1. Slartibartfast

    A cat born in a kennel is not a dog.

    What this means is, in the news we hear of a criminal who is supposed to be American or British because they were born there but their allegiance is with their parents nationality. One person and one group springs to mind. Obama alleges he was born in America but said he's out of Kenya...
  2. Amelia

    Baby born after uterus transplant -- ethics

    I don't know which forum this thread should belong in. Mods, I don't mind if you move it. First Baby Born To U.S. Uterus Transplant Patient Raises Ethics Questions Another expensive way to create new life while already born children are waiting for loving families. That's how I...
  3. Chief

    A baby born in Canada is the first child without a gender designation on their health

    A baby born in Canada is the first child without a gender designation on their health card I think this is strange. It's not true that people don't have a gender. I'm not saying that some don't have gender dysphoria, but I am saying that a baby is born with a gender. How they identify...
  4. The Man

    Baby born from abdomen

    Baby girl Veronika, recently born at a hospital in Barnaul, in Altai region of Russia, in Siberia, to an unidentified 31 year old woman from Ukraine, a refugee fleeing fighting in Donbass Apparently, by some error of nature, Veronika developed outside her mom's uterus, in her abdomen...
  5. Goofball

    Obama: Obama born in Kenya.......shows Birth Certificate.

    What? Malik Obama tweets Barack's forged birth certificate | Daily Mail Online
  6. Howey

    40% of Keystone XL Pipeline is Russian Born!

    Oopsie! Provided by a Pootin/Trump crony.
  7. Dangermouse

    Trump Born Pakistani Muslim!

    Not such a Viking aftr all?
  8. thrilling

    Born in the USA!

    Bruce Springsteen says Donald Trump is a 'moron' with 'simple answers to very complex problems' "Well, you know, the republic is under siege by a moron, basically. "I believe that there's a price being paid for not addressing the real cost of the deindustrialization and globalization...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP refuses to say Obama US born, "We have to keep the suspense going, OK?"

    Excuse me?? 'I'm perpetuating the 4 YEAR OLD LIE and blaming it on HILLARY (zero evidence)--AND even alluding to to as 'gossip' but will continue to do so BECAUSE'... 1--I have stupid ass followers who believe this shit 2--I have RACIST followers who must make Obama a 'lesser' man 3--I'm...
  10. Detective Mike Logan

    has the first bicentenarian already been born?

    the quest for youth! is it plausible that the first bi-centenarian is already walking amongst us. longevity scientists make this bold claim. well some do anyway. think about it... 100 years ago most people probably died at about 60. there has been a huge leap in life expectancy. technology and...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    POLL: Trumpsters ARE stupid--Obama's A Muslim, not born here, SCALIA was murdered...

    Frankly, I hadn't heard that later DEPARTURE FROM SANITY though being a smartass, I made a joke about it when it happened. Just wait till the conspiracy theorists hear this. He had a pillow over his head. I thought I was kidding! A 75+ year old stocky white guy who spent his life sitting and...
  12. The Man

    Baby born like a true Siberian lmao

    Woman gives birth in taiga swamp as guns fired to chase away brown bears lol Born in the woods, surrounded by bears and men firing guns to keep them away :D That's how real Siberians come into this world ;) Bears are a big problem over there right now, even in urban areas, actually Now...
  13. cpicturetaker12

    Uh oh! Shooter born to a foreigner, Trump & 4 of his kids were born to foreign mother

    So I guess there's been much discussion about the 'SHOOTER's' foreign roots. To which a GOP operative tweeted that just like the SHOOTER, DONALD TRUMP had 4 of his children were born to FOREIGN MOTHERS. Now perhaps since TRUMP married '2 white white 'European' women, those folks will get a...
  14. BDBoop

    Hillary's mother born on the day the 19th amendment passed

    I did not know that! Congress passes the 19th Amendment - Jun 04, 1919 -
  15. Howey

    Jesus Said Gays Born Gay

    Would Jesus Discriminate? - Jesus said some are born gay
  16. ptif219

    Persistent Information Surfaces That Michelle Obama Was Born A Man

    My wife has found several videos that say Michelle Obama is a man. What do you think? Persistent Information Surfaces That Michelle Obama Was Born A Man (Video) | Alternative
  17. Friday13

    The Cost of Goods the Year You Were Born

    Slideshow...look up your year... The Cost of Goods the Year You Were Born
  18. heirtothewind

    The meaning of ''natural born citizen''

    Here is an exhaustive legal research on the meaning of ''natural born citizen.'' Ted Cruz may not have an open-and-shut case as I had thought. Presidential Eligibility It would, indeed, be ironic if the originalist interpretation of the Constitution rendered Cruz ineligible to be president...
  19. L

    More people in Europe are dying than are being born

    Texas A&M Professor of Sociology Dudley Poston, along with Professor Kenneth Johnson, University of New Hampshire, and Professor Layton Field, Mount St. Mary's University, published their findings in Population and Development Review this month. The researchers find that 17 European nations...
  20. J

    How many Conservitives have come forward against Cruz , for not being born here

    With regressives this stuff is a laugh a minute, can you remember all the regressive politicians stepping up against Obama because of death panels, Him being a Muslim and he wasn't born in this country. It's always a wackorama with regressives.