1. DemoWhip

    Rep. Barton, embarrassed by sex scandal, to retire

    Rep. Joe Barton, embarrassed by nude photo online, to retire - ABC News By Will Weissert, Associated Press ==================================================== And another Republican goes down! Amazing how they're dropping like flies one by one. But it makes one wonder, why do they do...
  2. MaryAnne

    Joe Barton?

    Ugh! Joe Barton apologizes after nude photo circulates on social media
  3. MaryAnne

    Congressman Joe Barton

    Tells those in a rowdy crowd to Shut Up! Watch: Texas congressman tells rowdy town hall attendee to 'shut up' | Politics | Dallas News
  4. B


    Democrat. Tired of all the horse hockey from the right wing nuts...and those not in the news, too.