1. The Man

    Grandma robbed a bank lmao

    This 70 year old pensioner from Russia's Leningrad region (city was renamed to St. Petersburg after 1991, the surrounding region was not, God knows why) has a granddaughter who is getting married. She wanted to give the young couple a nice present - a new apartment in the city. But, of...
  2. BDBoop

    Donald Trump’s debt to Deutsche Bank

    Anybody else wondering if there's a connection? Financial Times Think this might be another piece of the puzzle why Trump is gunning for Maxine? So many questions. I thought I had heard at some point in the last six months that Deutsche Bank had, in fact, turned over the requested records...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    JARED seeks $100mil from Saudi bank for a STARTUP deal!!

    JESUS, is every GD one of them on the take? Is there any limit? A STARTUP, as in new venture? Since he has been an advisor to his father inlaw. And by the way, I can't keep track, I assume this isn't the same money scramble for his 666 Building in NYC!! Of course he and 'his people' KNOW...
  4. The Man

    Israeli troops killed in W. Bank car attack

    Two Israeli soldiers killed in West Bank car ramming attack Liberman may call it "terrorism", and others - "resistance" to armed occupation of their land: Two Israeli occupation soldiers die in Palestinian resistance attack :smiley-shrug: You know, it's still interesting to me, I can't...
  5. Friday13

    CBO: Senate banking bill would boost chances of bank bailouts

    Exempt the "banks too big to fail" exempt from "the highest levels of regulatory scrutiny from the Federal Reserve"? What could go wrong? CBO: Senate banking bill would boost chances of bank bailouts
  6. cpicturetaker12

    INDICTED AMERICAN Pinedo, Jr college grad/gym rat who digitally washed bank acct #s

    What a bunch of SCUM, top to the bottom and apparently everything in between. And that doesn't even include the RUSSIANS. "Russia is a HOAX". (NBC is gathering the # of times Trump has called it a hoax. Hope I catch their results). WHO IS RICHARD PINEDO, WHO PLEADED GUILTY IN MUELLER'S...
  7. DebateDrone

    North Korea says it can't pay UN due to UN bank sanctions

    Now what? Does the UN kick NK out for un-payment.
  8. Sparta

    Found a quarter on the floor at the bank

    What would you do?
  9. Goofball

    DNC is broke. RNC has millions in the bank.......

    Dims never knew how to handle money. The DNC is reportedly 'dead broke.' The RNC has nearly $40 million.
  10. MaryAnne

    Deutsche Bank and Kushner

    Info turned over on suspicious accounts. That family did not learn a thing from Dad serving time. .Jared Kushner?s Firm Tied to ?Suspicious Transactions? at German Bank ? Mother Jones
  11. Eve1

    Subpoena for Trump Bank records including his family and son in law's Bank records

    First we heard that a German Bank got subpoena's for Trump's financial records. Then Trump's lawyer and supporters were trying to say that that was not true. The German paper that broke the story always stood by it and have again confirmed it was true. We can now confirm that Trump's lawyer...
  12. Madeline

    Pro-Trade Trump's Anti-Trade Nominee for Export-Import Bank Fails

    Senate panel rejects Trump's nominee to lead Ex-Im Bank | TheHill I can SORT OF understand Trump's antipathy for HHS, Education and the EPA, etc. But I thought he approved of business? Of manufacturing? I thought he was alarmed about the trade deficit? Why then, would he nominate a...
  13. T

    GOP defectors block Trump nominee to head Ex-Im Bank

    Fair point. Why would you nominate someone to head an agency that worked so hard to shut that agency down? Seems counter-intuitive. Apparently to some Republicans also. So Trump's nominee gets the big bipartisan no...
  14. cpicturetaker12

    West Bank rioting dozens injured...

    I don't know what to expect but it ain't gonna be good... NOTE: Tillerson wanted Trump to wait a week to get security ramped up before the announcement. TRUMP FORGED AHEAD! Dozens injured in West Bank protests: report BY JULIA MANCHESTER - 12/07/17 08:56 AM EST 87 2 Dozens of people were...
  15. excalibur

    Bloomberg Corrects Trump Bank Story

    Bloomberg Corrects Bombshell Story | The Daily Caller
  16. excalibur

    White House: Mueller has not subpoenaed Trump’s bank records

    White House: Mueller has not subpoenaed Trump’s bank records White House: Mueller has not subpoenaed Trump?s bank records | TheHill
  17. cpicturetaker12

    Mueller has subpoenaed Trumps records from DEUTSCHE BANK

    No surprise this was coming but now it's public. Remember they refused the invitation to come to the House. I'm wondering IF they can refuse Mueller. PS Isn't THIS TRUMPS RED LINE? The family business cannot be TOUCHED. Don't I remember that gauntlet being laid down? Deutsche Bank...
  18. Goofball

    House panel secures access to Fusion GPS bank records.

    Should be fun to see who else was funding Hillary's smear outfit. Anyone wanna bet the Russians were paying them?
  19. boontito

    2 huge Trump murals appear on West Bank barrier

    2 huge Trump murals appear on West Bank barrier LOL... "I'm going to build you a brother." Good to see international humor like this, even in a place where there is a need to build a huge concrete...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    Kushner forgot to disclose a 10/16 $285MIL loan by Deutsche Bank (Russian moneylaunde

    Granted there are many many moving parts to this story. Is there a connection to the TRUMP/JARED/MANAFORT meeting for HILLARY DIRT and this bank? Not a clue! But more RUSSIANS. A lawyer for a Russian oligarch. Did she or he have connections to Deutsche bank? RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS=RUSSIAN...