1. Goofball

    Hillary didn't have a chance because of Greenspan, Bernanke, and Yellen.

    Sure is nice of this fella to come up with someone for Hillary to blame for being a loser. She is having such a hard time figuring out who's fault it is. Hillary not blaming the right people for stunning election loss | New York Post
  2. BigLeRoy

    Ben Bernanke On The Financial And Economic Crisis Of 2008/2009

    I am going to quote from Ben Bernanke's memoir of the financial crisis, The Courage to Act. This starts on page 387, early in the chapter titled 'From Financial Crisis to Economic Crisis': "Fittingly, President Obama aimed his first major policy initiative at arresting the devastating...
  3. MaryAnne

    Bernanke No Longer A Republican

    Because they have lost their cotton Picken' mind. Ben Bernanke Has Had It With Stupid GOP Economics - US News
  4. I

    If Bernanke Does Not Taper Soon, The Bond Market Will Force Him

    Since yesterdays highly anticipated FOMC meeting the major stock indexes are soaring. As you all know, the Federal Reserve said that they will continue their current $85 billion a month QE-3 program. The current QE-3 program is where the central bank buys $45 billion in mortgage backed...
  5. Raoul_Duke

    Mr. Market is calling Mr. Bernanke's bluff...

    There is no recovery upon which to base the "tapering." As I have said before, monetary policy can buy you time after an economic collapse but you have to use the time wisely by repairing the structural impediments to the markets working normally, which begets organic economic growth, which...
  6. Cicero

    Bernanke Blasts Congress

    Bernanke to Congress: Seriously, guys, what are you doing? By Neil Irwin, Published: May 22, 2013 at 10:03 am Ben Bernanke testifies before Congress today for the first time in three months, and the Federal Reserve chairman has a message for lawmakers: You’re the reason the economy isn’t...
  7. Raoul_Duke

    Could Bernanke's QE be the CAUSE of low job creation...

    As most of you know, I like to think outside the box, as that is often where you find the answer to the problems that confound conventional thinkers. Everybody knows QE is supposed to lift asset prices, which should result in increased economic activity and that should create jobs. However, if...
  8. michaelr

    As Bernanke says he is "thinking" of ending QE, he plans to double down.

    This is typical behavior for lying control freaks. I call it "watch my left, but my right is about to take you out" approach. The GDP and DOW junkies can't get enough. Ronald Stoeferle, Gary Savage, & Jim Grant: We Were Really Close To Triggering A Default of The Paper Market Last Week. The...
  9. michaelr

    Bernanke Entirely Fails to Answer Question

    Bernanke Entirely Fails to Answer Question Balls. he danced around but said it is possible(most likely) This is true, but the question is PARTIAL DEPOSITS, and that can be a whole lotta.
  10. michaelr

    WATCH: Bernanke Announces QE5

    WATCH: Bernanke Announces QE5 So $85 billion per month of free money from nothing isn't enough, they need another $45 billion per month. Well there you have it, no need to worry about a fiscal cliff, hell we went over that four years ago anyway. They will just print free money, take the failed...
  11. Cicero

    Bernanke for Treasury Secretary? Watching the FRB haters heads explode!

    Bernanke for Treasury Secretary? William Greider Believe it or not, Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke has been nominated for the job by a fully certified liberal, Robert Kuttner, co-editor of The American Prospect. My old friend Bob got scores of brickbats from upset readers when he...
  12. nonsqtr

    Bernanke lobbying Democrats

    Look what this scumbag lyin' little weasel is doing - he's LOBBYING Democratic representatives, thanking them for their speeches and votes against Audit-the-Fed. Mel Watt is the guy who almost saw to it that the bill never left committee. He represents B of A's home district...
  13. michaelr

    Bernanke briefs lawmakers on fiscal cliff

    Bernanke briefs lawmakers on fiscal cliff Four years of stimulating the banks fail Bernanke? Watch this peeps. Everyone gets cut off but the banks and the government. BTW $600 billion in cuts don't mean shit. They stop spending and it wont matter, the course is irreversible, and we are like...
  14. michaelr

    Bernanke might not take the plunge

    Bernanke might not take the plunge I WeirdVille buying the banks garbage is an asset purchase, in reality it is taking their garbage, paying them face value, the banks then buy the T-Bill, then use their profits to buy equities. That's your economy.
  15. michaelr

    Bernanke – My Goal is to Wreck Social Security

    Bernanke – My Goal is to Wreck Social Security For the PH members it is moot. michaelr said years ago, in fact long enough ago that SS will not be available, and they prepared. ha haha hahahahaha Should have though!
  16. michaelr

    Bernanke to Congress: We're Much Closer to Total Destruction Than You Think

    Bernanke to Congress: We're Much Closer to Total Destruction Than You Think The banks are in panic mode. I am watching the world's markets crash while the PPT keeps ours alive. That is a crime. Bernanke is going to start QE3 sooner than I thought, I gave this clown until June. Me thinks...
  17. michaelr

    In New OrwellianVille Bernanke is the Hero.

    Hero? This asshat transformed the economy to a facist economy by any definition. He tanked the dollar, and he ain't no where close to done. The Atlantic is a worthless rag. Have fun with Bernankflation and unemployment, gods work and all! Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Atlantic...
  18. Roshi

    FOMC House Testimony: "I'm Full Of Crap" (Bernanke)

    Great write up on Bernanke's dishonesty Some key points: Bernanke states: We have seen some positive developments in the labor market. Private payroll employment has increased by 165,000 jobs per month on average since the middle of last year, and nearly 260,000 new private-sector jobs were...
  19. Roshi

    Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke- New!

    Ron Paul Just Put On A Great Show In Front Of Bernanke - @michaelr Good stuff! Ron Paul right as usual. I've got the inflation charts too if anyone wants to see them... Bernanke is full of shit. Oh and...
  20. nonsqtr

    Ron Paul to chair House Financial Service subcommittee - Look Out Bernanke!

    Gee, this oughta be fun. Ron Paul gets to chair the committee that oversees the Fed! The Fed? Ron Paul :smiley_ROFLMAO: (wouldn't it be great? whatever happened?)