1. Friday13

    Trump brings back crappy insurance, catastrophic health bills, and medical bankruptcy

    Trump brings back crappy insurance, catastrophic health bills, and medical bankruptcy Health insurers up in arms over Trump's latest Obamacare sabotage Trump administration freezes billions in Obamacare payments, outraging advocates
  2. The Man

    Putin brings back political comissars

    Good God... Putin Recreates Soviet-Era Patriotic Directorate in Russia's Army General Kartapolov He commanded the operation to liberate Palmyra in Syria from ISIS, among other things. He also has plenty of experience in patriotism propaganda, as he is also now in charge of the new...
  3. Dragonfly5

    Trump brings more jobs to America
  4. DemoWhip

    Young activists to descend on Washington tomorrow for March for Our Lives

    Young activists to descend on Washington tomorrow for March for Our Lives By Emily Shapiro ==================================================== I Congratulate all of the students participating in the march tomorrow to put pressure on lawmakers to enact much stronger gun control...
  5. excalibur

    Did Lax Obama-Era School-Discipline Policies Enable the Parkland Shooter?

    Did Lax Obama-Era School-Discipline Policies Enable the Parkland Shooter?
  6. S

    California brings big brother to life and creates thought crime

    So the same backwards state which is trying to shred the second amendment also wishes to flush the first amendment down the toilet. They are literally trying to prosecute a man for exercising his freedom of speech. This is no case of a man being fired or ostracized or ridiculed for what he says...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    Kimmel brings his baby out for a 'heartfelt monologue' about CHIP (VIDEO)

    Jimmy Kimmel brings out his son to talk about health care - Dec. 12, 2017 Late night audiences were given two Kimmels on Monday night. Jimmy Kimmel's young son, Billy, made an appearance on his father's late night broadcast, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" after undergoing a second heart surgery last...
  8. DemoWhip

    The Note: Alabama Senate contest brings issues of race, gender into focus

    The Note: Alabama Senate contest brings issues of race, gender into focus - ABC News By Rick Klein and MaryAlice Parks ==================================================== Indeed, this could be the day that Democrats were waiting for, and a good win regardless, as strange as that may...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    KY REP lawmaker sexual assaulter brings in FBI & FED investigators

    Does the FBI normally get brought in for a serial sexual predator at a state level? WTH did this guy and others DO TO COVER HIS ASS? FACEBOOK, U.S. NEWS Kentucky GOP lawmaker calls FBI on Republican Speaker for cover-up of multiple sexual assaults BOB BRIGHAM 04 NOV 2017 The Republican...
  10. DemoWhip

    Russia investigation brings first charges: Report

    Russia investigation brings first charges: Report - ABC News By ABC NEWS ==================================================== The investigation is starting to show just what many expected for it to show. We must stay tuned for further developments but at this time it isn't looking good...
  11. The Man

    Man brings STRIPPERS to bank

    Russia, of course, where else lmao Customer brings two two strippers into bank in Russia | Daily Mail Online
  12. T

    Trump seeks sharp cuts to housing aid, except for program that brings him millions

    Look at for number one, don't step in number two. Someone in the administration is looking out for Trump's bottom line. Indeed, cutting funding for housing, but not the funding that trump made $5,000,000 off of last year. That part stays...
  13. The Man

    Putin brings back Stalin uniforms

    A few pics from the Victory Day Parade right now on Red Square General Sergey Shoygu, the minister of defense, reports to Putin Note their collars. This is a "new" dress uniform for high ranking officers just introduced today, at the Parade. It is pretty much identical to what Stalin's...
  14. The Man

    Metro bombing brings new wave of racial profiling in Russia

    More: After Metro Blast, Racial Profiling Is on the Rise in Russia Photo from the cinema in St. Petersburg, a OMON (poster uses the old name, they are all National Guard now, actually) paramilitary cop takes away a "Southerner" (code for someone from Caucasus) from the theater In fairness...
  15. Madeline

    1st Qtr of Trump's Administration Brings Good Economic News

    The stock market is up, and unemployment is falling. Neither one by a whole, heck of a lot, but still, the needles are moving in the right direction...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    CLASS!! Warren brings coffee/donuts to Merkley after FILIBUSTER, he shares with ALL!!

    A contingent of people had to stay throughout the night, Senate staff, 4 or 5 transcribers, who alternated transcription, Capitol police and more. Warren stayed for moral support, ordered Dunkin donuts at the end. Merkley ordered bagels. All were passed out by the Senators. Now that's...
  17. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP brings the 'War on Terror' home, using shock & awe on America itself

    I like this metaphor. As good a description as I've seen. Donald Trump is bringing the ‘War on Terror’ home — using shock and awe on America itself ARUN GUPTA 07 MAR 2017 AT 07:44 ET US President Donald Trump speaks to staff at the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, DC, on...
  18. Madeline

    Sweden Brings Back The Draft Due To Fears About Russia Holy shit. Whaca think?
  19. bajisima

    Sweden brings back military conscription to "face threats"

    Interesting. I hadn't realized they had it at all. Sweden has announced that it will reintroduce compulsory military service for both men and women starting this summer to respond to global security challenges including from Russia. "The government wants a more stable staff supply system and...
  20. DemoWhip

    ANALYSIS: President Trump brings new tone to old promises

    Trump's speech last night was certainly not well received by everyone especially after being scrutinized by those who know how politics should really work in order to be successful and to bring justice to the American people who are hurting. ===========================================...