1. cpicturetaker12

    MC CAIN says he won't vote for HASPEL, told GOPrs, DON'T you either! NO, NO, NO!!

    I would vote against her! Less about TORTURE--she knew intuitively (or not) it was wrong but she carried out orders! When EVERY FUCKING PERSON ON THE PLANET said we shouldn't have done it and she had 3 years to let that sink in and come to that realization, SHE DESTROYED THE EVIDENCE. Past the...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    AZ GOP 'vultures' changed VACANCY appointment rules, anticipating MC CAIN'S death

    I had thought McCain had officially stepped down. I can't find that he did. In the meantime, the vultures are hovering around MC CAIN'S 'carcass' so they can hold his REP seat longer, past this election, through his replacement. Hey guys, he ain't dead yet! Other REPS along with DEMS...
  3. Rasselas

    When I said we were brothers, I meant Cain and Abel

    Really, Mooch?
  4. cpicturetaker12


    He better watch it, they won't let him in their treehouse if he keeps this up!! McCain says American leadership was better under Obama: report BY OLIVIA BEAVERS - 06/11/17 04:02 PM EDT 596 © Greg Nash Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said American leadership was stronger under President Trump's...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    MC CAIN blames Trump administration for ASSAD'S chemical attack!!

    Sure, for a year TRUMP said, STAY OUT, it's not our fight, admonition admonition, we have no interest there. Trump said I will stay out. Then Tillerson didn't even want to SAY A WORD about it other than, "it's up to the SYRIANS". Haley said we have no national interests in Syria. I guess...
  6. the watchman

    Trump ? Then, why not Herman Cain?

    Herman Cain was a successful business man. Still is as far as I know. He made a lot of politically incorrect comments. Like Trump, some that might even be considered racist. He wasn't a politician. His campaign was based on upsetting the GOP political "establishment" . He had no...
  7. MaryAnne

    John Mc Cain Openly Mocks

    Republican candidates on the Senate Floor. John McCain Just Openly Mocked ?Dangerous? GOP Candidates On The Senate Floor (VIDEO)
  8. G

    Herman Cain Knocks GOP's 2016 'All White' Presidential List

    No use in leaving these ops intact..when all i'm going to get is a pack of admin spported sock fuckheads chasing me down.
  9. Lunchboxxy

    Oregon murder suspect mistaken for Michael Cain in circulating photo

    Oregon murder suspect mistaken for Michael Brown in circulating photo This photo has been making the rounds on the Internet, in fact I've seen it posted multiple times on this site It looks like in over eagerness to assassinate the character of a dead teenager, a COP posted a picture of...
  10. B

    Herman Cain: the Devil made those women say stuff about me

    666. Ok. RealClearReligion - The Devil and Herman Cain :)
  11. the watchman

    Cain signs up with Fox News.

    Fox News Channel has signed former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain as a contributor, the cable network announced on Friday. Cain is the latest in a spate of recent additions to Fox News, following in the footsteps of former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) and former Rep. Dennis Kucinich...
  12. the watchman

    Herman Cain: ‘I’d probably be the nominee’

    Herman Cain says if there had been a level playing field during the Republican primaries, he’d be receiving the GOP nomination in Tampa — and that he’s hired investigators to determine who spread stories that he says brought down his campaign. “If everyone had competed fairly and honestly...
  13. T

    Herman Cain Flops on Gingrich Endorsement, Says, ‘Let’s Get On With This’

    In a leap from bandwagon to bandwagon, one so mighty that even Olympic level athletes are awed, it would appear that Cain is now endorsing whomever the nominee will be. Way to stick with your principles. I digress. Perhaps his desperation for a cabinet level job, or better, has caused the...
  14. TennesseeRain

    Allen West says Tanning Tax is Racist. Gets Cain VP Endorsement

    [West Palm Beach, FL] With the grueling Republican primary finally over – Rick Santorum dropped out yesterday, if you haven’t heard – the jockeying for position has begun for potential running mates for Mitt Romney. So far, much of the hype-buzz surrounds South Florida Congressman Allen West...
  15. B

    Your daily dose of batshit crazy II: Cain's "RABBIT" ad... No comment. Too bizarre for words.
  16. B

    Stephen Colbert's 'Rock Me Like a Herman Cain' Rally

    You can see all 36:18 of Stephen Colbert's 'Rock me Like a Herman Cain' Rally at the College of Charleston in South Carolina HERE. Putting aside the obvious jokes that Colbert intended, I must admit, this rally was much more sane than practically anything else that I have seen come out of the...
  17. Stefan Bandera

    Herman Cain Endorses 'The People' lHerman Cain Endorses 'The People' ` "I'm endorsing the people," added Cain
  18. R

    Obama Pollster Calls Herman Cain "Racist" ... Then Denies It

    i seems very clear where the left wants the direction of this election to go.... RACE!! watch the 2 videos. Obama Pollster Calls Herman Cain "Racist" On TV ... Then Denies It | RealClearPolitics i'll await the denials.
  19. B

    Colbert = Cain? Holy Snorkelfortz!!!!!!!!!!

    This is one for the record books. I an totally non-subtle way, Stephen Colbert is asking SC voters to vote for Herman Cain as a way of showing that they are interested in him running for President. I have never ever in my life seen a candidate approbate the identity of another - now out of the...
  20. B

    Herman Cain to endorse 2 days before South Carolina

    According to Hot Air: "The primary’s on Saturday the 21st. He’s promising to endorse on Thursday the 19th at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, which happens to be hosting a presidential debate that same day. He’s timing it for maximum impact, in other words, right down to his...