1. bajisima

    The boycott of Sam Adams beer is on

    However, the mayor of Boston is against it... A Massachusetts mayor has taken a pledge of sobriety — at least when it comes to Samuel Adams brews — after the beer company’s co-founder Jim Koch praised President Trump for his contentious tax cuts. Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone, a...
  2. NightSwimmer

    Will you boycott Harley-Davidson?

    President Trump Tweets Support for a Harley-Davidson Boycott (NEW YORK) — President Donald Trump is backing calls for a Harley-Davidson boycott amid an ongoing steel tariff dispute. Harley-Davidson drew Trump’s wrath in June after the manufacturer announced it is moving production of...
  3. D

    Christians are threatening to boycott Netflix over ‘wicked’ superhero drag queen cart

    Christians are threatening to boycott Netflix over ‘wicked’ superhero drag queen cartoon By Bil Browning ==================================================== Well of course Netflix shouldn't listen to those people. Why should they? After all, they've only collected a paltry 26,000...
  4. Goofball

    Let's see how David Attention Hogg's latest Ingraham boycott worked out....

    ....not so well. Sorry Twerp, you are yesterday's news.
  5. boontito

    Because We Keep Hearing That Conservatives Or Christians Don't Boycott...

    It's routinely put forth here at PH by certain members that liberals/Democrats/progressives participate in boycotts and call for others to not do business with someone based on disagreeing with their point of view while conservatives/Republicans don't do that. It's even been said that...
  6. ptif219

    Obama’s education officials propose nationwide school boycott to force gun control

    That boycott is years old it is called home schooling. The schools have failed students for decades. Even a shooting surviver does not want gun control to be the issue Obama?s education officials propose nationwide school boycott to force gun control ? GOPUSA
  7. the watchman

    ‘You’re a mother’: Laura Ingraham faces boycott for taunting Parkland teen article isn't that long. So far, there's only one confirmed advertiser that's pulling out. Wouldn't be surprised if he's contacted...
  8. Mister B

    David Hogg Suggests Spring Break Boycott

    It's a great idea. From what we learned last week in Florida the locals don't want breakers there. Along with bikers. Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg calls for spring break boycott of Florida - Sun Sentinel
  9. DebateDrone

    Students to Boycott Schools Until Congress Acts on Guns Thank God these kids have awoken. The American Spring is coming.
  10. MaryAnne

    Boycott The GOP?

    They refuse to go along with Trumpism in the GOP.
  11. T

    Trump calls for boycott of television network CNN: tweet

    Why? Because they do not have a morning talk show that sits around worshiping him? Because he wishes to sink his own case in the Time Warner merger? I am going to go with the former for $400 Alex. Apparently, the president is simply incapable of going an hour without saying something stupid...
  12. vikingbeast

    How About That NFL Boycott................

    .......that never happened yesterday! hahahahaahahahahahahahaha Hey, even bigots need a day off from hating!
  13. johnflesh

    Want Storm Relief? Promise Not to Boycott Israel Don't blame the city of Dickinson for this. Evidently this is a state law.
  14. M


    Steelers staying in their locker room during the national anthem today in Chicago. Coach says they "are not going to play politics". Heard a talking head say earlier than he didn't think any player would take a knee before this game. HMMM.......
  15. Devil505

    Should the press boycott the daily WH briefings?

    Should the press boycott the daily WH briefings?With Trump disparaging the free press on a daily basis, why do they let themselves be pushed around? Boycott at least the daily propaganda briefings and put Trump on notice that they will no longer broadcast any of his live speeches, events or...
  16. L

    Target Still Suffering From Boycott
  17. L

    Mexico's bargaining chips with Trump? How about a corn boycott

    Kate Linthicum First domesticated here 10,000 years ago, corn is not only a staple of the Mexican diet, but also a symbol of Mexico itself. Since the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994, it has also become a symbol of Mexico’s growing economic dependence on the...
  18. G

    People Want to Boycott Budweiser Over Its Super Bowl Immigration Ad

    A Super Bowl ad from Budweiser that shares the immigrant story of founder Adolphus Busch has prompted calls for a boycott from those who see the ad as overtly political. The ad — which shows Busch's struggle as an immigrant in the U.S., where he is told he is "not wanted here" — debuted online...
  19. BAZINGA DrumpF

    GOP changes rules to approve Trump cabinet nominees after Dem boycott Game on!

    #BREAKING: GOP changes rules to approve Trump cabinet nominees after Dem boycott :idea:60 vote Rules going next seems! 2018 Leans Dems