1. Liberal Doses

    Thin is the blood of the heartless.

    Lady Justice, ponders the darkness of the world from behind her veil and is vexed by the extreme tilt of the scales in her hand, knowing something is amiss. The deaths of those brave men and the atrocities committed against our ambassador in Benghazi weigh heavier than the largest lump of gold...
  2. meridian5455

    'Iceman' Mummy Holds World's Oldest Blood Cells

    'Iceman' Mummy Holds World's Oldest Blood Cells - Yahoo! News I wonder how long until someone "discovers" that this mummy is related to Obama?
  3. Right Wing Fanatic

    Eric Holder still dripping with blood

    The best laid plans of crooks and villians often go awry, it seems. It certainly has with Eric Holder. Now he is not just guilty of assisting in the killings of two American Border Patrol Agents, and hundreds of Mexican citizens; no, he now has the blood of teenagers on his filthy hands. I...
  4. sparty

    True Blood and The Obamas

    Well, this has been quite an interesting season for True Blood, so much politics and religion!
  5. Red Eft

    Anna Paquin Pregnant: 'True Blood' Actress, Stephen Moyer Expecting First Child

    To hell with the dog meat and cadaver pictures and the economy....let's focus on what's really important. Sookie is preggers. "True Blood" just got its first "True Baby"! Co-stars and real-life married couple Sookie and Bill Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are expecting their first child...
  6. the watchman

    Breaking News: Trayvon Martin Video Shows No Blood or Bruises on George Zimmerman

    By MATT GUTMAN March 28, 2012 A police surveillance video taken the night that Trayvon Martin was shot dead shows no blood or bruises on George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain who says he shot Martin after he was punched in the nose, knocked down and had his head slammed into the...
  7. Cicero

    It's really this simple (part deux): Still not safe for RW blood pressure In the second of a multi-part series, I am using a video clip to point out the obvious: We're being screwed...and we need to wake up to this fact. The right will probably attack Bill Mahr, and attempt to discredit the point he makes, because they...
  8. Cicero

    It's really this simple (not safe for rightwing member blood pressure) Yes, it really is that simple folks, and it's time the rest of us woke up to this fact. The interests of the 1% and the 99% are NOT the same, and no amount of "let's pretend that they are really, really going to trickle down on the rest of us", by...
  9. Divine Wind

    Chronic Tylenol use may be linked to blood cancer

    The downside of streamlining approval of new medicines in an attempt to lower costs:
  10. USA-1

    In Cold Blood

    SEALs Helmet Cams Show bin Laden Trying to Flee CBS news is reporting helmet cams? and this doesn't sound like the man was offered a "hands up, you're under arrest.":f_flyhi: Was it Riddley climing he personally feels Obl was given a chance to surrender? :f_cool:
  11. TheHighForester

    Blood flows in Bahrain

    Bahrain forces fire on protesters; 50 injured - World news - Mideast/N. Africa - The violence in Bahrain continues to escalate as security forces open fire on non-violent demonstrators. The protests are polarizing rapidly along religious lines in Bahrain. This is something far...
  12. S

    Politics Forum Annual Blood Drive 2011

    Here's something I'd like to start doing annually on the forums I go to. The idea is to have a blood drive every year. During this blood drive we would like to endorse for members of our community, to take a little bit of their time out and donate blood atleast once. You can't take it with you...
  13. C

    Kerry Asks FDA to lift ban on gay men donating blood

    Kerry asks FDA to lift ban on gay men donating blood - Local News Updates - MetroDesk - The Boston Globe Donated blood is thoroughly tested for HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases. They might as well prohibit those who are sexually-active from giving blood as well, since they also have...
  14. H

    Video: Honduras: An election validated through blood and repression

    Honduras: An election validated through blood and repression Honduran coup government continues repressive tactics on election day as the resistance vows to continue to fight for a new constitution and people's rights.
  15. Inkslinger

    Revolutionary operation could 'cure' high blood pressure

    A revolutionary new operation which could effectively cure high blood pressure has been developed by scientists, offering hope to hundreds of thousands of sufferers. In what is being hailed as the most exciting development in the field for 50 years, doctors can treat the condition with a...
  16. A

    The blood of virgins

    Should the people be allowed to bathe themselves in the blood of virgins?
  17. Z

    Jesus may not have died from blood loss

    An Israeli researcher has challenged the popular belief that Jesus died of blood loss on the cross, saying he probably succumbed to a sometimes fatal disorder now associated with long-haul air travel. Professor Benjamin Brenner writes in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis that Jesus's...
  18. Z

    Threaten to inject GITMO detainees with pig's blood?

    I don't know if we've done it yet, but we've definitely considered it. From Wikileaks: Torture, interrogation and intelligence - Wikileaks Summary Lecture on torture techniques by Dr. Larry Forness of the American Military...
  19. B

    This will make your blood boil...

    Literally! A new "non-lethal" weapon. If used properly, that is. Meet the Active Denial System: Soon human beings will know how that pot pie feels in the microwave. Of course we, the taxpayers, are financing this. Just another day at the office. Just another toy used to contol people...
  20. C

    Mrs. Blood for Oil

    BY JAMES TARANTO Monday, October 15, 2007 3:44 p.m. EDT Mrs. Blood for Oil Consider the following reasons why America might consider military action against Iran: To save Israel from nuclear annihilation. To prevent a nuclear arms race between Iran and neighboring Arab regimes. To keep...