1. MaryAnne

    Republican Christmas tree Avatar

    You decorate the Same way if you have Toddlers or cats in the house.
  2. K

    Fake black activist accounts linked to Russian government, avatar of "Blacktivist"

    So, Some more info on Democratic Party and Leftie "Russian Collusion": This is classic International Warfare Psy-OPs. Evidently the Conflict with Russia in the Crimea has resulted in Russia taking direct action against the United States in the form of fomenting Racial Unrest and...
  3. desudser

    What Do You Think Of My Avatar

    Are people around here allowed to have such an avatar? Or would that be a little too much like freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I am here to de-suds the minds of the brainwashed. This may go against the doomsday cult you likely follow. But evil must be fought. Whether or not...
  4. The Man

    My new avatar

    It's a gay rainbow flag with a bloody hand print on it. I don it now, in honor of Russian LGBT citizens, who, while their fellows in America and Canada have achieved great freedoms and equalities, face discrimination and danger every day. In Canada and America, gays are now free to marry...
  5. Rasselas

    Is Panzareta's Avatar Racially Offensive?

    It would be better if only self-professed white people vote, but we'll have to go on the honors system. You can find the avatar here: http://politicalhotwire.com/world-politics/99042-where-have-all-white-people-gone-4.html#post2912977 So...are whites offended by "Fighting Whites?"
  6. Babba

    My Avatar

    Should I change my avatar? Should I stick with the one I've always had, or change to this?
  7. jackalope

    Free online photo editor to make your avatar pics smaller

    Here's a really easy to use site that will reduce file size of pics: Web Resizer - Making Photos Faster - Optimize pictures for websites and email I couldn't figure out how to upload two pix to your sig file, so I went with offsite linking instead of uploading, but maybe someone can use it?
  8. kmiller1610

    AVATAR, religion and popular culture

    I finally got around to seeing AVATAR. I was expecting a ham-handed, over the top pimp job for the Greens, like the recent re-make of "The Day the Earth stood still," a movie that was so horrible, I couldn't finish it. But AVATAR had a lot of heart and the planet displayed on it tried to...