1. bajisima

    NYC just voted to cap Uber and Lyft

    New York City Council passed regulations on ride-hail companies such as Uber and Lyft on Wednesday, capping the number of vehicles on the road for one year and requiring that drivers be paid a minimum wage. App-based ride services account for 80,000 vehicles in New York City, and provide 17...
  2. EnigmaO01

    Nasa releases time lapse of disappearing arctic polar ice cap

    NASA releases time-lapse of the disappearing Arctic polar ice cap |
  3. PACE

    Cruz wants to cap renewable fuel credits at 10 cents,,, Now couple that with the fact that Mexico is no longer the number 1 corn buyer from the United States and negotiated contracts with...
  4. DebateDrone

    It's Time to Bust A Cap in 2017...Worst Year Ever. Your Worst Moment[s] of 2017

    And Predictions for 2018 What was your worst moment[s] of 2017.
  5. MaryAnne

    Trump Wants Debt Cap Abolished.

    Trump has gentleman's agreement. Trump deal with Schumer, Pelosi to eliminate debt ceiling permanently? - Business Insider
  6. Frank

    Trump's Selling a New Cap!

  7. FrankCoil82

    I am a AFJROTC and CAP cadet

    I am a AFJROTC cadet And I pledge to protect any Muslim at my school from Trump bullies! I also pledge to defend Republican and politically moderate classmates from violent left wing extremists!
  8. Friday13

    Remove the Cap on SS Earnings

    Make the rich pay on ALL of their income...just like the poor... Here's how little millionaires pay into Social Security
  9. J

    Social Security, The Cap, And Why Ending It Is Not A Good Idea

    "Raise The Cap, Problem Solved" I hear it a lot about Social Security. The problem is that it is not true, and not even a good idea. FDR's original design for Social Security emphasized self-sufficiency. He wanted the system to be independent of politics He didn't want the Jeb Bush's and...
  10. PACE

    Marco Rubio wants to raise yearly cap on H1B visas from 65k to 195K

    A Good Read and you know, "those old establishment Republicans"? They are against this, so are the Democratic Senators. Tell me can the majority be wrong? Rubio refuses to sign requests to investigate companies who might be abusing the existing system. Why? who owns him? At GOP...
  11. HayJenn

    China To Adopt a Cap And Trade Program

    While not nearly as sexy (?) as the news that John Boehner will be dragging his orange ass back to Ohio (or more likely, to a nice lobbying firm where he can make lots of money to feed the wind-up monkey on his back), there’s some way more important news out of Washington, at least for the long...
  12. R

    Clinton proposes $250 monthly cap on prescription drug costs

    who thinks this is a realistic idea. i don't. that $250 number really sounds good doesn't it? its very appealing to those people who have to take multiple pills per day. who pays for it? is it government? ------------------------------ DES MOINES, Iowa (Reuters) - Democratic presidential...
  13. Friday13

    Arctic Circle Ice Cap Slides Into the Sea

    The story... The study...
  14. Spookycolt

    Arctic ice cap expands 43% over the last two years.....How can this be?

    But...but....Al Gore won the Nobel Prize for his very thoroughly researched scientific evidence that we would be ice-free by now. WHAT HAPPENED? Myth of Arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years...
  15. J

    Social Security : Eliminating The Cap Is Just A Bad Idea

    No single meme dominates the debate about Social Security more than "eliminate the cap, problem solved". Not only is it not true, but it isn't even sound policy. It only serves to destabilize the system over the long-term, and demonstrates clearly that we are the damn politicians that FDR...
  16. J

    Let's say we have a personal wealth cap of $100 million

    And anything over $100 million is taken by taxes. How many of you are going to take this as a disincentive to work? How many of you are going to stop working because there's no point to it? How many of you are going to ever reach that income limit?
  17. PapaBull

    Swiss voters reject idiotic CEO pay cap proposal.

    The Swiss have rejected the referendum on their ballot to cap CEO pay at 12x that of junior employees. Of course, the measure was stupid beyond belief and the Swiss government is breathing a sigh of relief that there weren't enough complete fucking morons to pass it, but still 35% of their...
  18. Tom Joad

    Swiss voters equally divided over vote to cap executive pay

    Probably won't pass, but it's good to see an idea like this getting out into the mainstream. It will be interesting to see how the vote goes next month. I have advocated a maximum ratio of 14-1 for Top to bottom pay in any organization. I based this on the ratio that we have...
  19. michaelr

    US borrowing to surge after debt cap raised

    US borrowing to surge after debt cap raised And it begins. The question everyone should have is where the money will come from. BTW if you think it is to late to day trade ETF's your wrong.
  20. USA-1

    Cap and Trade

    Do most Americans know that the republicans invented Cap and Trade? The Political History of Cap and Trade | Science & Nature | Smithsonian Magazine