1. bajisima

    FDA recalls blood pressure medication over cancer risk

    A major drug recall could affect you or someone in your home. The Food and Drug Administration says cancer may be linked to an ingredient in certain high blood pressure medications. There are several drugs involved in this voluntary recall. What they share in common is the active...
  2. KnotaFrayed

    What color would one get when mixing blood and BS?

    Meet............TERRACOTTA MAN!!!!! What color does brown and red make when mixed together? that would be terracotta....or orange, depending on the shades of each color Trump is so full of BS, his blood and...
  3. Darkman

    George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Maine after experiencing low blood pressure, fatigue

    George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Maine after experiencing low blood pressure, fatigue, spokesman says George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Maine after experiencing low blood pressure, fatigue, spokesman says | Fox News
  4. BYG Jacob

    Fox News makes my blood boil How can somebody be so disrespectful to a dying man?
  5. L

    The bad blood between Trump and California

    Stef W. Kight 4 hours ago The Trump administration is going to war with California. And it’s just getting started. Why it matters: The bluest state in the U.S. has managed to wield the power of the courts to impede the President’s agenda on immigration, the environment and more. And the White...
  6. L

    Inside a Private Prison: Blood, Suicide and Poorly Paid Guards

    By TIMOTHY WILLIAMSAPRIL 3, 2018 JACKSON, Miss. — On the witness stand and under pressure, Frank Shaw, the warden of the East Mississippi Correctional Facility, could not guarantee that the prison was capable of performing its most basic function. Asked if the guards were supposed to keep...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP, PERSHING, PIG BLOOD & BULLETS!! A lie revisted.

    I vaguely remember this LIE of last year. (It was so patently absurd and so "Roger Stone" sounding I dismissed it out of hand). Apparently the ORANGE ASSHOLE is resurrecting it. Sounds good doesn't? Vile and deadly act of revenge against those nasty MUSLIMS right? Except Pershing wouldn't...
  8. BYG Jacob

    In news that will make your blood boil It's been confirmed these fucksticks are Erdogan's personal guard. And Trump's response so far... *crickets*
  9. thrilling

    Manafort has blood on his hands.

    Did Trump Ex-Adviser Paul Manafort Play a Role in 2014 Ukraine Massacre? - The Daily Beast Did Trump Ex-Adviser Paul Manafort Play a Role in 2014 Ukraine Massacre? As the court in Kiev puts police on trial for the Maidan slaughter, the big question is who ordered the killing. “All Mr...
  10. C

    'blood will be shed' if Clinton wins the presidency

    "the tree of liberty must be refreshed" well what can one say, Ms Clinton is going going to win.. one has to ask our Trump voters are they going to piss on the tree of liberty when they see Ms Clinton, are you going to piss on the tree... Kentucky Governor suggests 'blood will be shed'...
  11. PACE

    Aftermath of the RNC blood bath, Ayotte versus Hassan

    Again, a sitting senator, against a popular former governor of Maine, Lead should be bigger, it's not expect that Ayotte goes home come November RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - New Hampshire Senate - Ayotte vs. Hassan
  12. PACE

    Aftermath of the RNC blood bath, Rubio versus Murphy

    A sitting senator,,, (ahem) is in a fight for his seat, Rubio who hates the senate is claiming a 40% vote cut (women) in Florida, I would argue his slight advantage over Murphy, (the real challenger) is not going to hold much longer. RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - Florida Senate - Rubio...
  13. Spookycolt

    Dems seek end to ban on gay blood donors after Orlando; White House mum

    Is this more evidence that Obama is choosing Muslims over the gay community? Why not lift the ban, is it because he is afraid to take blood from a gay man? Dems seek end to ban on gay blood donors after Orlando; White House mum | Fox News
  14. bajisima

    High school lacrosse team accused of killing guinea pig, uses blood as face paint

    Good grief... "At least 10 members of a high school lacrosse team in Michigan have been questioned about the possible guinea pig slaying, Detroit’s Fox 2 news reports. A few students purportedly painted their faces with the animal’s blood. The Grosse Ile High School lacrosse players, an...
  15. J

    The Trump right wing Gang Bangers are drawing blood at right wing political get toge

    Lot of blood after the attack of the Trump gang bangers on protester of trump. Cruz gets the same reaction with the public and I don't know if the Cruz gang bangers are as bad as the Trump gang bangers. Riots will ensue . Do you think it might be all the hatred that the right is trying to sell...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    FL Neo-Nazi blood drinking politician BANNED from CANADA--running for RUBIO'S seat...

    From the 'you just can't make this shit up file'. Canada has MORE common sense than we do--he's trouble. (I'm in Florida, there are many who here who will give this F'G idiot a parade). ELECTIONS 2016, U.S. NEWS Blood-drinking Florida Senate candidate barred from Canada over neo-Nazi ties...
  17. cpicturetaker12

    Flint, MI 'state of emergency' declared over LEAD in water in KIDS blood

    Well, I can't say I would be surprised. If people on the wrong side of the tracks combined with funding for services needing to be cut, (and those who are least able to FIGHT BACK and are trapped), get the cuts first! Schools, parks, lights, water--pick one, pick any! As long as it is NIMBY...
  18. BDBoop

    Flint, MI: State of emergency over lead levels in children's blood

    WaPo full story Well, I guess that'd be one way to save money - at least, until the lawsuit hits.
  19. G

    Blood Lust. A Human Nature

    Is Blood Lust a Human Nature.
  20. bajisima

    Blood test allows couples to screen out abnormalities

    A controversial blood test which allows couples to test for thousands of genetic flaws which they could pass on to a baby is now being sold in Britain. "Hundreds of prospective parents have already bought the test which tells them if a combination of their genes puts them at risk of having a...