1. Devil505

    The MSM must stop broadcasting Trump at his rallies.

    Why would the MSM want to help Trump by broadcasting the lies he spews at his Hate Rallies? Stop giving him free propaganda air time! Tell us he had a rally somewhere and leave it at that!
  2. Singularity

    Conservative Republican FCC Chairman kiboshes Sinclair Broadcasting deal

    This is very good news and a sign that even an ideologically sympathetic, Trump-appointed regulator knows what Sinclair is how it shouldn't be allowed to acquire too much power. A lot of people had feared Ajit Pai, who I'm happy to say is a fellow Kansan, would just be a rubberstamp for...
  3. Devil505

    MSM should not be broadcasting Trump's hate rallies

    Why give this racist tyrant the platform? Agree?
  4. The Man

    RT stops broadcasting in Washington, DC

    Russia's RT television network will go dark in Washington D.C. - Mar. 29, 2018
  5. S

    Reduce wealth's greater access to political power.

    Reducewealth's greater access to political power. Purchase of time for electronicbroadcasting advertisements are the major expense of national andstate-wide political campaigns; in aggregate it's a expense of somesignificance within USA's local political campaigns. Electronic broadcasting...
  6. Devil505

    The MSM should stop broadcasting Trump's political rallies

    .... or anything that smells like one. Freedom of the press also means the freedom to not be used by tyrants to spread lies and propaganda. Who decides what to cover?....the free press.
  7. RNG

    Trump interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network

    So Donnie gets gutsy and steps out of the Fox bubble to take on the world. So who does he choose? Why, Pat Robertson of course. Some excerpts. "[I]f Hillary had won, our military would be decimated. Our energy would be much more expensive. That's what Putin doesn't like about me. And...
  8. Bronwyn

    Vin Scully: An American Legend in Sports Broadcasting

    Dodgers honor Vin Scully for his 67 years of storytelling Just watching the tribute to Vin. The most recognized voice in Baseball Broadcasting Play/by/Play. A Special night recognizing 67 years. Here's to the Legacy of VIN SCULLY, Among the greatest of all!! GOD BLESS!
  9. the watchman

    White Supremacists Are Broadcasting From Inside Trump Rallies.

    Edwards said he and his co-hosts have attended three different Trump rallies in recent months: One in Illinois, one in Arkansas, and the rally in Memphis. With press credentials from Trump, the white supremacists feel "every bit as legit" as members of the traditional media, he added. snip...
  10. L

    Broadcasting Demons: READ NOW.

    US preacher finds demon-possessed PCs And they speak in tongues, too By Thomas C Greene in Washington → More by this author Published Friday 10th March 2000 16:19 GMT var r = (Math.floor((Math.random()*10)+1)); if (r>5) {document.write('\x3Ca class="TopTextLink Research"...