1. Devil505

    Anyone heard from Bourne?

    Is he out of here permanently? (to bad if so) :f_sadface:
  2. B

    Happy birthday Bourne!

    A big happy birthday wish for one of our newest posters!
  3. Bourne

    Bourne checking in

    Hello all. I'm Bourne and I was referred her by my pal ShawneeMoon. I see a few old friends form some of the other forums. I'm a Republican Centrist who voted for Obama in 2008. I served in Vietnam and I'm a Physician Assistant in the real world. Glad to be here! Oh, and today's my...
  4. S

    A Challenge to Bourne

    We have repeatedly asked you to defend your dismissals of of the facts relating to Obama, his camp and the Blago scandal. We have posted the questions that remain and the reasons for them. You have yet to respond to them or provide anything to back up you assertions that there was no...