1. The Man

    Nuclear supper cannon

    2A3 "Kondensator" was a mighty self propelled howitzer developed by the Soviet military in the 50s It could fire a tactical nuclear round She became obsolete with the advent of ICBM and other missile technology. However, her...
  2. Minotaur

    Have you seen this new electromagnetic cannon?

    Don't know if you have seen this but it is amazing and a ship can carry 1,000 of these $25k weapon :
  3. BoiseBo

    George Republican will use a CANNON if that's what it takes to stop Obama!

    Most Republicans show how tough they are by firing regular old guns in their campaign ads. Not John Stone - guns are for wimps! :D
  4. meridian5455

    Democrat Mayor, Patrick Cannon, Arrested on Bribery, Theft Charges

    Patrick Cannon, who rose from public housing to become mayor of North Carolina’s largest city, was apartment in SouthPark for yet another payoff from what he thought were businessmen needing his influence in city matters, the affidavit says. But after arriving, Cannon learned who they really...
  5. meridian5455

    Nick Cannon Wears Whiteface: Your thoughts?

    Nick Cannon’s next act is already raising some eyebrows. The African-American comedian and host of “America’s Got Talent,” 33, recorded an album in another persona. When his latest collection of songs — his first in 11 years — is released April 1, he’ll join the ranks of past alter-ego equipped...
  6. NewPublius

    Identify the Cannon?

    This cannon is at Sloan Park in Bloomingdale, NJ, part of a memorial to WWI veterans, in particular those who served and obviously those who made the ultimate sacrifice, the memorial was placed in 1932. I can't seem to find a picture of this cannon anywhere. It seems obvious to me that it is...
  7. Loki

    Chicago Police Sound Cannon

    Chicago Police Sound Cannon: LRAD 'Sonic Weapon' Purchased Ahead Of NATO Protests Chicago Police Sound Cannon: LRAD 'Sonic Weapon' Purchased Ahead Of NATO Protests (VIDEO) This makes me very uncomfortable, the rulers using technology on it's own citizens, potentially doing permanent harm...