1. Bourne

    White House to Scrap Bush’s Approach to Missile Shield

    To those of you who claim Obama is just like Bush, Obama has decided to scrap Bush's defense system which was to have had radars in the Czech Republic and missles in Poland in favor of smaller missles located elsewhere. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/18/world/europe/18shield.html
  2. M

    Bush’s Broken Record

    Bush’s Broken Record I wonder why the Bushbots did not post this, hell I know they read it. This article is a cover up anyway, it is the entire mentality of the system that is broke, and Obama has not got the power to change it. Hang on for four more!
  3. D

    Bush’s pointless tour to meet his stooges in the Middle East

    Muslimedia.com When will these zionist madmen be handed over to international justice for their genocidal conspiracies?
  4. D

    Bush’s Black List

    PJB: Bush’s Black List ::: Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website
  5. N

    Lebanese PM rejects Bush’s cease-fire plan

    The Lebanese prime minister rejected a U.N. cease-fire plan backed by President Bush. Government officials have said the Cabinet unanimously approved sending 15,000 Lebanese soldiers to south Lebanon as soon as Israeli troops withdraw.</p><br clear="all" /> Read more...