1. T

    Donald Trump Really Does Not Know The Difference Between England, Great Britain And T

    No. No Donald, they did not "used to call it England". England is still England. Great Britain is still an island and an entity consisting of 3 countries. The UK is still Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Christ on a bike Don, your own mother was Scottish. How is this so confusing...
  2. L

    Israel is about to destroy this Palestinian village. Will Britain step in?

    David Zonsheine Israel is intent on destroying the homes of the 173 Palestinians who live in the small shepherding community of Khan al-Ahmar, along with the school that serves 150 children from the area. Last month, Israel’s high court of justice removed the last obstacle to this barbaric act...
  3. excalibur

    The Death of Free Speech in Britain

    The lights are going out all over the British Isles.
  4. Sassy

    Single-Payer Nightmare: Britain's NHS Proposes Suspending Surgeries for Smokers and O

    Single-Payer Nightmare: Britain's NHS Proposes Suspending Surgeries for Smokers and Obese Patients:
  5. bajisima

    EU lawmakers give nod to Brexit clearing law that would clobber Britain

    European Union lawmakers on Tuesday gave broad support to a law that could end the City of London's global dominance in clearing euro-denominated financial contracts after Brexit. The plan has raised hackles in Britain, where it threatens both job losses and tax revenues. The draft EU law...
  6. T

    Trump’s plans for a state visit to Britain may be in doubt amid backlash

    Ah, poor little snowflake. Apparently fearing protests, Trump may be backing out of his trip to the UK. In the last 2 days it was on, then off, then back on, and now it appears to be unclear. The reason? Some folks do not like Trump, and he fears there being protests against his presence...
  7. boontito

    Fox News Host Disavows Muslim Internment Camp Idea For Britain

    Fox News Host Disavows Internment Camps, After Panelists Suggest Rounding Up Muslims | HuffPost On Sunday, two of the show’s guests, including Brexit leader Nigel Farage, now a Fox News contributor, had touted the idea of internment camps. “We want genuine action, and if there is not action...
  8. Madeline

    Did Britain Have A Red Scare in the 1970's?

    Gen. Walker appears to be the godson of Joe McCarthy! Holy Toledo, that Sandhurst Exercise was apparently a dress rehearsal for a violent coup! And in the 1970's! Did this "hunting communists" in Britain actually occur? Leo2, Dangermouse I cannot excuse, but can almost understand the Red...
  9. Madeline

    Britain's Far Left Party Is Dying This article reports that the same thing is happening in Scotland and...
  10. excalibur

    Britain will ban electronic devices on flights from six Middle Eastern nations ...

    Britain will ban electronic devices on flights from six Middle Eastern nations amid terror threat Britain will ban electronic devices on flights from six Middle Eastern nations amid terror threat
  11. T

    White House promises not to repeat claims Britain spied on Trump, UK says

    Spicer. Man, that dude is something else. When has a White House press secretary ever been so entertaining? In defense of Trump's bullshit claim about Obama spying on him, Spicer, rather than just admitting it is made up crap, cites a source. Judge Napolitano, putting forth the new claim that...
  12. Babba

    Violent Crime Peaked In Britain in 2006 Because....

    So, hatin' on Islam will NOT solve the problem. Violent Crime Peaked In Britain in 2006 Because.... | Mother Jones
  13. ptif219

    Britain's health service in a 'humanitarian crisis': Red Cross

    This is what happens when the government tries to run healthcare. This is what democrats want for us
  14. aboutenough

    Britain's 'first gay surrogate dads' want girl triplets via sex selection process

    Britain’s first gay couple to father children through surrogacy have sparked heated debate over their plans to have have triplet daughters via a sex-selection process that is illegal in the UK. Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow want three girls to add to their four sons and a daughter. They plan to...
  15. F

    Palestinians plan to sue Britain over 1917 Balfour act

    Palestinian FM Riad Malki said the document led to mass Jewish immigration to British Mandate Palestine "at the expense of our Palestinian people". Mr Malki said the lawsuit would be filed in an international court. Israel declared its independence in 1948 after the UK mandate expired...
  16. Babba

    Signs Point to Recession for Britain

    The chickens are coming home to roost. (I would have linked directly to the WSJ article but it requires a subscription.) After Brexit, Signs Point to Recession for Britain | Mother Jones
  17. C

    has Britain insulted the world

    it's been a couple of day now but I still can't get my head round the fact Boris Johnson is in the cabinet let alone 'in charge of diplomacy'.. With Boris Johnson in charge of diplomacy, Britain has insulted the world Jonathan Freedland Some say his role is merely symbolic. Even...
  18. bajisima

    Boris Johnson takes himself out of the running

    Pretty stunning news as he was presumed to be running. Ex-London mayor Boris Johnson has ruled himself out of the race to be the next Conservative leader and prime minister. In a speech in London - billed as his campaign launch - Mr Johnson said he did not believe he could provide the...
  19. Babba

    Britain is a Total Mess Right Now

    Brexit is one the biggest cons ever perpetrated. How could so many people have been conned like this? Britain Is a Total Mess Right Now | Mother Jones
  20. BDBoop

    As Britain implodes, Voters Learn That Brexit Was Giant Con All Along

    The pro Brexit politicians who whipped up fear and stoked divisions in Britain are being exposed as charlatans who lied to voters about what leaving Europe would mean. This is what "A life lived in fear" leads to.