1. Puzzling Evidence

    Porn Feminism! The sexy, new, morally bankrupt version of Susan B Anthony.

    We’ve entered the porn phase of feminism. You could call it the third stage. The first stage, led by Susan B. Anthony and the Suffragettes, wore white to proclaim their virtue and to show themselves morally superior to men who opposed them. They won the vote in 1920, despite President Woodrow...
  2. L

    Pennsylvania says bankrupt refiner owes $3.8 billion in taxes: filing

    MARCH 19, 2018 / 10:58 AM Jarrett Renshaw 3 MIN READ NEW YORK (Reuters) - The state of Pennsylvania wants a federal judge to halt the bankruptcy of Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES), arguing the refiner owes an estimated $3.8 billion in fuel taxes, according to a court filing on Friday...
  3. RNG

    Bankrupt Coal Company Is Being Honored at Mar-a Lago

    Give your head a shake. Emphasis mine. A Recently Bankrupt Coal Company Is Being Honored at Mar-a Lago ? Mother Jones
  4. MaryAnne

    Morally Bankrupt Republicans

    Refusal to stand up to corruption. Trump's Laundromat...
  5. Madeline

    Alzheimer's May Bankrupt Medicare

    Alzheimer's: the disease that could bankrupt Medicare - From a purely economic POV, Alzheimer's is the ultimate money drain: a disease that doesn't kill for a very long time, but whose sufferers absolutely require skilled medical care and more from diagnosis to death. What are the...
  6. EnigmaO01

    Another Trump business goes bankrupt

    A Judge Just Declared Trump's New Hotel BANKRUPT The next person that tells me he's successful businessman is going to get "I'm a stupid dupe" written on their forehead.
  7. The Man

    Bankrupt man takes hostages in bank

    Hostage Situation in Central Moscow Bank Branch Petrosyan in the bank Before doing this, he recorded a video address to the government, where he demanded that people who had suffered financial bankruptcy be recognized as mentally traumatized...
  8. bajisima

    Sports Authority goes bankrupt closes 140 stores

    Times are really changing. Pretty soon we wont have to leave the house! "The bankruptcy has been looming since January, when the company disclosed that it had missed a $20 million debt payment. The store closings will take place over the next three months. The stores to be closed have yet...
  9. Raoul_Duke

    How morally bankrupt do you have to be to make this argument...

    The White House pushed back on Monday against allegations that healthcare reform is hurting jobs and the economy. In fact, the restaurant industry – given by many critics as the prime example of a place where jobs and hours would be cut if employers had to provide health insurance – is adding...
  10. michaelr

    City of Houston is Bankrupt (So are California, Oregon, and Pension Plans in General)

    City of Houston is Bankrupt (So are California, Oregon, and Pension Plans in General) I told you people, soon hundreds of cities will be bankrupt. Pensions, no matter what you think, are a thing of the past. As the new trend of more unemployment and massive underemployment take hold, the...
  11. meridian5455

    Sinbad Claims He’s Bankrupt

    Sinbad -- I'm BROKE ... Again | Its not the fact that Sinbad is broke that I find funny, it is one of the items he lists among his assets. Can you guess which one?
  12. nonsqtr

    the truth about bankrupt San Bernardino CA

    Special Report: How a vicious circle of self-interest sank a California city | Reuters "Evidence of terrible accounting and record-keeping". Yuk. :smiley-shrug:
  13. michaelr

    Another DOE-Backed Solar Company Goes Bankrupt

    Another DOE-Backed Solar Company Goes Bankrupt I got a piece of good business advice for you people. If you really want to make good money, start a viable solar energy production facility. Hire Americans. it is that easy. The Obama administration will buy it from you and shut it down and...
  14. R

    Bankrupt Solyndra seeks $1.5 billion in damages from Chinese peers

    does anyone wont to laugh with me? i guess the owners are in so much debt they have nothing more to lose and so much to gain if they win. ---- (Reuters) - Bankrupt solar firm Solyndra has filed a lawsuit against three U.S.-listed Chinese solar players, including Suntech Power Holdings Co ...
  15. Divine Wind

    Third California city goes bankrupt

    Some people should go to jail over this: San Bernardino to file for bankruptcy
  16. nonsqtr

    Northern Marianas is bankrupt, so they'll dump tsunami waste there

    Yesterday's WSJ, front page: the Northern Marianas islands pension system is bankrupt. It's the first public pension system in the United States to file for bankruptcy. South Pacific Fund Has Sinking Feeling - And guess what they're going to do now, to raise money? This is the same...
  17. Davocrat

    Could a medical problem make you bankrupt?

    No need to share tax returns, just give it some thought and weigh in, please.
  18. michaelr

    Did China or Jihadists try to bankrupt America

    Did China or Jihadists try to bankrupt America? Pentagon report reveals financial terrorists may have triggered economic crash When your "government" thinks your this stupid then they need to go, and I mean now. These cocksuckers need all the cover they can get as it was them that collapsed...
  19. Mr. Neo-Con

    Is the United States becoming morally BANKRUPT?

    This is a fair question to ask in light of some of the things that have been going on in this country for the last number of years. For example, here are some problems that face us as a nation in which causes me to say YES, America is morally BANKRUPT! 1. We have abortion here in America -...
  20. michaelr

    U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know

    U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know A couple of truths, and a few lies in this article. First he goes on to say that more taxation and less spending wont help, true...then he calls for doubling the tax and preform austerity measures that would make Greece and the Blast Zone seem fun...