1. RNG

    How would Trump react to a blue wave in 2018

    This is a poll/thread to discuss you thoughts on how he would act hypothetically, if the Democrats take both houses. I'm not saying I think it will happen. In fact the smart money right now is on the Senate staying red. But just for interest's sake, let's play what if ...
  2. DemoWhip

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, other progressive minority candidates could aid 'blue wave'

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, other progressive minority candidates could aid 'blue wave' By ADIA ROBINSON ################################################################################ Alright Democrats and our Democratic-Leaning Republican and Independent friends, you've all heard...
  3. GoaTlOver

    The great exodus out of America’s blue cities

    The great exodus out of America’s blue cities
  4. bajisima

    Blue wave is coming but that doesnt spell doom for Trump

    Interesting perspectives I hadnt considered. Well worth the read. Thoughts? Heading into the midterm elections, it’s pretty clear that a blue wave is coming. But is the shellacking the GOP is likely to take in November a sign that Donald Trump, and his brand of ethno-nationalist populism...
  5. Babba

    Europe targets U.S. bourbon, bikes, blue jeans for trade response

    Granted, some of our trade deals needed to be tweaked. Nothing is ever perfect. But Trumps suggestion of a 25% tariff on aluminum and steel is just shortsighted and ill-conceived. It's just a typical simple-minded idea from a simple-minded man...
  6. J

    35 red leislations seats turned to blue seats , while 4 blue seats went to red.

    This during special elections so far. Well that seems like a good start. 35 out of 39 switched to blue, blue, blue. Many on this list are guaranteed red seats. I think as their leader keeps up his dailly folly, that it will even be worse for red states during the upcoming elections. They made a...
  7. DemoWhip

    DNA suggests 10,000-year-old Brit had dark skin, blue eyes

    DNA suggests 10,000-year-old Brit had dark skin, blue eyes By Jill Lawless, Associated Press ==================================================== So, it is now being brought out that the British or English people who are believed to be white are actually descendants of People Of Color...
  8. aboutenough

    Trump Tax Cuts Force Blue States to Deal With Harsh Reality: High Taxes Are Unpopular

    The GOP-led tax overhaul signed into law by President Donald Trump has forced high-tax blue states to consider lawsuits and even calling for tax cuts of their own. Democrats in New Jersey and California are considering allowing people to make charitable donations instead of paying certain taxes...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    GOP tax bill PUNISHING blue states? State LEGS plot to blunt new TAX LAW

    Man oh man, I'm telling you, things are going to get SOOOO FUCKED UP so fast. Rules, paperwork, rules, computer programs, rules, accountants, tax law, federal, state... I wonder how many people will gladly take their pittance of extra $ in their paychecks now (as people will also RUSH to change...
  10. bajisima

    Blue collar wages are surging

    Interesting piece. Have a friend that is looking at some renovations done and they were staggering.. If there was a defining economic problem for America as it recovered from the financial crisis, it was stagnant wages. The latest development—one that will be of particular interest to Mr...
  11. DemoWhip

    Blue Dogs oppose GOP tax package

    Blue Dogs oppose GOP tax package | TheHill By Mike Lillis ==================================================== Blue Dogs, for their part, are doing right in protecting the American people rather than Trump and his cronies by opposing this travesty and poor excuse of a tax bill. They...
  12. PACE

    Vets are calling Kelly a blue falcon

    and that's not a compliment Angry Vets Label Gen. Kelly A 'Blue Falcon' | Crooks and Liars
  13. DemoWhip

    Blue states would lose the most funding under Republican health plan

    Do you live in a blue state? If so, then this Greatly Concerns You! What's the matter with Republicans? Just look at what they're trying to do to Democratic states. They need to remember that even in Democratic states some Americans have also voted for them. But to leave them out in the cold...
  14. Southern Dad

    Blue Cross pulls back on Georgia coverage

    How much longer does the PPACA have?
  15. bajisima

    Blue Dogs eye comeback in 2018

    Am hearing quite a few people talking about this again saying we need to get to the middle and away from the fringes. Agree or disagree? The Blue Dog Coalition, a fading wing of the Democratic Caucus in recent years, is leaning on a controversial ally as it tries to regain a toehold on...
  16. bajisima

    Senate healthcare bill punishes blue states while rewards red states

    Buried deep in the Senate health care bill is a provision that is designed to penalize Northeastern states that have traditionally run generous Medicaid programs while carving out special exemptions for sparsely populated Western states like Alaska, which are conveniently represented by...
  17. DemoWhip

    Big Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurer aims for ACA return

    Americans are excoriating the proposed Trumpcare or American Health Care Act due to its high costs and CUTS in previous Obamacare services. It would be far too costly for the average American and people of this country just aren't buying it! ----------------------------------------...
  18. Southern Dad

    Obamacare: Blue Cross in Georgia to limit emergency room coverage

    It is important to note that 96 of Georgia's 159 counties only have one insurer that offers PPACA plans and that is Blue Cross. Insurance companies are looking for ways to cut those costs. Obamacare isn't free healthcare. Someone is paying the bill.
  19. libertariat720

    Out Of The Blue: Salon Deletes All Pro-Pedophilia Articles

    Unfortunately for them, internet archives exist. I wonder what triggered this sudden deletion? Yes, this was on Salon and other articles by this guy for well over a year...
  20. Dr Sampson Simpson

    Rural, blue collar workers, you know why you are suffering?

    Because you never adapted to changing times. Because the very candidates you elected have royally screwed you. THey have cut taxes on the rich, which haven't lead to better pay and better jobs, and have lead to increase tax burden on you. They have destroyed unions preventing you from being...