1. BoiseBo

    Birthers & Baggers & Blowhards ... OH MY!!

    This is fascinating.. if Trump backs out (OR goes 3rd party) the GOP may be doomed. The truth is, fears are well-founded that Trump's supporters, many of whom are also known to be infrequent and inconsistent voters, will simply sit the election out if Trump is nowhere near the GOP's center...
  2. BoiseBo

    Manufacturing is on a roll.. what will Ted Cruz and the Baggers do next to F that up?

    I think we all know. ISM manufacturing index up for sixth straight month; looming shutdown/debt ceiling fight clouds picture - Washington Business Journal
  3. BoiseBo

    Further evidence Big Business is fleeing the Baggers!

    Example after example after example.. enjoy! :greatjob: Here's Evidence That The GOP Is Not 'Pro-Business' Anymore
  4. S

    Split in the Tea Baggers Astro Turfing?

    Inside the Dick Armey, FreedomWorks split - Kenneth P. Vogel - Inside the Dick Armey, FreedomWorks split Dick Armey's leaving is a major split in a political caucus of the GOP, what do you think the GOP will do next?
  5. Stefan Bandera

    Shut Up Donald, Birthers,and Baggers POTUS born in USA

    CNN investigation: Obama born in U.S. - Trump questions birth certificate THE TIME has come for all Birthers, Baggers, Donald, and all other assorted assholes, liars, and idiots to shut up because little Obama was born in the USA !
  6. Inkslinger

    Hey Baggers! They're charging Rev. Wright with war crimes!!

    First war crimes hearing for former Kenyan minister
  7. angryamerican

    A American answer to the Tea Baggers Movement..

    So far this looks and sounds more like a American Movement rather then just a GOP whinefest given by Tea Baggers.. Coffee Party | Wake Up and Stand Up COFFEE PARTY MISSION STATEMENT The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize...
  8. angryamerican

    Tea Baggers ask ReEnactors questions...ruin family vacations

    Tea Partiers Bent On Ruining Americans' Family Vacations | TPM LiveWire Unsatisfied with being belligerent at town hall meetings and creating racist signs, Tea Party activists are swarming on Williamsburg, Virginia this summer to ruin educational family vacations by yelling and asking costumed...
  9. nonsqtr

    Tea Baggers Take DC! Just about 100,000 people. You were right, Michael.