1. Arkady

    Hiding the ball on crime?

    While searching to see when the final 2017 crime stats would be published by the FBI, I came across this: In a nutshell, when the FBI issued their first report of the Trump era...
  2. the watchman

    Good Hops: Fan chugs beer after foul ball lands in it. too funny.
  3. bmanmcfly

    The ball yet to drop....

    Just thought I'd put some of this in the "conspiracy theory" section, since it's doubtful that anyone would accept these things as fact. What am I talking about?? Haiti.
  4. Two If By Tea

    Playa Haters Ball ya'll
  5. the watchman

    Trump Supporters Are Confusing LeVar Burton With LaVar Ball, And It’s Painful Brent Spiner is such a goofball.
  6. T

    Trump Blasts LaVar Ball: ‘I Should Have Left Them in Jail!’

    Wow, I guess the Ball clan did not praise Turmp quite enough. Because now, according to the president's Twitter account, he regrets using his diplomatic time getting 3 idiots freed from Chinese custody. And that is how the president spent his Sunday, ranting on Twitter over not getting his...
  7. Minotaur

    Best Super Bowl EVER

    This season and so far... GO FALCONS! :f_cheers:
  8. cpicturetaker12

    RED CROSS helps stranded Trump EO travelers as he host their BALL last night

    Now how's this for cognitive dissonance? Red Cross's, Trump's, OURS. I just think the irony is fun. Trump's 2nd home at Mara Lago in Palm Beach (still a Trump revenue stream) even puts the Red Cross in a position to navigate Trumpian politics. This is apparently a standing 60 year old event...
  9. BAZINGA DrumpF

    KING James! Zings Baby king Trump! 'Goofy Votes' Got Him Elected! Ball Don't LIE!

    LeBron James Zings Donald Trump 'Goofy Votes' Got Him Elected! Basketball star LeBron James on Friday turned a question about player voting in the NBA All-Star Game into a slam on President Trump and his supporters. James was asked during a media...
  10. S

    Trump Supporters Beaten and Bloodied Outside of Ball

    TRUMP SUPPORTERS BEATEN-BLOODIED Outside #DeploraBall - Pummeled With Eggs, Batteries! (VIDEO) Hyperlink will take you to photos and videos What message are leftists trying to send by attacking people? Is this how they show that they are mad that Democrats have lost power? Is there really...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    Trump advisers: Pres. dancing with Caitlyn Jenner at ball would heal LBGTQ community

    You know I thought this was a joke story but it is attributed to HIS OWN. You decide. I don't have a clue!! Maybe this was picked up from the ONION or a Colbert joke or something. LOLOLOL. I think there is a better chance Trump will dance with someone from this board first. Maybe he take a...
  12. Wonderer

    Sabato’s Crystal Ball And 538’S Election Forecast Is A DISASTER For Trump

    Sabato’s Crystal Ball And 538’S Election Forecast Is A DISASTER For Trump RedState Posted at 8:30 am on August 5, 2016 by Jay Caruso <Excerpt>: People have seen the polls the last few days. The USS Trump is headed right towards a yuge iceberg and Donald is standing on the bow with arms...
  13. BDBoop

    Trump drops the ball, not that it matters

    Donald Trump stumbles on David Duke, KKK - /snip This is like Trump referring to "gotcha" questions. If you think you're fit to be the PotUS, there's some basic shit that everybody knows, and you should do. If you don't, you're either a) undeniably stupid, or b) lying...
  14. meridian5455

    Times Square New Year's Eve Ball is racist - Tweets #BallLivesMatter

    Somebody dropped the ball. A pair of hastily deleted tweets from the official Times Square Ball Twitter handle blasted the event as "racist" and made a questionable reference to the Black Lives Matter movement hours before the clock struck midnight. Social media users were up in arms...
  15. RNG

    I'm Taking My Ball and Going Home

    Or something like that. Rest of article at Gay marriage ruling: Some officials stop holding weddings - BBC News
  16. Friday13

    Pablo's Ball of Fear

    I found this fascinating. If you have arachnophobia, don't click the link... Pablo's ball of fear
  17. meridian5455

    Jobless father rejects $20K for Kearse ball

    When Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Jermaine Kearse caught the game-winning touchdown in the NFC Championship against Green Bay, he celebrated by launching the ball into the stands. Scott Shelton, the unemployed father of two who caught that ball, has since refused a $20,000 offer from a...
  18. BDBoop

    In which Boehner drops the ball like it was his life's mission ....

    An embarrassing swing and a miss for Speaker Boehner | MSNBC What a dumbass, and that goes double for everybody stupid enough to believe Boehner has a leg to stand on. For all those who aren't petrified they'll be turned to stone (no pun intended, but it stays!) by visiting MSNBC, it's a good...
  19. Use Caution

    2014 BEST Candidate Ad, Your Got to see these. Fun with Guns and blow your ball off.

    Senate Candidate Holds Gun in Shocking Ad:smiley_ROFLMAO: Bob Quast is running for US Senate in Iowa and is getting attention for a campaign ad in which he tells the man convicted of murdering his sister that he's going ... Gun Nutter stroking a...
  20. BoiseBo

    Congressman 8 ball in Florida

    This is a guy who demanded drug testing for food stamp recipients? .. time to drug test politicians! :popcorn: Rep. Trey Radel?s arrest inspires a brilliant idea: Let?s drug-test members of Congress! - The Washington Post