1. bajisima

    Congress passes a bill to avert helium shortage

    Congress has just passed a bill to keep our federal helium reserves open to avert a shortage. So there Congress does do something. Congress Approves Bill to Avert Helium Shortage - ABC News
  2. Tom Joad

    Senate passes bill to avert shutdown without 'defund obamacare' language

    Looks like the old hot potato is going back to the house. Gonna be hard to hang the blame for a government shutdown on the Dems now. Isn't it right wingers? :neener2: TED CRUZ DEFEATED ? SENATE PASSES BILL TO AVERT SHUTDOWN WITHOUT 'DEFUND OBAMACARE' LANGUAGE - Yahoo Finance
  3. michaelr

    US House passes bill to avert government shutdown

    US House passes bill to avert government shutdown Here is where we all give in unison, a big harmonious Oooooh weee our goberment is working for us....hahaha What a bunch of horse shit that is wearing thin.
  4. M

    ISRAEL, US Race to Avert Palestinian UN Bid.....

    Israel, US race to avert Palestinian UN bid - Yahoo! News AP – 17 hrs ago..... JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel is working with the United States to find a way to revive peace negotiations with the Palestinians in a desperate attempt to avert a diplomatic showdown at the U.N. next month, an Israeli...
  5. jackalope

    That 'avert the gov't shutdown bill' ..... massive FAIL.

    Those countdown to shutdown clocks were all for nothing! So, they went all drama queen and throwing their tantrums and putting on their antics (Rep Shut It Down! Pence) for NOTHING. Had they changed nothing at all, we would have spent less money this year, than we will as a result of their...
  6. C

    YouTube Vid Prooves Democrats Totally Blocked Efforts To Avert Today’s Mess- Million

    . Go to YouTube, Search For “Fannie Mae Hearings.†No other words are needed to proove this stupendous scandal. Length eight minutes thirty-seven seconds (8.37). Democrats not only should be swept out of office, they should serve long jail sentences. 990,000 views...