’ DAVID EDWARDS 14 DEC 2017 AT 09:15 ET Mother holds crying infant (Shutterstock) DON'T MISS STORIES. FOLLOW RAW STORY! Dr. Rachel Pearson, a pediatrics resident in Texas, blasted...
  11. Macduff

    The one where Trump doesn't understand the 1st Amendment Can't imagine why anyone would think the orange goon is a fascist. Good luck convincing the Supreme Court that there's an "I say it's fake news" provision in the First Amendment.
  12. DemoWhip

    Angry Democrats demand that Congress 'get off its ass' on gun safety

    Angry Democrats demand that Congress 'get off its ass' on gun safety By Kerry Eleveld ---------------------------------------- Democrats Are So Right On This Important Matter! This is just one more example of how Democrats are actually...
  13. PACE

    Jack ass republican shares "All Lives Splatter" meme

    but deletes it, coward,,,, Like I said,,, JACK ASS....
  14. PACE

    Rep Mike Rogers of Alabama is a dumb ass
  15. PACE

    Trump is such an insecure little ass
  16. cpicturetaker12

    OMG OMG OMG OMG, are you watching this CRAZY ASS MAN In POLAND??

    OUR FUCKING CRAZY MAN on foreign soil---trashing INTEL, OBAMA and even NBC 'after all the money he made them', fake CNN. Never in my life!!! David Ignatius on right now--most critical 2 days coming up. "We have a real crisis on our hands." This MSNBC panel is appalled! The ones following...
  17. Singularity

    Admin: Turn over your voter data. State govts. across political spectrum: Kiss my ass

    Hey guys, I'm not really sure they thought this one through... The count is now at 24, and that's hardly a mass of Left Coast #Resistance havens. For example: Indiana Utah Arizona Ohio Pennsylvania Wisconsin Why, I do believe those are all states that Trump won, but either by the barest...
  18. Spookycolt

    Bill Nye writer is ok if a few old ass conservative white men have to die

    Ahhhh the vaunted hero of the liberals, constantly out there fighting the good fight against Christianity and look at the people he has working for him. He has come a long way from teaching kids how to make a volcano bubble up isn't he. CLASSY: Bill Nye writer is ok if ‘a few old ass...
  19. Davocrat

    So much for stamina. Trump's ass needs wheels.

    Pretty pathetic the "healthiest POTUS ever" according to his sham doctor can't walk 700 yards. Pussy. Trump rode golf cart while G7 leaders walked through Sicily | TheHill
  20. Bourne

    Trump, what an impolite horses ass

    Trump shoves the President of Montenegro out of his way so that he can stand at the front of the pack during the NATO summit. Then he refuses a handshake and stands there with that "constipated" grimmace on his orange face. What an absolutely narcisscistic, egotistical and boorish asshole...