1. John T Ford

    Black Panther Leader Endorses Donald J. Trump
  2. Friday13

    Trump thinks visiting black people is too dangerous

    The coward that is Trump is afraid of black people, so he'll just ask them to vote for him "from a distance"...just ask Corey Lewandowski. Trump doesn't visit black voters because it's too dangerous Corey Lewandowski: Trump avoids speaking to black voters because he?s not safe in their...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Not fooled! Trump 'Pissing all over black voters & telling them to dance in the rain'

    I've seen this guy a number of times. Smart cookie-no, nonsense, doesn't hold back. He says this is an OUTREACH to whites, not blacks. He uses the phrase 'urinating'. WE ALL know what he would have said had he not been on CNN. Charles Blow: Trump is ‘urinating’ on black voters and telling...
  4. DemoWhip

    Black Voters Speak Out on Donald Trump's Recent Overtures

    Black Americans are not buying into Trump's new rhetoric that he is going to help them if elected president. That just sounds quite disingenuous to many and they're right. You just can't change the spots on a leopard. ********** Black Voters Speak Out on Donald Trump's...
  5. Devil505

    The good thing about having only 1% of the Black vote

    If Trump hits 2% he can say he's doubled his Black support in one week!
  6. L

    Dakota Pipeline Construction Halted Amid Ongoing 'Defiance of Black Snake'

    Hillary Clinton called to 'take a stand against this ominous pipeline as well as the brazen violation of our treaty rights' byDeirdre Fulton, staff writer Construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline has been temporarily halted as protests against the $3.8 billion, 1,172-mile...
  7. DemoWhip

    Donald Trump Appeals to Black Voters: 'What Do You Have to Lose by Trying Something N

    It's quite laughable for Trump to think that he has the support of Black Americans! Being that he apparently does not support them enough to go to their meetings even when invited. Therefore, he will see the wrath of Black Americans come November! That much is well known. **********...
  8. PACE

    FL Black Rep Caucus told "they are not needed"

    Donald Trump's Top Black Florida Republican Backer, Sean Jackson, Blasts Campaign Outreach Efforts | Miami New Times
  9. DemoWhip

    Trump Campaign Chair Named in 'Black Accounts' Linked to Ukraine’s Ex-President

    That is a big haul of money! If there was something going on with Russia, et. al, then it needs to be vetted and investigated to the fullest extent to find out exactly what transpired and to what extent. ********** Trump Campaign Chair Named in 'Black Accounts' Linked to Ukraine’s...
  10. C

    NC: White Neighborhood Watch Vigilante Kills Black Man Returning from Party

    In Raleigh, North Carolina, a white man who claimed he was on a neighborhood watch shot and killed a 20-year-old African-American man after telling the 911 dispatcher, "We got a bunch of hoodlums out here racing. I’m going outside to secure my neighborhood." Police say Chad Copley shot and...
  11. J

    A Red Necks take on Black Lives Matter Liberal Red Neck that is. I came across this guy a couple months ago after his video on trans bathrooms went semi viral. It's nice to see another liberal voice coming out of my area of the south, where there seems to be so few. This vid is a few weeks old, but I...
  12. PACE

    Cops are getting sick & tired of white folks freaking out over their black neighbors Dumb bitch calls in because of the water meter reader.... really, these people need to be medicated HEAVILY.
  13. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Trump Is In Fourth Place Among Black Voters. WTF Where's the love Trump? You told me?

    Trump Is In Fourth Place Among Black Voters? It wasn’t that long ago that Donald Trump liked to boast about his support from black voters. And although Trump had a history of controversy on issues of race, it wasn’t that crazy to think he could at least outperform the GOP’s last two...