1. T

    Bible vs. Quran

    I downloaded the Quran from three different places and checked out a copy from the library to make sure I was reading the real think. However, don’t take my word, I suggest you download the Quran text or audio files and read it for yourself. To start with in reading the Bible you will find the...
  2. aboutenough

    College Student Wins Right to Talk about Jesus and the Bible in Graduation Speech

    A Colorado Mesa University student has succeeded in her fight to be allowed to mention Jesus and the Bible in her graduation speech. Relevant Magazine reports that student Karissa Erickson gave the speech last Friday at her school’s graduation ceremony. Although the university has a rule...
  3. ptif219

    Billboards Showing Pastor Holding Bible Removed After Complaints share this email

    This is an attack by intolerant Democrats on freedom of speech and freedom of religion Billboards Showing Pastor Holding Bible Removed After Complaints | Fox News Insider
  4. BDBoop

    Jeff Sessions says family separation is upheld by the Bible

    Apparently he doesn't know that these people were not charged, tried, convicted and sentenced. They've been denied due process. Nor does he know that this is not a Christian nation. You'll have to click through to see the video.
  5. Puzzling Evidence

    Marriage and the Bible.

    Apparently, it's not just between a man and a woman. *Please note that virgin girl children were used as sex slaves during the battle for Canaan. So much for the whole "Mohammad was pedo" thing.
  6. aboutenough

    College Demanded Student Cut Jesus, Bible References From Graduation Speech

    Administrators at one Colorado college tried to force a nursing student to scrub any references to Jesus and the Bible from her graduation speech. Then she reached out to a Christian legal firm, and the school changed its tune. At the request of her fellow classmates, Karissa Erickson was slated...
  7. bajisima

    Oregon school district forced LGBTQ student to read Bible

    An Oregon school district reportedly forced an LGBTQ student to read passages from the Bible as a form of punishment according to the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) detailed in a March 6 letter to North Bend School District Superintendent Bill Yester. It reported that ODE officials are...
  8. PACE

    Putin says communism comes from the bible, compares Lenin to a saint

    Putin Says Communism Comes From the Bible, Compares Lenin to a Saint Yeah, sure,,, whatever you say Vlad.....
  9. cpicturetaker12

    VIDEO: Moore supporter goes dumb when told NO BIBLE required for swearing into offic

    I knew this BUT had forgotten. No religious text. No bible. Constitution says NO SUCH THING. Personally, I would use the CONSTITUTION to be sworn in on, state or US as applicable. I think it would be the MOST fitting to an oath I was sworn to uphold. You Don’t Need to Take an Oath on a...
  10. MaryAnne

    Trump Bible Leader
  11. C

    The Bible's archaic, arbitrary code of ethics is ineffective in the real world.

    I have been challenged several times to demonstrate how Christianity harms society, presumably because the person challenging me thinks that it doesn't. So, this will be the first of numerous discussions demonstrating exactly how Christianity harms society. Now, I am certain that any of a...
  12. C

    Is the Bible the inerrent word of God?

    I have noticed that in several discussions I have with Christians, the point of contention seems to be in attempting to separate the Bible into two parts - the part that must be accepted as accurate (The New Testament), and the part that doesn't (The Old Testament). So, I have a question. The...
  13. bajisima

    Bring Your Bible to school day

    Has anyone heard of this? Just heard about this from a colleague. Guess its not the first time but I didn't know this existed.. About 500,000 public school students from all 50 states are expected to join Focus on the Family's Bring Your Bible to School movement on Thursday, Oct. 5...
  14. The Man

    JW Bible to be banned

    Russia Bans Jehovah's Witnesses' Translation Of Bible Majority of Russians support the crackdown on the JWs: Poll Shows Majority Of Russians Support Ban On Jehovah's Witnesses There has already been vigilante violence, some JW members even had their homes set on fire by arsonists: House...
  15. C

    Report: Trump Cabinet members attend weekly Bible study

    Report: Trump Cabinet members attend weekly Bible study | TheHill Many of President Trump's Cabinet members gather at a weekly session to study the Bible, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) reported Monday. Ralph Drollinger, the founder of Capitol Ministries, says he leads a weekly Bible...
  16. jacobfitcher

    Handwritten Draft of The Bible Discovered Proves Complete Work of Fiction Read more

    "The discovery has been hailed as definitive proof that Bible is a work of fiction as it shows a process of revising, cutting, and then more rewriting, which contradicts popular belief that the book is the 'divine word of God'". Read more at: Handwritten Draft of The Bible Discovered Proves...
  17. ptif219

    Yale Divinity professor attacks Marco Rubio for tweeting Bible verses from Proverbs

    Once again democrats show their hate for Christians. The ignorance this man spews is amazing. I guess he thinks Christians have no rights and free speech only applies to democrats False prophets and fake news: Yale Divinity professor attacks Marco Rubio for tweeting Bible verses from Proverbs
  18. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Should religions be classified as Fake News? The bible seems to say yes.

    Should religions be classified as Fake News? The bible seems to say yes. Fake News is what many are calling lies or distortions of the truth these days. No organizations distort the truth and outright lie about Gods than the organized religions. Should religions be classified as Fake...
  19. Ian Jeffrey

    Bill allowing Kentucky's public schools to teach the Bible

    Gov. Matt Bevin publicly signs bill allowing Kentucky's public schools to teach the Bible FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- Public schools in Kentucky can soon teach reading, writing and the book of Revelation. At the Capitol on Tuesday, Gov. Matt Bevin gave his public “Amen” to a bill allowing Bible...
  20. Madeline

    WV School District Sued Over Bible Classes This has been unconstitutional since at least 1948.