1. J

    Bill That Kills Auto Loan Rule Aimed At Discrimination Gets Final Approval

    Utterly shameful. Title changed from...
  2. bajisima

    Volvo opens first US auto plant

    Volvo Cars, the first major automaker to abandon cars powered solely by internal combustion engines, is officially opening its first plant in the United States. The Swedish carmaker aims to make 130,000 hybrid or all-electric vehicles a year at the South Carolina factory, once it reaches peak...
  3. Mister B

    US Auto Sales Continue To Decline Under Trump

    ...due to increased interest rates and inflation since Trump took office.
  4. DemoWhip

    Wells Fargo to pay $1B for mortgage, auto lending abuses

    Wells Fargo to pay $1B for mortgage, auto lending abuses By Ken Sweet, AP Business Writer ==================================================== Big fine. Looks like it finally caught up with them.
  5. A

    Semi auto handguns vs AR 15

    I am no gun expert here, so maybe some of you experts can help out with this one. The Vegas mass shooting injured 851 people, and killed 58. From what I can find in wiki, it looks like the distance was about 490 yards. 1,100 rounds in ten minutes. My question here, is would the number of...
  6. Rev. Hellh0und

    Waze and Android Auto

    Any of you use waze on android? I recently switched from an iphone because I can get waze right on my dash, straight up game changed. The issue I am having is that suddenly the voice commands for things like spotify stopped working. anyone have any experience here? Android seems to have...
  7. M

    Last Auto Plant in Australia Closes

    The last car rolls off the line in the last auto plant today. In recent decades, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, and Leyland have all shut down. Now, the Holden plant is closing, so no more cars are being built on the entire continent. Globalization.
  8. Madeline

    Higher Auto Ins. Rates In Minority Neighborhoods

    Higher Car Insurance Rates in Some Minority Neighborhoods - Consumer Reports Bastards. Your thoughts?
  9. L

    Inside Alabama’s Auto Jobs Boom: Cheap Wages, Little Training, Crushed Limbs

    The South’s manufacturing renaissance comes with a heavy price. by Peter Waldman March 23, 2017 1:00:07 AM PDT Regina Elsea was a year old in 1997 when the first vehicle rolled off the Mercedes-Benz assembly line near Tuscaloosa. That gleaming M-Class SUV was historic. Alabama, the nation’s...
  10. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Trump to auto chiefs: environmental regulations 'out of control WTF? So what.

    Trump told the chief executives of the country's largest automobile manufacturers Tuesday that environmental regulations are "out of control" and pledged to make it easier for the companies to open assembly plants in the United States. Trump said that a "very big push" is underway to expand all...
  11. Devil505

    United Auto Workers union endorses Hillary Clinton

    United Auto Workers union endorses Hillary Clinton Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a United Food and Commercial Workers International Union hall, Wednesday, May 25, 2016, in Buena Park, Calif. (John Locher/Associated Press) By Associated Press May 25 at 6:54 PM...
  12. MaryAnne

    New Record For Auto Sales

    17 million. Then we have 292,000 new jobs this month. Higher than expected. Stock Market taking a cut right now, but still more than double 7 years ago. Some one must be making money despite the naysayers. Real Estate sales in my area booming.
  13. J

    Can you remember how terrible Obams bail out of our auto industry was/is.

    "House Republicans come back after their break this week ready to give Volkswagen a huge belated Christmas gift—a bailout. The car company has been reeling from scandal after it admitted that it's been cheating on the air pollution standards test, and it's facing law suits from some 500,000...
  14. bajisima

    Hyundai replaces GM as official auto sponsor of the NFL

    After a long term partnership, GM will no longer be the official automotive sponsor of the NFL. "Hyundai will take GM’s place as the NFL’s official automotive sponsor, reports the Chicago Tribune, in a deal that will let the Korean automaker use the league’s trademarks in marketing. It’ll...
  15. S

    Grand Theft Auto and other adult video games and kids

    Bio dad just got in trouble with CPS for letting one of my girls, aged 9 play Grand Theft Auto. Her counselor heard her describe getting a lap dance at a strip club, and the MH counselor reported the incident to CPS. We just ran into him after her Little League game and he was pretty upset...
  16. bajisima

    Trade deals and low wages are luring auto jobs to Mexico

    Mexico has become the most attractive place in North America to build new automobile factories, a shift that has siphoned jobs from the U.S. and Canada, yet helped keep car and truck prices in check for consumers. "In the past two years, eight automakers have opened or announced new plants or...
  17. meridian5455

    Obama to tout thriving auto industry at plant closed for low demand

    President Obama fresh off his Hawaii vacation will be boondoggling in Detroit to boast about how he has revitalized the auto industry. Oddly, he will be doing it at a Ford assembly plant and not one belonging to the automotive companies who needed the taxpayers to bail them out. Also, the plant...
  18. bajisima

    GM recall: was the auto safety agency asleep at the wheel?

    Now that GM has admitted its mistake in not recalling over 1 million cars with a defective part that has now killed 12 people sooner, others are questioning about whether the National Highway Safety Administration was also asleep on the job. Ditlow said he believes the agency "has gotten...
  19. GoaTlOver

    Workers at auto dealership come face to face with Obamacare trade-offs

    Workers at auto dealership come face to face with Obamacare trade-offs - Investigations Get ready to see a lot more of this in the new year.
  20. BoiseBo

    New Study: Auto bailout saved at LEAST 2.6 million jobs and 105 billion in taxes

    We just sold off the last of our shares in GM, and even the conservative Washington Examiner (owned by the same Denver billionaire who owns Weekly Standard) calls it a resounding success! Thanks Mr. President, but remember.. Willard Mittens takes a lot of credit for that! :cool: Vroom...