1. C

    Nordstrom CEO Apologizes for Calling Police on Black Teens Shopping for Prom

    Starbucks, L.A. Fitness, nosey AirBnB neighbors, yesterday it was Nordstrom. Who will it be next week? Or more likely, later this week? You might think that there's been some sort of uptick in this sort of thing, and I suppose maybe there has, but it's been going on for decades. Nordstrom...
  2. Darkman

    Henry Davis Black DONALD Trump supporter: DAM RIGHT KANYE WEST!!! #GOTRUMPORCRY

    DAM RIGHT KANYE WEST!!! #GOTRUMPORCRY Henry Davis Published on May 1, 2018
  3. Friday13

    Black teens targeted by racist hackers after becoming finalists in NASA competition

    This is despicable behavior by racists... Three black teens targeted by racist hackers after becoming finalists in NASA competition WaPo: Three black teens are finalists in a NASA competition. Hackers spewing racism tried to ruin their odds.
  4. Friday13

    Police called on former Obama staffer for 'moving while black'

    Moving in now = burglary. Police called on former Obama staffer for 'moving while black'
  5. bajisima

    Black male support for Trump doubles after Kanye's statements

    Kanye West’s total embrace of President Donald Trump may be starting to have real-world implications beyond Twitter. According to the results of a Reuters weekly tracking poll released this week, support for the president among black men doubled from 11 percent, for the week ending April 22...
  6. bajisima

    Principal jokes about calling police on black special needs student

    Not cool.. An elementary school principal is being criticized after she reportedly joked about telling police that a black special-needs student brought a gun to the school. On April 17, Shanna Swearingen, the principal at Ponderosa Elementary School, made the joke to three staff members. The...
  7. Mister B

    Police Called To Remove Black Women From Golf Course

    Seems like the racists in America are coming out of the closet every day now...
  8. Singularity

    Self-incrimination is the new black: SDNY turns Trump call-in against him

    Basically, the president of the United States just completely torpedoed his best defense in the root-and-branch examination of his fixer's records.
  9. NightSwimmer

    Golfing While Black

    Not recommended in Pennsylvania. Golf club apologizes for calling cops on black women members
  10. cpicturetaker12

    WHITE TX judge gets probation for voter fraud--same county a BLACK woman got TIME!

    They don't even BOTHER NOT to show contempt for people of color or is it women that get punished more in Texas? OH YEAH, noteworthy, this was in his official capacity as a JUDGE that pulled off voter fraud. FAKE SIGNATURES to get himself on a ballot! In contrast, 43-year-old Texas woman...
  11. sweettee

    Wtf.....White woman charged after arguing with black service members over parking spo

    MACON, Ga. -- A 71-year-old white woman has been charged with battery after she and her son argued with two black female service members over a parking spot outside a restaurant. A Bibb County Sheriff's report says Judy James Tucker told deputies it all started because she's white and it was a...
  12. Macduff

    Two men arrested at Starbucks for sitting while black Apparently the two were real estate agents waiting for a friend. Some of the white customers have said that they never had the...
  13. N

    Why America’s Black Mothers and Babies Are in a Life-or-Death Crisis I'm going to skip over the personal stories that make up most of this article and get straight to a few comments about the main findings. "Black infants in America are now more than twice as...
  14. Blueneck

    KY limits black lung diagnosis reviews

    This is messed up. Kentucky Lawmakers Limit Black Lung Claims Reviews Despite Epidemic
  15. OldGaffer

    Police shot and killed an unarmed black man in his own backyard.

    This never seems to change, does it? What was this guy thinking, running around in his own back yard with a cell phone while being black...
  16. The Man

    Black Hawk down

    In Iraq: More: US helicopter crash in western Iraq causes fatalities: Official - ABC News Could be remains of ISIS still there, hidden. They could have shot thpse guys down. Hopefully not, but, who knows...
  17. Mister B

    OK. There's One Guy, A Black Guy, Named Farrakhan

    Louis Farrakhan has been derided all over this forum, with spam posts and demands that the left condemn him (100% of us have) and that we demand that members of Congress or in politics who've even been pictured with the man lose their jobs. When will you demand members of Congress (and your...
  18. J

    I really like the Black panther movie and program. That goes along with this movie.

    They are getting the largest number in history for this movie and the movie companies, the actor and the theaters are then using it as a launch pad for supporting progressives across the nation. Showing the hate that the right is trying to sell and standing up for this country by opposition to...
  19. Madeline

    Air Pollution Worse In Poor, Black Neighborhoods Where to locate "dirty" businesses is not the only source of harm. Housing stock in poor black communities are many times more likely to contain lead...
  20. the watchman

    CPAC Communications Director: RNC Wrong To Elect ‘A Black Guy’ as Head

    CPAC, or the Conservative Political Action Conference, is where the most outlandish elements of the Republican Party — now known as the mainstream — congregate for four days every winter. (This year, fired-up crowds lustily booed such villains as Mexican immigrants and immigration naturalization...