1. Chief

    Bad news writing’s-spox-it’s-not-rape-if-it’s-your-girlfriend/ar-BBFycXk?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp I hate when I see so called news where they paraphrase and cherry pick something then put quotes around it as if it were what was said. This is not...
  2. T

    Author of ‘Why Competitive Elections Are Bad for America’ is Trump's top pick for Cen

    I think that when Turmp said he was only going ot hire the best people, what he meant was he was only going to hire those who bow down to him or his delusions. His pick for the Census? Why, none other than a rabidly right wing partisan hack who argues close elections are bad and supports...
  3. Goofball

    Good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns.

    A list you won't hear about in the lamestream media. Good guys with guns saving lives | Fox News
  4. M

    Another shooting

    Northern California elementary school, 3 reported dead. Only good news is shooter is reported dead from "law enforcement bullets".
  5. DemoWhip

    The Republican 'tax plan' is getting bad reviews from the public—and from Republican

    The Republican 'tax plan' is getting bad reviews from the public—and from Republican allies By Hunter ==================================================== Well there you go. Even Republicans don't like the Republican tax plan. The report...
  6. Sassy

    Since when is being less bad than the Klan a major moral accomplishment?

    The Alt-Right Is Bad — And So Is ‘Antifa’ Fighting Nazis is a good thing, but fighting Nazis doesn’t necessarily make you or your cause good. By my lights this is simply an obvious fact. The greatest Nazi-killer of the 20th century was Josef Stalin. He also killed millions of his own people...
  7. Eve1

    Trump was a bad investment for everyone but him Let’s say you’re Donald Trump. It’s 2002 and you’ve agreed to have your name emblazoned across the top of the tallest residential tower in Canada, a...
  8. LT Greenbean

    george zimmerman, good watchman, bad person

    mornin fellow forum goers. as yall know, im the company commander of our communitys official neighborhood watch organization. ive read a lot about the problems with the zimmerman case on older threads here and i hear your concerns. i want to clear the air from the viewpoint of a professional...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    "If you think Iraq was bad, wait'll you get to Iraq as Trump 'itches for war'

    "If you think Iraq was bad, wait'll you get to Iran" as Trump 'itches for war' If the colonel had been the only one to have said this over the years, okay, maybe just 1 man, 1 opinion. Others have opined on this from time to time. And their raised eyebrows and raised octaves in their voices...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    Leptosporosis from BAD water in Puerto Rico, related deaths reported!

    Leptospirosis from BAD water in Puerto Rico, related deaths reported! Highly treatable with simple antibiotics. Guess these 'Americans' don't deserve help! Yet again, kids and the already immune deficient and the elderly are highly vulnerable. Remember this is related to 'waste' from animals...
  11. DemoWhip

    Mitch McConnell had a very, very bad Tuesday

    Yep, the Mitcher is walking around again with a long face. Just recently he was so sure his guy, Strange, would win. He didn't. Now, if Moore wins the General Election in December McConnell is going to be given plenty of headaches as well as Trump. Though Trump is trying to make light of the...
  12. cpicturetaker12

    Trump MOCKS McCain again--1 day after McCains BAD prognosis

    I'm telling you TRUMP can't wait till MC CAIN dies! Get him the fuck out of the way. Anyone think I'm wrong?? He's apparently in a tirade about everything. EVEN DELETED tweets of his support of STRANGE from the ALA race overnight. Trump, at war with everyone, mocks McCain, McConnell MIKE...
  13. D

    Bad debaters

    Why are there such bad Debaters on the site? They always lack context, perspective, and relativity. Everything is not about facts, but what your conclusion is of those facts. Sent from my Z833 using Tapatalk
  14. Pragmatist

    Not so bad after all?

    Bannon plotting primaries against slate of GOP incumbents The effort is being led by Steve Bannon, Trump’s bomb-throwing former chief strategist, who is launching an all-out war against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment. Bannon has begun holding private...
  15. Singularity

    Irma could be just as bad for Florida as Harvey in Texas

    It's not looking good. Hopefully it will veer to the northeast and either stay out in the ocean or scrape the coast.
  16. ptif219

    44% of liberal Dems claim churches bad for U.S.

    Proof that the democrats are the anti-Christian party. Just shows what bigots democrats are. The party that wants others to be tolerant shows they are the intolerant hypocrites.
  17. MaryAnne

    Republican Health Care Bill So Bad

    They exempted themselves.
  18. cpicturetaker12

    Trump & CO. ready to refill GITMO with bad dudes!

    Are they just going to arbitrarily find bad dudes? Where have the bad dudes of the past past 4 years been going? Do these fucking dumbasses realize how EXPENSIVE GITMO is to maintain? This is so stupid, I don't know where to begin. But Sessions, his 'ownself', went down to do a site survey...
  19. MaryAnne

    Now For The Bad News

    Montgomery County,Ohio center for Opoid epidemic. CNM is featuring the story. Overdose deaths in Montgomery County set another record
  20. GordonGecko

    Trump job Disapproval closing in on near 60%....but that's not the bad news for Trump

    It's in a poll by PRO-TRUMP Rasmussen Rasmussen Reports 5/29 - 5/31 1500 LV Approval- 43% Disapproval- 57% Spread -14