1. S


    I've had many. Why do you pick the image that you do? To express humor, politics, culture, family, religion, sexual come on, the "inner you"? My current one is a personal hero of mine. I thought this would be a good discussion since the politics of avatars is a current hot issue on PH.
  2. Rob Larrikin

    What is it with all the famous-people avatars?

    What is it with all the famous-people avatars I see on discussion boards these days? I use one that nobody would ever want – the goofy looking Alfred E. Neuman from Mad magazine, and even worse, he’s wearing an Arab head-dress. I picked it to poke fun at myself. Then there are those that do...
  3. S

    Why Do Members With Cowboys Or Guns For Avatars Have The Most Ignorant Posts

    I guess it goes with the territory but whenever posters have these avatars the post will almost always be ignorant Why is that?
  4. R

    What's up with Avatars and Pancakes?

    i've seen serveral members that have avatars with pancakes on their head. clue me in please!!
  5. Feetie

    Personality vs. Avatars!

    So do you think that most people here have personalities that match their avatars? Feel free to comment on those you don't think match or those you think match perfectly. Just some silly idea I was playing with wanted some input. :f_winkeye: