1. excalibur

    North Korea’s dismantling has BEGUN

    If true, good news. According to 38 North, new satellite imagery from July 20 shows key facilities being dismantled at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station, the country’s main such location since 2012. The facilities include a rail-mounted processing building, which is used to assemble...
  2. Goofball

    The reckoning at the FBI has begun.

    It will be fun to watch how the IG's report unfolds.
  3. bajisima

    Online gambling has begun for 2020 presidential nominations

    Always get a kick out of Apparently they are more popular than ever and have had pretty good track records (except for 2016). "PredictIt translates prediction market data into US cents, with the highest price signalling the most likely outcome at a particular time "...
  4. Puzzling Evidence

    Bots have begun communicating with each other.

    On one hand funny as hell, on the other, frightening. It is now table stakes for artificial intelligence algorithms to “learn” about the world around them. The next level: For AI bots to learn how to talk to each other — and develop their own shared language. New research released last week...
  5. thrilling

    NRA has already begun fear campaign re-Keith Ellison.

    They label him an "Anti 2nd Amendment Radical" on their websites. Here are the official stances he has made on guns. Keith Ellison on Gun Control lose the Gun Show Loophole; restrict show sales. Ellison signed H.R.2324& S.843 Makes it unlawful for any person to operate a gun show unless...
  6. chaos

    The Revolution Has Begun

    I had no idea people were this angry. Democrats kept telling me that the recession was over and that the job reports showed a booming economy. The stock market was way up so the FED is considering raising interest rates. I knew all the good news being reported by the government were lies but...
  7. excalibur

    Has A New Little Ice Age Begun?

    Lawrence Solomon: Global warming doomsayers take note: Earth?s 19th Little Ice Age has begun | Financial Post
  8. bajisima

    Airstrikes have begun

    Breaking news is reporting that the US has dropped 2 500 lb bombs on ISIS. BBC News - US launches Iraq militant air strike
  9. G

    Iraq forces have begun cleaninfg cities of terrorists..PM says

    Iraq forces have begun clearing cities of 'terrorists', says PM AFP*10 hours ago Baghdad (AFP) - Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Friday Iraqi security forces have begun clearing cities of "terrorists," after militants seized swathes of territory and brought the military to the brink of...
  10. Old Ridge Runner

    The War on Christmas has Begun

    Georgia School Confiscates Christmas Cards - Todd Starnes - Page 1 The Socialist Democrat Progressives on their war against religion have now taken it to a new height by not permitting homemade Christmas Cards, by elementary school children to their teacher, being hanged outside of the child's...
  11. Friday13

    Investigations have begun on Asiana plane crash

    Maybe this had something to do with it... Sounds as tho they hit the seawall... And regarding systems being shut down at SFO... LINK
  12. B

    Ohio early voting has begun

    Source. "The first lady stressed the importance of Ohio – and President Barack Obama’s supporters here – in an election that will be closer than the last one...
  13. B

    DOJ probe of PA voter restriction law has begun

    Justice Department probes Pennsylvania voter ID law | Reuters "The Department of Justice is investigating whether Pennsylvania's new voter identification law discriminates against minorities, according to a letter released on Monday. In a step toward a possible federal lawsuit under the Voting...
  14. Carls

    Netherlands has begun Euthanasia of Newborns

    . this i s murdering children and i s crime against humanity. :mad: . Netherlands Hospital Already Began Euthanasia of Newborns, Christian News .
  15. B

    The GOP primaries have not even begun yet....but...

    right now, 4 GOP superdelegates have already declared: Romney 4: Louis Pope MD Ron Kaufman MA Holly Hughes MI Joseph Trillo RI Santorum (yes, that one, of Google-fame) 1: Kim Lehman IA Source is here.
  16. M

    BACHMANN vs PALIN: It Has Begun.....

    It's Official.....and Bachmann draws first blood. Surprise, Surprise, Suprise, and look who Bachmann went and got as her Advisor. None other than Ed Rollins. I cannot believe he wants to back Shitz and Giggles..... Michele Bachmann's top adviser Ed Rollins denounced fellow brown-haired...
  17. TennesseeRain

    Is the Birth Certificate Fake? The Games Have Begun

    In an earlier post at the Greenroom, Steven Den Beste whimsically spoke of Round Two in the birther chronicles. Steven, I salute your prescience. It’s been only four hours since President Obama’s official long-form birth certificate became part of the public record, and already the skeptics...
  18. M

    Iraq.....It has begun!

    Iraq.....the shia have all began protesting the Sunni in Bahrain. What Suadi Arabia is doing. 5000 of Al-Sadr's followers showed up for the demonstrations pledging to go to Bahrain. Protests have risen throughout the country. Then they began burning American and Israeli flags.....Note what the...
  19. M

    Protests in China Have Begun.....

    The Chinese are now beginning to have protests as the M.E. uprisings have spread.....already the Chinese government and police are cracking down. A Bloomberg reporters say he we was beaten and detained as well as having his camera and film taken. China uses whistles, water, police on protests...
  20. K

    World War III Has Already Begun

    World War III Has Already Begun - Pravda.Ru An interesting article from Pravda the Russian news source. The world is vary diverse. Will it's diversities send us spilling out of control and headlong into the War maybe to end all wars and life as we know it as well?