1. Goofball

    Trump's short term health insurance will benefit millions of Americans.

    Giving Americans more CHOICES. That is a good thing. Sen. Roy Blunt: Short-term health insurance will benefit millions of Americans | Fox News
  2. T

    "City Key" ID card to benefit illegals in Chicago.

    Rahm Emanuel follows failing California, launches new voter ID available for illegals in Chicago Another progressive idea to benefit illegals. The concern is will it be valid ID for voting. Lot of contention here. Obviously democrats want that ability. The alderman pointed out that Chicago...
  3. DemoWhip

    GOP Senate adds last-second provision to guarantee Americans NEVER benefit from their

    GOP Senate adds last-second provision to guarantee Americans NEVER benefit from their tax scheme By Dartagnan ==================================================== C A U T I O N ALL AMERICANS!! The Republican Tax Bill has turned into...
  4. DemoWhip

    60 percent of Americans say Trump tax plan will benefit wealthy (POLL)

    60 percent of Americans say Trump tax plan will benefit wealthy (POLL) - ABC News By ALLISON DE JONG ==================================================== Now if that same amount of people had been wise enough to realize that a Republican in the White House would end up doing this...
  5. DemoWhip

    GOP health bill: Benefit cuts for poor, tax cuts for rich

    There is no other way to put it other than to say: It Is A DAMN SHAME Republicans have to put the screws yet again to the poor and middle class families! That is totally UNACCEPTABLE! Democrats have been telling you this would happen since Republicans started badmouthing Obamacare. You didn't...
  6. PACE

    The republican health care bill repeals this benefit signed by Reagan in 1981 The next time these cretins tell you Reagan was the greatest, remember, they also killed a sane and sensible policy Regards Pace
  7. Amelia

    Benefit of the doubt -- yea or nay?

    Rep. Cedric Richmond made an awkward joke about Kellyanne Conway, but he says it wasn’t meant to be sexual Richmond about Conway's knees on the sofa photo: “I really just want to know what was going on there, because, you know, I won’t tell anybody. And you can just explain to me that...
  8. Davocrat

    So, all over America, veterinarians start receiving benefit checks

    Trump considering Palin to lead Veterans Affairs By SHANE GOLDMACHER and ANDREW RESTUCCIA 11/30/16 08:04 PM EST Updated 11/30/16 08:03 PM EST Donald Trump is considering tapping former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as his secretary of Veterans Affairs, according to two Trump...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    GOP House members 'stick it' to BOEHNER to end a 'benefit' for outgoing Speakers

    I have actually heard of this perq from the past. The retiring Speaker of the House gets to keep an office for awhile. Didn't know it was for 5 years. Boehner not known for a HARD WORKING ethic probably doesn't need use for 5 years but his GOP minions are trying to pull it from him anyway...
  10. PACE

    US companies and their obligations to the country they benefit from

    So, there's a growing interest in keeping companies "happy" so they will manufacture in the US, I disagree, a lazy and uninformed consumer base is the cause of this "Stockholm Syndrome", The American consumer is the clear top dog in the world when it comes to goods and services; of course...
  11. Macduff

    Iran Regime, not private businesses, benefit from sanction relief

    Time for another "we told you so". What did we tell you? The Deal supporters said this would benefit Iran's economy and boost the moderates in Iran. We...
  12. N

    From what policies or programs do you unfairly benefit?

    Political philosophers have long observed the main weakness of democracies as allowing for the political majority to either raid the treasury or oppress the political minority. Hence some will advocate that a Republic needs to establish laws that are fair even if they override the desires of...
  13. Dittohead not!

    Smith and Wesson benefit from Obama's call for more gun control.

    Smith and Wesson are doing very well, thank you. Obama's call for stricter gun control is improving the bottom line. read more here
  14. A

    should my daughter visit her mother in jail? is there a benefit to visiting?

    hoping there might be some people familiar in law enforcement here. my wife will soon be entering county jail for seven months for a money crime. . I am willing to stick by her and not leave her because I feel She made some stupid mistakes but it was out of character so I think she just got...
  15. Justoffal

    Why Pounding tghe drums on the IRS scandal can only benefit the GOP

    It's easy to hate the IRS. I think it should be abolished but I don't fool myself as to the important work that it does. If it was to be abolished we would need to re-establish an agency that did what was left to do for tax can't have a vacuum at that position..... though I...
  16. bajisima

    Walgreens urged to leave US to gain tax benefit

    Shareholders of Walgreens want to see the pharmacy chain redomicile their company to avoid paying US taxes and pay European taxes instead. "Walgreens has come under pressure from an influential group of its shareholders, who want the US pharmacy chain to consider relocating to Europe, in what...
  17. lka

    EBT benefit card glitch sparks Walmart shopping sprees in Louisiana

    No charges will be filed? What a shame! Learn more about American dependency,
  18. Six

    Economic Benefit of Taxing the Rich ?

    Ok so I've explained the detriments economically of increasing their taxes ( some of them ). What are the benefits economically of increasing taxes on the rich ? And if its not about any economic gain, whats it about ?
  19. D

    Florida welfare benefit drug test law blocked

    BBC News - Florida welfare benefit drug test law blocked Not sure why it is OK for employers to test people but not OK to test those who want government benefits.
  20. jackalope

    William Hague: Britain could benefit from looser EU ties

    I guess the petitioners favor an "out" vote on the referendum? His comments about the non-viability of the eurozone without closer ties, interested me. I've long been of the opinion that the looseness of the federation could not succeed long-term.