1. DemoWhip

    Parkland Survivors Cameron Kasky and David Hogg Attending Prom Together

    Parkland Survivors Cameron Kasky and David Hogg Attending Prom Together by Andy Towle ==================================================== That's Great!! Those two guys deserve to go to the prom together after all they have been through and all they have done for the gun control...
  2. DemoWhip

    Young activists to descend on Washington tomorrow for March for Our Lives

    Young activists to descend on Washington tomorrow for March for Our Lives By Emily Shapiro ==================================================== I Congratulate all of the students participating in the march tomorrow to put pressure on lawmakers to enact much stronger gun control...
  3. BDBoop

    David Cameron resigns

    EU referendum live: David Cameron resigns as UK shocks the world by voting for Brexit David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister in an emotional speech outside 10 Downing Street.
  4. Goofball

    Obama blames Cameron for his Libya debacle.

    Wow! This narcissistic clown will never take responsibility for anything he does.
  5. R

    Cameron's Referendum

    David Cameron has cornered himself by trying to get some meager concessions from the EU regarding the legal EU migrants living and working in the UK. EU Referendum - BBC News I've been able to fully understand what the problem is with child benefits. Children are not in the UK but their parents...
  6. MaryAnne

    Carl Cameron

    On the Gretchen Carlson show, said," It is absolutely insane for Sarah Palin to blame President Obama for her son's problems!" The other guest agreed.
  7. Singularity

    UK Euroskeptics cross the aisle to scuttle Cameron's EU membership referendum for now

    Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom is trying to fulfill his party's key 2015 election promise of scheduling a referendum to put the UK's future EU membership to an up-or-down vote, but the UKIP and right-wing Conservative members of Parliament dealt him an embarrassment today...
  8. nonsqtr

    David Cameron is totally losing it

    Really? Srsly? :f_yikes: This in a country where American tourists are getting beaten up for drinking beer in "Sharia zones"?
  9. nonsqtr

    Cameron admits he has nothing on Syria

    Britain's Cameron has basically admitted he has nothing on Syria. Which makes Obama, Biden, and Kerry look very silly. Clapper said the evidence is supposed to be released today, so where is it? Looks to me like our...
  10. michaelr

    Obama and Cameron just blinked

    Barack Obama: no final decision on Syria air strikes | World news | The Guardian Cameron backs down on urgent Syria strikes - Telegraph Perhaps it is because the story they flung like stinky poo failed the smell test??!!
  11. michaelr

    Obama, Cameron hold Syria war summit in Washington

    Obama, Cameron hold Syria war summit in Washington Not enough wars yet Obama? Obama is at a crossroad in Syria. His AQ have been defeated. They tried twice and got caught twice using chemical weapons as a prelude for a US invasion. The have lobbed shells in to Turkey and Palestine to escalate...
  12. Ahimsa

    David Cameron to pull 500 British troops out of Afghanistan,to send to the UAE.

    So the leader of the conservative party (AKA "The nasty party") is to pull 500 hundred troops out of Afghanistan so a number of them can be based in the United Arab Emirates which is under investigation by the Federal National Counci, for alleged human rights abuse. The announcment comes after...
  13. Carls

    PM David Cameron and mixed race adoption

    the PM believe that adoption takes to long so he wants to change the system to stop the delay. he says there are to many children that have no familie and to offer mixed race adoption will help place more children. so do you agree with the PM that mixed race adoption is good match for the...
  14. michaelr

    Tweet of the Day: Guido's verdict on Cameron's veto

    Tweet of the Day: Guido's verdict on Cameron's veto Bu..bu..but it is New OrwellianVille, we want a ride on the titanic.
  15. M

    Cameron: Looking to US for Gang-Fighting Advice.....

    Cameron: Looking to US for gang-fighting advice - Yahoo! News AP – 8 mins ago..... LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister David Cameron says his government is going to look to the United States for help in fighting gangs he blames for helping spark Britain's riots. Cameron told lawmakers he...
  16. Singularity

    Cameron: Hacking of 7/7 Victim's Phone by Murdoch Tabloid "Absolutely Disgusting"

    It's not often that major heads of government use language and emotion like this to criticize a private entity. News Corp just got dealt a major publicity shock, particularly since Cameron is a center-right politician and would otherwise be inclined to back Murdoch up. This is important, but...
  17. C

    Obama, Cameron hold talks on Libya, Afghanistan

    Barack Obama and David Cameron are holding talks in London to discuss Libya, the Arab Spring uprisings and the Mid East during the U.S. President's state visit. More...
  18. I

    David Cameron is new UK prime minister

    David Cameron is the UK's new prime minister, bringing the Conservatives back into power after 13 years. More...
  19. B

    Clegg meets Cameron on power deal

    Nick Clegg meets David Cameron for talks over the possibility of their parties forming a coalition UK government. More...