1. BDBoop

    He called her "that word" because he was having a bad day.

    See - I've had bad days? I've never gone on a racist rant. And if he thought he was having a bad day before, I wonder how he feels now that he's unemployed? Idiot.
  2. Friday13

    Trump: I ‘destroy' careers of Republicans who say bad things about me

    Just who or what the fuck does this asshole think he is...a god? This is psychotic at best. Trump: I ‘destroy' careers of Republicans who say bad things about me
  3. John T Ford

    Why Chuck Schumer’s About to Have a Very Bad Week

    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is having a bad week – and it’s about to get worse. On Friday we’re expected to learn from the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis that the U.S. economy grew at a blistering pace in the second quarter of this year, further affirming the success of...
  4. excalibur

    This Is a Very Bad Report for the FBI

    And Comey still can't be truthful. This is why you don’t want to rush a response to a 500-page inspector-general report. Former FBI Director James Comey, writing on the New York Times op-ed page, posted just a short time ago: First, the inspector general’s team went through the...
  5. Chief

    Fox: Obama is bad for doing something. But Trump is good if he does that same thing When Obama does it: "President Obama likes talking to dictators!" "He would meet some of these madmen without preconditions" "I think that's a mistake" "Obama is bowing and scraping...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    FOX's Napolitano, delivers bad news on FOX about TRUMP indictments

    This is how I understand it. And of course, the 5,000 pound gorilla in the room is which way this SCOTUS would go! One thing that EVERYONE agrees on, a President can be indicted after he leaves office. After impeachment or after his term... “But there are actually two memos in the...
  7. bajisima

    Elon Musk picked a bad time to burn bridges on Wall Street

    Caught some of his rant. He really went off. Sounded a bit "Trumpian." The Tesla boss has a well-earned reputation for being a daring leader who doesn't follow the rules. But his latest stunt — insulting analysts during a bizarre conference call — threatens to alienate Tesla (TSLA) from the...
  8. ptif219

    Climate change is ‘not as bad as we thought’ say scientists

    As we the so called deniers have been saying for years.
  9. L

    The bad blood between Trump and California

    Stef W. Kight 4 hours ago The Trump administration is going to war with California. And it’s just getting started. Why it matters: The bluest state in the U.S. has managed to wield the power of the courts to impede the President’s agenda on immigration, the environment and more. And the White...
  10. bajisima

    Elon Musk finds humor in bad month for Tesla

    Funny tweets. Some thought they were real. After the worst month for Tesla Inc. shares in more than seven years, punctuated by company blog posts about the death of a Model X driver, Elon Musk is joking about his electric-car maker going bankrupt. “Despite intense efforts to raise money...
  11. Davocrat

    Suddenly right-wingers are concerned about bad language

    Currently circulating on Facebook is the David Hogg F-bomb clip. The president brags of grabbing pussy and has three women in litigation over affairs. The NRA wants 18-year-olds to have AR15s. The president calls his opponents expletives. What's wrong with this picture?
  12. Dangermouse

    Obama bad, Trump good!

    Fox news coverage on talking to dangerous maniacs with nukes! The sheer hypocrisy is exposed again.
  13. N

    Is Big Business Really That Bad?

    Is Big Business Really That Bad? One of the most objective rebuttals I've read to the continuous flow of anti-corporate fiery rhetoric from the left wing.
  14. thrilling

    Missouri governor. Bad

    Greitens Indicted For Allegedly Taking Nude Blackmail Photo
  15. EnigmaO01

    U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands had a very bad first day 2 hours ago Par for the course for another one of Trump's flunkies. This guy is caught in bald faced lies and doesn't have the integrity to admit it. Watch the video. If anything it's good for a laugh although I am ashamed we...
  16. MaryAnne

    Bad Lip Reading

    The Anthem.
  17. The Man

    2018 - bad year for Hillary

    Konstantin Getsati is a self-proclaimed "magician", from republic of Ossetia, in Russian Northern Caucasus Couple weeks ago, he won the "Battle of Mediums", a popular competition between people with apparent psychic and such special abilities, on the Russian TV channel TNT, this video...
  18. The Man

    How to remove a bad passenger from plane

    Recall all the stories about police or some private security thugs dragging people off planes in America? The guy who got beat the crap out of on the United flight? Well, here, for comparison, are Russian cops in Moscow removing a drunken woman who was disrupting a flight to Simferopol...
  19. cpicturetaker12

    RE: TX AG quits over sexist posts/aide puts ME2R's marching c*nt's cartoon. MY BAD!!!

    Okay folks I tried to go back in and fix this. I have NO IDEA how I read it wrong. Still! But I FUCKED UP! I was blocked so I sent a note to the MOD with my mea culpa. Sorry, thought the TEXAS boss and subordinate BOTH resigned (a day apart)?? Didn't MEAN to! PS (DO not come back and...
  20. Madeline

    Do "Cat People" Have Bad Sex? Here's the actual story, if you want to read it: Hummmm...........I honestly don't think I have ever made a man feel he had to have sex, when he did not want to, but...