1. The Man

    Canadian jets intercept Russian bombers

    Canadian jets intercept Russian bombers, 1st time since 2014 - North - CBC News
  2. The Man

    Russian bombers deployed to Iran

    Russia uses Iranian airbase to strike ISIS | Russia Beyond The Headlines The Russians had, reportedly, already used this base before but hadn't deployed strategic bombers there yet Keep in mind: these things can carry nukes...
  3. The Man

    Heavy bombers vs. ISIS

    Russia Bombs Islamic State Camp in Syria — Ministry | News | The Moscow Times Russian Tu-22M3 Bombers Destroy Daesh Camp, Tanks & Militants in Syria Six Russian strategic bombers destroy militant camp, 3 depots in Syria 6 Russian Tu-22M3 bombers destroy militant camp, 3 depots in Syria | Russia...
  4. Dittohead not!

    Suiicide bombers strike again, this time at a cihildren's park

    At least 65 dead after suicide attack in Lahore park Evil doesn't even begin to describe people who do things like that, and yet they're willing to die for their "cause" and get a supposed award in Heaven. It's a perversion of religion.
  5. The Man

    Heavy bombers against ISIS?

    Russia prepares to use Tu-22M3 bombers against islamists Tu-22M3 Too high and too fast for antiaircraft weapons, as the article notes. But also, while the current planes being used in Syria carry only a couple missiles and a few bombs, or one big bomb these monsters can lug a lot...
  6. bajisima

    US bombers on standby as Iran nuclear deal nears close

    "The official deadline for an agreement is today, but the parties have all but declared that talks will not be concluded by the stroke of midnight. Though the negotiations are likely to continue for at least several more days in search of an agreement, the remaining obstacles and dragging...
  7. The Man

    Bear bombers grounded after engine fire kills pilot Those are pretty old now, accidents waiting to happen. With nukes on board, possibly. Fucking wonderful...
  8. The Man

    Nuke bombers to be deployed to Crimea

    A Tupolev Tu-22M3 supersonic bomber of the Russian Air Force Among the armaments it can carry, is a cruise missile with a nuclear warhead Now, after the Russian Foreign Ministry said Russia has a right to put nuclear weapons into Crimea as her territory: As part of Russian territory...
  9. mrmike

    Boko Haram using captive girls as suicide bombers?

    Simply incredible... These guys need to be exterminated Boko Haram Appears to Be Using Abducted Girls as Suicide Bombers: Experts Three suicide bombings by girls aged as young as 10 suggest that Nigeria's Boko Haram has employed a new tactic of forcing abducted children to blow...
  10. bajisima

    Russia to send long range bombers to the Gulf of Mexico

    Russia is planning to send long range bombers to the Gulf of Mexico to patrol. It is the latest provocative maneuver by Vladimir Putin. "Russia defense minister Sergey Shoigu said Wednesday that the plan to send the long-range bombers is in response to a growing international resentment...
  11. meridian5455

    Sister of accused Boston marathon bombers arrested after bomb threat

    The sister of the accused Boston Marathon bombers was arrested in New York City for threatening a woman over the phone, saying she could "put a bomb on you," police said on Wednesday. Aliana Tsarnaev, 23, sister of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was facing charges of aggravated harassment, a...
  12. bajisima

    Russian nuclear bombers keep getting closer to the US

    It seems Russia is sending their nuclear bombers closer and closer to the US border. Its almost like they are daring us to do something. "Russian nuclear bombers were spotted flying near Alaska this week. The bombers were escorted by fighter jets, floating just outside of U.S. and Canadian...
  13. The Man

    Ukraine rebels now using suicide bombers

    A man last night drove a van packed with explosives into a checkpoint manned by pro Kiev militia "Dnepr 2" members. Killed at least five of them and wounded another 7. 5 ?????? 39-?? ????????? ??????? ????? ? ?????????? ????? ??????????-????????? - ??? ?????? ???????? ??????? ?????? ...
  14. nonsqtr

    US bombers defy new Chinese airspace rules

    The Senkaku/Diaoyu islands are claimed by Japan, China, and Taiwan. China recently issued new airspace rules in the area, in what amounts to an effort to establish a "controlled air zone" around the islands. Two US B-52 bombers just defied the new zone and the new rules, and Japan's...
  15. slslady1

    Saudi Arabia Warned the US about the Boston Bombers!

    The Daily Mail reported Saudi Arabia warned USA IN WRITING about Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012, and rejected his application for an entry visa to visit Mecca in 2011. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sent a written warning about accused Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev to the U.S. Department of...
  16. bajisima

    Boston bombers bought their stuff in New Hampshire

    Uh ohh Looks like the Boston bombers bought their explosives and batteries up here in New Hampshire. I guess they didn't want to pay the sales tax in Mass...I figured they did.. Older bombing suspect purchased fireworks at N.H. fireworks store -
  17. Red Eft

    This Is the Modern Manhunt: The FBI, the Hive Mind and the Boston Bombers

    In an earlier era, law enforcement might not have identified the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing so rapidly. When the smoke literally cleared on Monday, investigators had a huge problem and nearly no leads. No individual or organization claimed responsibility for the bombings that...
  18. A

    Beltway Sniper vs. Boston Marathon Bombers

    We've changed. I don't mean our politics have changed. I mean we've changed right down to the individual. And it's not good. Let's take a little perspective: Beltway Snipers: John Allen Muhammad (and Lee Boyd Malvo) Radical Muslim Killed 10, injured 3 Boston Marathon Bombers: Tamerlan...
  19. B

    The Bombers have been identified

    Sunil Tripathi & Mike Mulugeta. More details later. ------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry, first reporting was false. Sunil Tripathi & Mike Mulugeta are not the perps. The one on the run is: Dzhokkhar Tsarnaev (19) - from Kirgistan. But they may have come from...
  20. Red Eft

    U.S. troops posed with body parts of Afghan bombers

    The paratroopers had their assignment: Check out reports that Afghan police had recovered the mangled remains of an insurgent suicide bomber. Try to get iris scans and fingerprints for identification. The 82nd Airborne Division soldiers arrived at the police station in Afghanistan's Zabol...