1. MaryAnne

    Body Language Expert

    On the Helsinki Press Conference. See what he has to say.
  2. Idiocracat

    Melania Body Double?

    Personally, I think the latest pic of her accompanying Agent Orange to meet his boss, Putin, is really her. I think her face is still a tad swollen from her plastic 'kidney' surgery a few weeks back.
  3. the watchman

    Giuliani: "I don't respect a porn star the way I respect a career woman".

    "I respect women - beautiful women and women with value - but a woman who sells her body for sexual exploitation I don't respect," said Rudy Giuliani. "Someone who sells his or her body for money has no good name," he added. A lawyer for actress Stormy Daniels, who is suing Mr Trump for...
  4. Goofball

    FBI to probe Planned Unparenthood for sale of body parts?

    Looks like the FBI may be investigating how Planned Unparenthood sold baby parts for profit. FBI seeks Senate documents, signaling possible probe into sale of fetal tissue | TheHill
  5. Friday13

    tRump speaks to widow of Sgt Johnson

    tRump embodies none of the better qualities of humanity and all of the worst. This is how he displays the "sensitivity" that he boasts about. I'm pretty sure that Mrs Johnson was not comforted by his words. tRump speaks to widow of Sgt La David Johnson
  6. DemoWhip

    2 more senators oppose health bill in apparent body blow to GOP effort to replace Oba

    Are they trying to tell us something we didn't already know was going to happen? As I have been saying all along, the Republican healthcare bill is so DOA each and every time it is presented. This now makes FIVE (5) Republican Senators opposed to the bill. So, McCain better take all the time he...
  7. T

    Trump caught on tape complimenting Macron's wife's body

    Ladies and germs, I present the president of the United States. I suppose we should be thankful he did not just grab her pussy. Indeed, caught on tape is the 71 year old prescient remarking to a head of state how hot his wife is. Trump caught on tape complimenting Macron's wife's body -...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    Letter to COMEY was delivered by TRUMP'S BODY GUARD...(COMEY MOTORCADE ON NOW)

    (HITTING THE SEND BUTTON, they started showing Comey's motorcade on MSNBC--LA RUSH HOUR)... Will put up a link as soon as available. Folks, that is WEIRD! You may not realize it but that's weird. UNLESS Trump brought him in under as a federal employee, he was still being paid by TRUMP...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    PA GOP Guv. candid., climate change caused as EARTH moves closer to sun & BODY HEAT

    Really?? Man I hadn't heard this one. Those damn NASA scientists should be fired for not telling us. How dare they blame it on human activity. So Trumpian. DOUBLES DOWN on his own stupidity! As if they say it 2 or 3 times it becomes more truthful. I don't even know what to say about BODY...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    RICK PERRY pissed that a gay kid won TX A&M Pres. of Student body, says it was stolen

    Why does this matter? Why does he think it is stolen? Why does a 66 year old man weigh in and a US CABINET OFFICIAL at that? I don't CARE that it is his alma mater. I wouldn't give a flying fuck in a rolling donut if a gay student was elected to mine. On a 'technicality' or not. WEIRD...
  11. the watchman

    May and Trump body language....too funny.

    Trump really has a problem with intelligent articulate women.
  12. G

    Inauguration body language..what does it say?

    2009 2017
  13. Southern Dad

    Full Body Scans

    I'm torn on the value of a Full-Body CT Scan. A friend of mine had a full-body CT scan at Virtual Imaging in Atlanta. The scan revealed that his arteries were blocked to some unbelievable high percentage. His doctor, who is also my doctor decided that he needed immediate surgery. No...
  14. BAZINGA DrumpF

    WOW WWE McMahon is in the Trump Cabinet to run SBA, WWE Body SLAMMING is Coming

    Donald Trump Taps Wrestling Exec Linda McMahon To Head Small Business Administration U.S. President-elect Donald Trump plans to nominate professional wrestling magnate and former Senate candidate Linda McMahon as his choice to head the Small Business Administration, transition officials told...
  15. cpicturetaker12

    MD cops pepperspray 15yr. old biracial girl, body slam her after she was HIT by a car

    Poor little thing was TERRIFIED and didn't want to go off with COPS or EMT's. No mom or dad around. 2 COPS, a 5ft. 105 lb. girl on a fucking bicycle. What possible threat was she?? She's terrified, hysterical. "She wants her mom." Video takes up AFTER she is spray and slammed against the...
  16. C

    Does Hillary have a BODY DOUBLE?

    which of the body doubles do you like, me, the one I like is 'the Big Ears' Clinton... noddy on, :) Does Hillary have a BODY DOUBLE? Bizarre conspiracy theory claims the pneumonia-stricken candidate has been replaced by a lookalike Hillary Clinton had a 'medical episode' at 9/11 memorial...
  17. cpicturetaker12

    Trump statues IN THE BUFF! Clever. The 'body shamer' gets body shamed!

    You know I heard about this yesterday and frankly missed it. Didn't know till this morning what the buzz was about. I saw one of the avatars on the board but it was too small (no pun intended, I swear) to tell what it was. Anyway, this is clever. I didn't say tasteful. I said CLEVER. And as...
  18. bajisima

    Austin police body slam woman, tell her "blacks have violent tendencies"

    Officials in Austin are investigating the violent arrest of a black elementary school teacher who was body-slammed by a white police officer during a traffic stop. "The investigation comes after the emergence of police video footage showing not only the June 2015 arrest but also a scene...
  19. vikingbeast

    Body Count of the Day Pending

    Article says maybe three, but sources aren't confirmed yet.
  20. Kallie Knoetze

    Reading the thread about the London Mayor banning body shaming ads, made me think...

    So we all know that the better looking a woman is, the better job they will get, the better boyfriend they will get, the more money they will earn, etc., etc. Now the anti-body shaming crowd is going down the path that it doesn't matter how a woman looks; she should not be judged on looks...