1. bajisima

    Four dead in Canadian shooting

    Whats with New Brunswick? Wasnt there another shooting there a bit back? Canadian police say a suspect is in custody after at least four people - two of them police officers - were killed in a shooting in the eastern city of Fredericton, New Brunswick. The city police confirmed the...
  2. bajisima

    Canadian Trans Mountain pipeline faces hurdle: Trump

    The Canadian federal government's plan to purchase Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline and related infrastructure still faces a potential spoiler in the form of a U.S. national security review — setting up the possibility that U.S. President Donald Trump could veto the deal. According to...
  3. The Man

    Canadian fishermen "harassed" by USBP

    Much more: 'They’re being harassed': Canadian anger after fishing boats stopped by U.S. patrol vessels in disputed waters Trump's America acting towards neighbors just like Putin's Russia... Yet again.
  4. bajisima

    Canadian PM addresses groping claim

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has responded to allegations that he groped a female reporter 18 years ago, saying he doesn't recall "any negative interactions that day at all." Trudeau, who has long spoken out against sexual harassment, briefly addressed the matter when asked by a...
  5. bajisima

    Canadian govt to buy Trans Canada Mountain pipeline

    The Canadian government said on Tuesday it will buy Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd’s (KML.TO) Trans Mountain pipeline project for C$4.5 billion ($3.5 billion) but does not intend to be the long-term owner of the project, which has faced fierce environmental opposition. Finance Minister Bill Morneau...
  6. The Man

    Canadian doctor shot in Gaza

    Much more: Canadian shot in Gaza says he was 'clearly marked' as a doctor | CBC Radio There were protests around Canada against the Israeli brutality: As Gaza death toll climbs, Palestinians mourn and rally in Vancouver Halifax protesters call on Canada to condemn killing of Palestinians...
  7. bajisima

    Canadian PM "pipeline will be built"

    First Nations say otherwise... Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been widely criticised for vowing to get a multibillion-dollar oil pipeline project built in the face of widespread, indigenous-led opposition that is mounting across Canada. On Thursday Trudeau announced that a Kinder...
  8. Dr.Knuckles

    A Great Read from the Last Great Canadian Liberal

    You won’t know who Rex Murphy is. He’s my favourite (actually my only tolerated) political pundit. He is the grandfatherly editorial voice of the CBC. I call him the last Great Canadian Liberal. The greatest Canadian liberals, in my mind, are an archetype perfected in the 70s. Think Gordon...
  9. bajisima

    Canadian mayor: We need help with gun violence

    The mayor and police chief of Ottawa, renewed a plea to the community for help in solving a rash of gun violence that has erupted with 12 shootings across the city in the early weeks of 2018. Following a Friday afternoon briefing in the mayor’s office between police brass and councilors...
  10. D

    Gay Canadian Skater Eric Radford is Sad That Adam Rippon Has to Deal with a Homophobi

    Gay Canadian Skater Eric Radford is Sad That Adam Rippon Has to Deal with a Homophobic President by Andy Towle ==================================================== What a difference a country makes. Canada's prime minister is cheering its Gay Olympian while America's Oval Office...
  11. The Man

    Racism at Canadian Tire

    Indigenous elder says he was humiliated at Saskatchewan Canadian Tire store I can understand the son. I'd be angry too, if someone treated my parents that way...
  12. bajisima

    Canadian PM Trudeau violated conflict of interest laws

    Boy Canadians are tough on their leaders! Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated four sections of the Conflict of Interest Act during separate family trips to the private island of the Aga Khan in the Bahamas last year, Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson has concluded. The finding comes...
  13. The Man

    Rus ambassador visits Canadian school

    From Russia with love: Canadian ambassador visits students at St. John's high school - Newfoundland & Labrador - CBC News FWIW, the whole "portrait of supreme leader in class" thing wasn't just in Stalin era, it is still practised today Back then, it was called the "Red Corner" (because of...
  14. The Man

    "F-word" allowed on Canadian radio

    But only in French: The F-word can fly in French, broadcast watchdog says Any word sounds nicer in French, than in English :D It is a beautiful language this way lol
  15. bajisima

    To help Boeing, US slaps huge tariff on Canadian jet

    The U.S. Commerce Department has backed Boeing in its challenge to Bombardier, recommending an enormous tariff on sales of the Canadian firm's C Series jetliner. The initial ruling by the International Trade Commission, an arm of the Commerce Department, recommends a 219.63% tariff on the...
  16. Eve1

    Canadian Politician responds to hate with love courage

    On Wednesday, a woman interrupted Singh's event in Brampton, Ont. to accuse him of backing Shariah, a system of laws based on Islam, and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. The Ontario MPP is Sikh. Video recordings of Singh deftly defusing the situation by urging his supporters to respond with...
  17. The Man

    Sons of Russian spies fight to remain Canadian

    Alex and Tim Vavilov Much more: The Russian spies who raised us Also: Why the Vavilov children - the sons of Russian spies - qualify as Canadian According to the first article, the spy couple have been well rewarded for their long undercover career, with lucrative jobs at Russia's...
  18. Spookycolt

    Idiotic Canadian Mother

    So this transgendered woman....obviously its a woman because she can have babies.....thinks that keeping her child genderless is going to be more peaceful for the tyke because SHE thinks it will alleviate the fear that comes with choosing an identity. This idiot hasn't considered the ridicule...
  19. Minotaur

    Happy Canada Day To Our Canadian Friends In PH

    I am inspired by your magnificent Canadian Geese and Canadian Bacon. I just knew any country that invented geese and bacon had to be a great country. Of course your leader, Trudeau, is hot as well and that gives you extra points. Have a wonderful day: O Canada! Our home and native...
  20. MaryAnne

    Hematite, Canadian Company

    Opens huge new auto parts company in Dayton! I am sure this was planned well before Trump. Dayton Business: Hematite starts building