1. B

    Former First Dog "Barney" has died

    RIP, Barney: He was a sweet dog. Former First Dog Barney Bush passes away at age 12 | Trail Blazers Blog
  2. jackalope

    Barney Frank says he would like to be interim senator to conclude fiscal cliff fights

    I saw his interview on "Morning Joe" this morning. "Coach, put me in!", he said. It was funny. He makes a good argument for his appt, though.
  3. boontito

    Congratulations Barney Frank On Your Joyous Nuptials!

    Congressman Barney Frank Marries Longtime Partner Jim Ready - Yahoo! News Congressman Barney Frank, D-Mass., tied the knot with his long time partner Jim Ready this weekend, according to a news release from Frank's office. Frank, 72, and Ready, 42, were married at the Boston Marriott Hotel in...
  4. meridian5455

    Rep. Barney Frank apologizes over hoodie comments

    Rep. Barney Frank apologizes over hoodie comments | The Lookout - Yahoo! News No worries Mr. Fwank. The LWDB's will forgive you.
  5. justoneman

    Barney Says Obama Made Healthcare Mistake.

    Old crazy Barney disses Obama. Barney Frank: Obama Made 'Mistake' With Health Care PushUpdated: April 16, 2012 | 6:35 p.m. April 16, 2012 | 3:52 p.m.Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., said he advised President Obama against taking up health care reform...
  6. Six

    Barney Franks Legacy of Destruction You’ll forgive me if I don’t bother hiding my sheer joy in hearing the news that Barney Frank isn’t running for re-election and will be leaving Congress. Even as hyper-partisan liberal Democratic Congressmen go, the man has been a calamity for the country. His relentless pursuit...
  7. meridian5455

    Barney Frank Will Retire From Congress

    Rep. Barney Frank, the first openly gay serving member of Congress and a powerful Democrat whose name is attached to the sweeping Wall Street reform bill, will announce today he doesn’t plan to seek reelection. Frank became the first openly gay member of Congress six years after he first took...
  8. Granite

    Barney Frank To Occupy Wall Street:

    My heart bleeds for Barney...but he does make a couple of good points: 1. Where WERE they last November? 2. Standing around and protesting won't accomplish anything, politically. My responses are: 1. Perhaps the international organizations hadn't given them their marching orders...
  9. zitiboy

    Barney Frank owns NPR's Steve Innskeep

    NPR Media Player This little short interview on morning edition made my morning today and started me off in a good mood. Don't try to mind-f**k Barney Frank, he'll call your ass on it. Steve Innskeep is one of the RW ambush-interviewers on NPR, he's a corporate shill and likes to use...
  10. U

    Is Barney Franks '1990 Frank Ammendment' responsible for terrorist getting Visas to enter the States

    I will let you decide. I had never heard of this Ammendment before. The Ammendment was repealed after 9-11 but some say the Frank Ammendment is alive and well. Congress had made it illegal to deny visas to members of terrorist groups. So stated Clinton Administration CIA Director R. James...
  11. michaelr

    Bankers Get $4 Trillion Gift From Barney Frank

    Bankers Get $4 Trillion Gift From Barney Frank Hey why not, they looted only what 24 trillion in 09, lets just give them another 4 trillion. This government is the most criminal bunch of sons-a-bitch's the world has ever know!
  12. B

    Frankly Speaking - Barney Blasts Back

    Brash, abrasive, arrogant,caustic, disrespectful and condescending. These are the more socially acceptable adjectives that come to mind when I think of the unreconstructed Liberal stalwart and belligerent progressive,Democratic Congressman Barney Frank. Needless to say, I am not a fan of...
  13. Blueneck

    Barney Frank town hall

    Barney Franks responds correctly to this woman's idiocy. However, this morning on Fox News, only his response was shown and not the inflammatory Nazi reference that sparked it. Fair and balanced...
  14. S

    Harvard Student Takes On Barney Frank Over Economy

    What a blowhard You always know someone thinks they are guilty of something when they immediately go into attack mode and you know how guilty they think they are by the level of demagogy and hyperbole the engage in. Listen to how Frank takes both to the limit after he begins his attack for...
  15. O

    Rep. Barney Frank calls Scalia a 'homophobe'

    From Rep. Barney Frank calls Scalia a 'homophobe' updated 5:04 p.m. PT, Mon., March. 23, 2009 WASHINGTON - Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank called Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a "homophobe" in a recent interview with the gay news Web site The Democratic...
  16. B

    Barney Frank, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

    Here's his side of the story: Anybody care to dispute this? Rep. Barney Frank: Is There an Antidote to the Republican Amnesia?
  17. S

    Barney Frank’s hypocrisy

    Barney Frank’s hypocrisy By Boston Herald Editorial Staff Saturday, January 24, 2009 - Updated 7h ago Ah, the dirty little secret is out. That $700 billion TARP...
  18. A

    Barney Frank

    Is it me or is Barny Frank an idiot? Bloomberg News
  19. C

    Barney Frank Thinks The Government Has Its Own Money

    Barney Frank in his factually and wildly incorrect comments about the Bush tax cuts and results, stated that we should tax the rich so we "can recover" some of what they received. He apparently does not know that government is a 100% parasite that has no money of its own nor does he...
  20. I

    O'Reilly Jr. vs. Barney Franks

    This kid is good. Little Bill O'Reilly Part 2 Video