1. Kallie Knoetze

    Opinion: Dead cat bounce or buying opportunity....

    Me personally, dead cat bounce. I'm waiting until March and things start settling out to buy back in.
  2. DebateDrone

    Trump Has Lost Every Bit of his Convention Bounce

    Trump is back down to his July 18 number of 40.6. RCP. Lets see if he can finish the week without slipping further. It was a good day for Donald yesterday. No major gaffs, no major lies, nor mis-steps.
  3. GordonGecko Clinton's Convention Bounce Appears Larger Than Trump's--

    Election Update: Clinton?s Bounce Appears Bigger Than Trump?s | FiveThirtyEight 53% favorite for "polls only"...but using poll-plus, including trends, momentum, and potential convention bounces...she's at 62%. Nice chart of the way it played out for the past 40 years. (BTW, for those who...
  4. the watchman

    Poll: No Post-Convention Bounce for Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump received no significant bounce following the Republican National Convention, according to the latest NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll. Hillary Clinton still leads Trump by a single point: 46 percent to 45 percent. These numbers are unchanged from last week. The...
  5. zam-zam

    The Bounce That Wasn't

    Not much changed after the second debate, and not much is likely to change after tonight's either: The flood of opinion polls that are being published this week continues to provide a confusing picture of the presidential election. But there is one thing about them on which most people...
  6. (R)IGHTeous 1

    Obama bounce gone: His approval slips back to 48%

    From one of the most accurate, reputable pollsters nationwide. Still took less time than I thought. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports™
  7. (R)IGHTeous 1

    Obama's OBL bounce killed by new jobless claims

    Hope yall lefties enjoyed it while it was there, if it ever really was lol. THIS is one of the main reasons Obama WILL LOSE in 2012, if it doesn't change of course. Seems unlikely right now. Jobless claims jump points to slowing recovery Reuters By Lucia Mutikani WASHINGTON (Reuters) -...
  8. P

    Greene indictment doesn't bounce him from ticket

    Democrats and state officials say they've found nothing in the law that would force him off the ticket. More...
  9. C

    The bounce phase of the Depression Just some highlights from the article for those that do not feel like reading. "The stock market crashed in ’29. The market then bounced. After a few months almost everyone was persuaded that the “worst was over.â€...
  10. T

    So much for McCain's bounce

    While his numbers looked good when he trotted out his virtually unknown new lad dog, seems time, logic, intelligence, and wisdom have once again caught up to the McCain campaign. From his noticeable lead a few days back, he has fallen back into a tie with Obama. Will the saga continue? Can the...
  11. I

    McCain's convention bounce gone

    CNN POLL OF POLLS: McCain's convention bounce gone (CNN) – The bounce John McCain received in national opinion polls following his party's convention and the selection of Sarah Palin to the GOP presidential ticket appears to have evaporated, a new CNN poll of polls suggests. In the latest...