1. BitterPill

    Cannibal Ants Found

    . Cannibal 'T. Rex' Ants Seen Live for 1st Time Ever (and They're Shy) An ant named after the fierce, carnivorous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex has been observed alive for the first time — and it failed to live up to the dinosaur's reputation. Tyrannomyrmex rex is a timid, finicky eater, new...
  2. The Man

    Crazy cannibal killer to be released

    Man who beheaded bus passenger gets unescorted trips from mental health centre | Vince Li, aka the "Greyhound Killer" He had a delusion that he was chosen by God to do what he did: Greyhound killer believed man he beheaded was an alien - Manitoba - CBC News Do you all think...
  3. Use Caution

    GHOST ship crewed only by CANNIBAL rats feared to be heading for Britain

    The hulk of cruise ship Lyubov Orlova has been adrift in the North Atlantic since 2012 with nothing on board but hungry vermin . The hulk of cruise ship Lyubov Orlova has been adrift in the North Atlantic for the past year after being cut loose off the coast of Canada.But now coastguards are...
  4. Sassy

    Syrian Cannibal Demands Obama Send More Weapons

    BBC News - Face-to-face with Abu Sakkar, Syria's 'heart-eating cannibal'
  5. Devil505

    Romney Admits to being a cannibal

    (Pick any of his speeches & I'll interpret the proof for you) How can people even consider voting for someone who wants to eat you?? :f_yikes:
  6. J

    International Cannibal Cult Revealed to be in US!

    CHRISTIAN CANNIBALS An argument of why Christians are cannibals (and possibly vampires) from Christianity's own perspective by Jim Walker (an ex-cannibal) Originated: 07 January 2003 Additions: 10 July 2006 How many Christians realize that when they eat that wafer and drink the wine during...